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Martial God Space Martial God Space

Martial God Space

Author: Fu Xiao Chen

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Chapter 1: Mysterious space

Translator: Novel Saga Editor: Novel Saga

Yi Yuan School, situated on top of the Qingfeng Mountain, was stretched across a vast region. It was a beautiful midsummer evening; the sun was slowly setting in the western sky, drawing long shadows of the objects.

On the edge of a small lake sat a seventeen to eighteen-year-old teenager. He was clad in black clothes. He grabbed a stone from the lakeside and threw it toward the lake. The stone immediately hit the surface of the lake and made several splashes which appeared like blooming flowers.

Ye Xiwen was somewhat at a loss, he never thought that he would actually cross through to this new world. Originally, he was on 21st Century Earth and used to be just an ordinary university student. After spending a month in this world, he finally accepted the fact that it was not a prank; he had really traversed to a new world and this was a sheer reality.

Being in this world for over a month already, he was slowly able to accept the fact that here was not the planet Earth, even though the local customs here made it look like ancient China. This place was called Zhen Wu Jie.

(NT: Zhen Wu Jie = True Martial World)

In this world, martial arts had spawned a splendid civilization. Formidable warriors performed cultivation to reach the peak of martial arts in order to do great things like moving the mountains, draining the seas or slicing through the mountains. They could even prolong their lifespan indefinitely.

Ye Xiwen's current identity was that of the third son of an elder of Yi Yuan School, though an adopted son. His foster father Ye Kongming brought him home 18 years ago. This was not regarded as a secret in the school.

Yi Yuan School was one of Great Yue State's most powerful sects, as regarded by the experts.

However, the school located on top of the Qingfeng Mountain was only one of Yi Yuan School's branches. These branches were spread throughout Great Yue State and there simply were too many of them. Their main task was to nurture talented disciples to be delivered to Yi Yuan School's Main Sect (Main Branch).

Ye Xiwen's cultivation was only at the third stage of Houtian realm. At his age, this cultivation could only be considered ordinary.

In Zhen Wu Jie, the warriors stepping into the field of martial arts began their journey at Houtian first stage, continuously climbing until Houtian ninth stage. As for the realm above Houtian, it was called Xiantian realm. Ye Xiwen didn't know how many stages were there in Xiantian realm. After all, Yi Yuan School's sovereign was also an expert of Xiantian realm.

Yi Yuan School altogether was divided into the outer sect, the inner sect and finally the three levels of core disciples. After the core disciple level, one would be able to leave for Yi Yuan School's Main Sect to participate in an entrance examination. It was to test whether a core disciple really deserved to study in the Main Sect.

The level of Yi Yuan School's disciples wasn't really divided according to their age rather it was divided according to their strength. It was decided based on where they stood on the scale of nine stages of Houtian realm. After having a breakthrough to the third stage of Houtian realm, one could ascend from the outer sect to the inner sect. After cultivating to the fifth stage, one could become a core disciple. And if one wanted to participate in the entrance examination of the Main Sect, the minimum requirement was to reach Houtian seventh stage.

The requirement was quite high indeed and to make things worse, Ye Xiwen's predecessor's aptitude was quite mediocre. He turned 18 this year but his cultivation just recently reached the later part of third stage. Although this kind of achievement was not regarded as poor, it could only be considered ordinary.

Ye Xiwen could only be considered as an ordinary disciple in Yi Yuan School when compared with other inner disciples. Although inner disciples received lesser honor when compared with the core disciples, at least they didn't hold a low status like the outer disciples. Plus his father was an elder in Yi Yuan School, so he was usually regarded as not bad by his peers.

But he did not receive too much attention. Ye Xiwen's predecessor's aptitude was way too ordinary. The late phase of Houtian third stage could only be considered as average, especially when compared with his two elder siblings. Even more so, his eldest brother Ye Feng was only twenty-one years old and was already at the peak of Houtian eighth stage. He was considered super-talented in the school. And Ye Xiwen's elder sister Ye Ruxue was only a year older than him and had already reached Houtian seventh stage.

In such a case, he certainly did not attract too much attention!


There came a rustling sound from the trees behind him. A seventeen or eighteen-year-old fat man in silk clothing jumped out from the bushes. Ye Xiwen's face exposed a faint smile when he saw that fat man. This man was named Wang Lie, who was actually Ye Xiwen's childhood buddy. Wang Lie came from a rich household that was located below the Qingfeng Mountain in a large town, and had a very close relationship with Yi Yuan School. Ever since Wang Lie was young, he had been coming up the mountain for training. The two childhood friends shared an excellent relationship.

Naturally, the two's talents were about the same, Ye Xiwen was at the late phase of Houtian third stage. Wang Lie was stronger than Ye Xiwen as he at the peak of Houtian third stage. This was also a reason why the two had been very close.

(NT: 'Late phase' of a stage means approaching the peak of that stage. 'Peak' is the end of the stage. After reaching the peak of a stage, one would need to have a breakthrough to step into the next stage.)

"You did not go back to rest? It's already evening time, what did you come here to do?" Ye Xiwen asked with a smile.

"You can say I was worried about you." Wang Lie said and smiled back. "You have been acting strange lately, endlessly talking about mysterious stuff."

"Relax, there's nothing wrong with me." Ye Xiwen said.

Nothing other than adapting to the new world after crossing over from the Earth!

"You are at the critical time of breaking through to the fourth stage, and still not training behind closed doors?" Ye Xiwen said. Houtian third stage was considered ordinary within the inner sect disciples but the disciples at Houtian fourth stage were considered elites of the inner sect. Even if it was only a difference of one stage, the status was as different as heaven and earth.

"Hey, I came to find you just for this matter. I plan to start closed-door training. It should go on for some time. But I came to check on you because I was a little worried." Wang Lie looked somewhat anxious and said to Ye Xiwen. He grew up with Ye Xiwen since childhood. Although the two were always boisterous and frivolous, he was actually very concerned about his brother. Of course, he would never know that his brother had already been substituted.

"Just relax and focus on your training. There's nothing wrong with me, I am fine." Ye Xiwen laughed, "It's getting late now so you should go back. I'll be sitting here for a while then go back."

"En, do not be late and take care. Also watch out for demon beasts, do not bump into one accidentally." Wang Lie urged.

Yi Yuan School was situated on the Qingfeng Mountain. Some very fierce demon beasts lurked in this mountain forest. These ominous demon beasts possessed monstrous powers. Compared with ordinary animals, these demon beasts were much stronger and only trained warriors had the ability to be their worthy opponents.

"En, I know." Ye Xiwen nodded.

Although it was said that here in the nearby regions of Yi Yuan School, there were no demon beasts. It would be quite troublesome if, by defying all common sense, a formidable demon beast attacked out of nowhere. Ye Xiwen would have no time to complain or cry about the unfairness of the situation if he accidentally bumped into a ferocious demon beast.

There were too many demon beasts on this mountain. Hence, he also had no alternative but to protect himself. The reason why Yi Yuan School was situated on such a mountain was to intimidate the mountain's demon beasts and deter them from descending the mountain to disturb the townspeople. Although, it was impossible to block all demon beasts, always one or two escaped through the net. But the bottom of the mountain also had a dojo to practice martial arts and build up one's strength and it was always bustling with a lot of warriors. So there was nothing to worry about.

Because of such a special relationship, Yi Yuan School's disciples always received respect from the outsiders. Within the range of 50 miles, they received respect wherever they went.

Wang Lie finished speaking then turned around to depart. Although his build was plump, he was a martial artist after all. Moving gracefully, he rapidly disappeared into the thickets.

Ye Xiwen continued to sit there for a moment. He was on the verge of leaving when he suddenly caught a glimpse of the lake. He saw a burst of multi-colored light rays flashing crazily, covering the lake for a split second before immediately restoring the lake's tranquility.

Ye Xiwen was slightly confused. What was that multi-colored light? Could it be that some rate treasure was hidden inside the lake? Thinking this, he stood up in a somewhat excited manner. If there really was a rare treasure hidden in the lake, then he would truly flourish in the future.

After making up his mind, he abruptly dived headlong into the water, submerging unceasingly. Regardless of his previous life or this life, Ye Xiwen's swimming ability was very good.

Ye Xiwen continued to dive in gradually and slowly approached the centre of the lake. This was actually a very ordinary lake with no presence of the demon beasts in the water. Not to mention even if demon beasts lived in such a location, Yi Yuan School's experts would have already eradicated them, therefore he was not worried about coming across any dangerous demon beasts.

Ye Xiwen opened his eyes to look and found a small ball of multi-colored light lying calmly at the centre of the lake. Yes, Ye Xiwen felt as if it was lying there.

He did not feel any danger and only thought that it was very gentle. He suddenly dived toward it and slowly swam to its side.

He extended his hand and grabbed the ball of multi-colored light. It suddenly issued rays of fierce bright light and instantly leaped inside Ye Xiwen's body.

Ye Xiwen was alarmed and looked around, only to find out that the ball of multi-colored light had already vanished.

He promptly surfaced and swam to the shore, meanwhile repeatedly gasping for air. Furthermore, he was still in a panicked state. Inspecting his whole body he discovered that there was no change in his body, which eased him down.

He used Zhen Qi to evaporate droplets of water from his body. He was about to go back when he suddenly discovered that a piece of dusky special space had appeared inside his mind.

This was a very strange situation because only with the help of the special vision granted by Xiantian realm, one could look inside one's body and see each and every inch of one's own blood vessels. But it seemed like Ye Xiwen was able to feel this very mysterious space within his mind.

Ye Xiwen found out that as long as he held his breath, he could feel the presence of this space. He was getting convinced that it was all too strange. He did not dare to stay near the lake and dashed all the way back to his small courtyard, even without having a chance to greet his parents.

Qingfeng Mountain was incomparably vast and the area that Yi Yuan School covered was also unusually wide. Not much else but a lot of houses could be seen in the campus area. In addition, Ye Kongming was also an elder in Yi Yuan School, holding a high position of power. Ye Xiwen, after growing into adulthood, left his parents' home and started living separately in the small courtyard that was quite close to his parents' home.

Ye Xiwen, still in a panicked state, went back to his courtyard. At this time, the sky was already pitch-black.

Ye Xiwen held his breath, completely concentrating his attention. Immediately, that special space appeared in his mind yet again. He did not relax his mind as he would usually rather he continued to hold his breath.

Suddenly, he saw complete black before his eyes before abruptly appearing inside of chaos. Ye Xiwen was completely shocked by this but he reacted quickly. He realized that this place was not located somewhere else but in his own mind. In this period of time, he had seen it many times, so he recognized it quickly.

It should be unlikely that his entire body came in, possibly a portion of his soul had come in. Right now, he did not know about the use of this space.

But soon, Ye Xiwen discovered a problem. He was stuck in this place and could not get out. There was simply no exit. No matter where he walked to, he was always in the midst of chaos. Even the surrounding landscape was also exactly the same.

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