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Chapter 36: Strength of 90 Tigers

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The long blade danced in Ye Xiwen’s hands and the Zhen Qi instantly flashed taking the shape of a blade and chopped down against the incoming three long blades of those three guards.

These three men alone were not a match for Ye Xiwen, but this trio had obviously practiced a joint attack method, and when they joined their forces together then the attack power would also increase greatly.

“Kill him!” The three guards shouted and their blades chopped off together towards Ye Xiwen.

“I’m afraid you have no chance!” Ye Xiwen said indifferently.

Suddenly his long blade chopped out a bright light.

“Missing moon beheader, the first blade!”

Ye Xiwen’s long blade chopped down cutting through the blade of a bodyguard.


The second blade!

Power contained in this second blade was more compared to the first blade.


The third blade contained such a terrible power that it cut both the bodyguard and his blade into two halves.

“Fourth brother!” The remaining two guards shouted in grief and indignation.

“Second brother, quickly go, and tell young master to take revenge for us!” The boss of those bodyguards said indignantly.

The two bodyguards looked at Ye Xiwen with bitterness in their eyes, and the boss wanted that the second brother should escape and get some help to take revenge on Ye Xiwen for mercilessly killing the guards.

The second brother did not hesitate and he instantly jumped upon the roof to escape.

“You want to run away!” Ye Xiwen sneered. The irony was that these four guards had come to kill him but two of them had been killed instead and he had already made up his mind not to show them any mercy. However, losing four masters of ninth stage would be a huge loss even for the Great Qingcheng City lord.

Ye Xiwen chopped down his blade which flashed and dazzled in the sky and in no time, his blade attack directly rushed towards the second bodyguard who was trying to escape.

“Puchi!” Since the second bodyguard was already in the air, there was no room for him to dodge this blade attack. He was directly cut into two halves and fell down.

“Second brother!” The Boss was in distraught and looked at Ye Xiwen with hatred and killing intent, “Little beast, you killed my brother, I will not let you live!”

“Since the time you came to kill me, I decided to punish you all, because even if I don’t have any enmity with you, but you still chased me without any cause, for this sin heavens may forgive you but I won’t!” Ye Xiwen sneered and rushed towards the bodyguard boss.

Bodyguard boss had not thought that it would become like this, and there was a crazy look in his eyes, and he madly made an attack on Ye Xiwen.

The two figures fiercely clashed against each other.

“Puchi!” After a few rounds, Ye Xiwen’s backhand blade beheaded the bodyguard boss.

Ye Xiwen seized more than two thousand low-grade spirit stones from the body of the four bodyguards. These stones were enough to make up for the loss that he had to face during the bidding competition with Zhao Qiyan, and now his stock of low-grade spirit stones also went up to six thousand.

Ye Xiwen went back to the inn, and immediately began to cultivate to be fully prepared for the major auction which was going to begin in three days.

Ye Xiwen immediately began to cultivate 《Tyrant body technique》according to the description given in the secret book. The technique focused on training the mortal flesh and body which would eventually turn the body’s constitution to that of an evil god’s. It was believed that this technique had been practiced since ancient times and was also considered as one of the most tough-to-practice techniques. However, since the secret book was damaged, so only the first layer could be practiced. Although there was only one layer intact, but when the power was taken into consideration then it was not at all inferior to other intermediate level power techniques.

《Tyrant body technique》, as the name suggested, was so overbearing and powerful that after practicing it, Ye Xiwen would not be able to practice any other body training techniques and he also won’t need to. The reason why this technique was put out for auction by Tianyin auction house was that it only had the first layer intact, and regardless of being the great 《Tyrant body technique》, how much one could expect from only the first layer. Since it only had one layer intact, it was pretty good for an average warrior who could practice it as an intermediate power technique. Also for the giant auction houses like Tianyin auction house, this incomplete technique was a bit useless as they possessed many other body training techniques.

But for Ye Xiwen, it was the most suitable power technique. Even if it had only the first layer intact, but it was actually comparable to intermediate level techniques. For others 《Tyrant body technique》 was nothing more than a damaged technique which was comparable to only the mere intermediate level techniques, but Ye Xiwen was capable of deducing the missing original parts of this technique in the ‘special space’. As long as he possessed enough spirit stones, practicing this technique to its peak level would not be a problem for him.

With the continuous combustion of spirit stones, Ye Xiwen entered the ‘special space’ and started to practice 《Tyrant body technique》 and suddenly all of its secrets started to flow into his mind. He felt as if his body was being torn apart and restructuring, tearing and recombining, his flesh was being torn off and the cells were restructuring themselves according to a mysterious structure.

His face turned blue with pain and cold sweat was dripping off his forehead because practicing 《Tyrant body technique》 was way more painful than he had imagined. It was as if he was being torn alive, and then he felt that he was being restructured. For normal experts, this pain could have been so unbearable that they would have definitely fainted by now.

Although it was extremely painful, but he did not stop because he could clearly feel his strength was improving rapidly. This feeling was even more vigorous compared to the time when he had consumed the monkey wine.

To him, this tearing pain was unbearable and made him to see the illusion of him being dropped into both the heavenly ice and fire.

Time passed slowly, one second, one minute passed, but he only found himself suffering from pain and also feeling fully delighted at the same time due to the sudden power surge inside his body.

“Boom!” As if a barrier was broken, Ye Xiwen heard a crackling sound and his strength had developed tremendously.

He already had a strength of seventy Tigers, which unexpectedly increased by twenty. Even the strength of the masters of the Houtian ninth stage was far lower compared to Ye Xiwen’s current strength of 90 Tigers. And he had only practiced the first layer of 《Tyrant body technique》

Ye Xiwen reckoned that if the first layer of 《Tyrant body technique》 was practiced to the ‘Xiaocheng’ realm, then he would definitely break through to the power of the dragons, and then he would also be able to fight against Xiantian masters.

Dragon race was the world’s most formidable ethnic group, however, the purebred Dragon clans had already disappeared in ancient times, leaving only some inferior dragon species where Wyverns were one of rare ones. Once the strength of a warrior broke through the strength of 90 Tigers, then his strength was compared with the strength of the Wyverns.

Masters of the peak Houtian ninth stage possessed the strength of 99 Tigers, however, Ye Xiwen reckoned that once he would reach the ‘Xiaocheng’ realm of the first layer of the 《Tyrant body technique》, then he would directly break through to the power of a dragon. (NT: ‘Wyvern’ species of a dragon)

As expected, 《Tyrant body technique》 was really a kickass technique. Ye Xiwen felt that buying it was not a wrong decision, although he had ended up annoying Zhao Qiyan, but he had no regrets. (NT: Niubi = kickass)


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