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Chapter 16: Returns to the school

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If Ye Xiwen had the resources of core disciples, his practicing rate would have been naturally much faster. Although it was impossible to make a huge bundle of money presently, the allowance provided to a core disciple was a stable source of income and in due course, it would not be considered a poor income.

Not to mention, Ye Xiwen wanted to stand out among the core disciples. As of now, he urgently needed all kinds of resources and couldn't let his wealth slip by, bit by bit. The natural talent of each and every core disciple was outstanding with each having their own fortuitous encounter. If Ye Xiwen did not speed up his practice speed, then it was hard to tell when he would be able to overtake them.

Besides, he would not be willing to wait for them to leave one by one, until they all were surpassed by him!

In short, no matter what, this time's School Inner Weighting was extremely important to him. He must make an all-out effort and adjust to his optimum mode so as to enter the rank of core disciples in one fell swoop.

As for the thing about core disciples not participating in the School Inner Weighting, it was because after three months, there would be an additional Core Disciples Competition. Only top twenty core disciples would be selected from that competition to proceed towards the Main branch of Yi Yuan School, to obtain maximum cultivation.

Regarding this time's School Inner Weighing, Ye Xiwen was determined to do his utmost!

With each passing day, time flew by and slowly approached the time of the competition.

At this moment, inside a small jungle, a person's shadow and a Raging Flame Fox were having a distant confrontation. It was surprising to find that at the moment, the fiery colored fur of the Raging Flame fox was covered with several blade scars all over its body. Blood was continuously streaming down its body and its originally attractive fur was in a complete mess. Currently, a somewhat dispirited appearance could be seen on its face. Surprisingly, this fox appeared nothing like the so-called tyrant fox of the Qingfeng Mountain that was supposed to possess the strength of Houtian peak seventh stage.

"New Moon Beheader!" That person shouted loudly, followed by a long blade which flashed in his hand. Immediately after that, a Blade Qi was shot out directly into the sky as well as the nine blade shadows which completely sealed up the whole body of the fox from all sides, giving it no room to move.

Now, the fox simply didn't have the space to maneuver, hence could only helplessly look at the blade falling at it from above. Only a moment later, it was chopped down.

Afterwards, Ye Xiwen put away his blade and dug out the demon core from its body. It was a crystal of Houtian peak seventh stage which could be easily exchanged for two hundred low-grade spirit stones, or perhaps more.

"I never expected that at the last moment, I would actually be able to have a breakthrough to the state of nine blades!" Ye Xiwen really hadn't expected that he would actually comprehend this technique at the final moment, reaching the display of nine blades at once. If "New Moon Beheader" was practiced to its culmination, then its might would sharply rise. Now, whenever his blade would flicker, the shadows of nine blades, as if closely associated with each other, would completely surround a person's body, leaving him no way out but to face the blade attack coming from above.

This was also the reason why that nimble and swift Raging Flame Fox was killed so easily by his long blade.

Although it was only at Houtian peak seventh stage, it was known as the Qingfeng Mountain's tyrant. Naturally there was a reason behind it and that was, its speed was extremely fast. Normally the ordinary Houtian peak eighth stage warriors couldn't keep up with its speed. Only the great experts of Houtian ninth stage had the ability to steadily overtake it.

An ordinary Houtian seventh stage's demon core could be sold for approximately one hundred low-grade spirit stones, but the Raging Flame Fox's demon core could be sold for two hundred. And the reason behind it was quite simple: it was not only an extremely rare demon beast, but also couldn't be captured so easily. Hence the exchange value of its demon core was placed on par with the value of Houtian eighth stage demon cores.

In case this fox had escaped just now, then it would have been obviously impossible for Ye Xiwen to seize its demon core. However in a face-to-face battle, Ye Xiwen displayed "New Moon Beheader" and closed off all exits for that deft fox; it could only meet a pitiful death in the end.

The pinnacle of "New Moon Beheader" was absolutely dreadful as it could completely surround the target from all sides.

Relying on the perfected "New Moon Beheader", Ye Xiwen now had enough confidence to defeat any Houtian seventh stage expert in a tweak.

In this period of less than half a month, he was mainly practicing "New Moon Beheader" technique. Since he had the mysterious space inside his mind, hence by taking maximum advantage of it, he pushed his way through the peak of Houtian sixth stage with ease. However, unfortunately he missed the Houtian seventh stage just by one step.

He was very much clear about one point all along and that was the concept of biting off more than one could chew. Therefore, regardless of whether it was "Rushing Thunder Hand" or "New Moon Beheader", only after practicing them to their peak levels would he begin practicing other techniques.

The might of the culminated "New Moon Beheader" was already so formidable that it greatly aroused the curiosity of Ye Xiwen, indirectly making him look forward to the power of "Missing Moon Beheader" technique. It went without saying that "Missing Moon Beheader" was a level higher than "New Moon Beheader". It was actually a high-level power technique and if practiced to its peak, its might would be beyond one's imagination.

In this less than half a month's time period, Ye Xiwen had been unceasingly fighting and killing demon beasts so as to plunder their demon cores. However, along with the growth of his cultivation, his consumption had also increased several folds, not to mention his low-grade spirit stones also kept on reducing terrifically. Now, he was left with approximately two thousand low-grade spirit stones only. So, by the time he would reach the peak stage of "Missing Moon Beheader", the number of spirit stones left in his stock would be quite low. Although it was said that an ordinary inner disciple couldn't obtain two thousand low-grade spirit stones throughout his life, the mysterious space Ye Xiwen had inside his mind was like a super-machine, continuously swallowing his spirit stones. At this moment, Ye Xiwen suddenly felt that regardless of the number of spirit stones he had, it would still be insufficient for him.

However the benefit they had rendered to him was also obvious. If he was to be compared with his own previous self from that time when he first came in contact with "Rushing Thunder Nine Echoes", not even one month had passed since then, but his strength had increased dramatically Back then, he was only able to produce the first echo of "Rushing Thunder Hand" but could still be considered quite good.

He unceasingly used spirit stones all along to promote his level!

Hadn't he gotten his hands on the unexpected wealth of Zhang family's young master as well as the Iron-back Silver Ape King's cavern, he would have been definitely unable to continue supporting himself. These were simply the burning spirit stones!

However now, the time he was waiting for had almost arrived. Just in two days, School Inner Weighting was about to begin. This competition used to take place once in every three years. So, now he must hurry back before it would start.

Since Ye Xiwen was in the depths of the Qingfeng Mountain, unceasingly practicing. In case he set out early in the morning to return to Yi Yuan School, then it would already be afternoon by the time he would reach there.

Looking at the uneven buildings nearby, Ye Xiwen was deeply moved. He had been away for a month and had been constantly practicing from Houtian fourth stage to Houtian peak sixth stage!

If this news reached his father and mother's ears, they would certainly be startled!

However now, Ye Xiwen was hurriedly going back because he had to quickly find a place to process some of his demon beast materials, demon cores and other items which were stored inside his storage ring.

Although there was a special place to purchase these items in Yi Yuan School which was called Gongde Palace, there were many things which were not worthwhile to be exchanged there. Though the exchange value of an initial stage's demon core and a peak stage's demon core was the same in Gongde Palace, if sold privately to other disciples, then the price would be completely different.

Interestingly, there was no shortage of such places in Yi Yuan School. It also had a kind of huge plaza specialized to have private transactions with school disciples, and the school sect didn't prohibit it.

In fact, the entire school had no less than six thousand people, making it look like a small town bustling with noise and excitement. This kind of commercial gathering point could sooner or later take form, or it might as well get centralized to a point. First, it was convenient for disciple transactions. Secondly, it was convenient for school to supervise. Thirdly, the safety factor it involved was also much higher.

Ye Xiwen immediately rushed to the transaction plaza as he thought that the time of afternoon was perfect to accomplish his goal, because he expected to see a large number of people surging in like a tide.

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