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Chapter 25: Three moves to knock you down

Translator: Novel Saga Editor: Novel Saga

"That Ye Xiwen is just too strong, to think he was actually able to enter into the top three ranks!"

"I heard he is the youngest son of Elder Ye Kongming, no wonder he is so strong, not even one of the Ye siblings is weak!"

The news of Ye Xiwen advancing into the top three had suddenly shocked so many people that the news of other disciples entering into the top ten had paled in comparison to the extent that almost no one even knew their names.

Of course, it was not like no one knew about the importance of this news, for example Wang Lie. He surrounded Ye Xiwen excitedly and said: "Ha haha, ah man, you are f****ng awesome, if I come across something unexpected in the future, and if someone dares to bully me, then you help me beat him!"

Ye Xiwen didn't know whether to laugh or cry. What was he, Wang Lie's bodyguard? Or a goon?

However, Ye Xiwen felt warm in his heart because no matter what he said, Wang Lie considered himself as his brother!

"Walking sideways, he is nothing but an upstart who pretends as if he is really a niubi character when he does not even know the immensity of the universe!" Suddenly a sarcastic voice spread from one side.

Everyone looked in the direction from where the voice had originated and saw a young man about 20 years old, clad in a Chinese robe. He looked handsome, but there was a look of disdain on his face.

Someone recognized this young man as Zhao Yanxue. He was one of the 'five great disciples', ranking second, and hence was also one of the top three inner sect disciples.

"What did you say?" Ye Xiwen said immediately in a cold voice.

"I said you are just like a frog at the bottom of a well who does not know the immensity of heaven and earth, where do you think Yi Yuan School stands in this big universe, and you just know how to associate with a trash!" Zhao Yanxue said and it was clear that he was calling Wang Lie a trash.

When Ye Xiwen was getting a lot of public attention, Zhao Yanxue was simply dying of jealousy. This time he had wanted to enjoy all the attention of the people, but rather it was stolen by some unknown guy named Ye Xiwen. Who was this guy, why was everyone paying attention to him?While he had also entered into the top three and had imagined to be the focus of everyone's attention, contrary to what he had expected, everyone was paying attention to the sudden emergence of Ye Xiwen.

I am a genius, not him!

Zhao Yanxue was screaming loudly in his heart.

"Zhao Yanxue, if you are a man then come up on the stage and play with me!" Ye Xiwen said as he turned and jumped into the arena.

All the eyes were fixated on Zhao Yanxue, who was ranked second in the top three disciples. This was the right time to find out exactly who was the stronger one between the two of them.

Although Zhao Yanxue knew that Ye Xiwen was definitely not someone to be trifled with, but the words had already been said and it was impossible to take them back. Moreover, he had also felt that Ye Xiwen was just like a dark horse, so how could he possibly resist against an experienced veteran like himself.

"Humph, I'll teach you a lesson, so that you learn about the immensity of heaven and earth!" Zhao Xue sneered and also jumped in the arena.

"Dongfang Bai is here!" (TL: Dongfang Bai can be translated as Oriental White)

Suddenly there was a commotion and a white figure emerged from the crowd, holding a double-edged sword in one hand and was clad in white clothes, filled with heroic aura. This double-edged sword although looked ordinary from its sheath and scabbard but when unsheathed, it looked very sharp.

Everyone present there knew that he was the first of the 'five great disciples' named Dongfang Bai. There were rumours of him practicing fencing from his childhood, and with a sword in one hand while ranking first among the inner sect disciples, he had challenged a core disciple three years ago. Although he had not won, but he had not lost either which showed his extraordinary strength. Being the first of the five great disciples was certainly not for show.

Dongfang Bai just calmly looked at the two and stayed quiet.

The top three disciples had gathered here and one could easily guess that this was going to be a fierce competition between the two evenly matched opponents.

Soon the group of elders made the decision to advance the competition for the title of a champion.

"Now no one's going to save you!" Zhao Yanxue said and sneered repeatedly.

"Three moves, if I can't knock you down in three moves then I will turn around and walk away!" Ye Xiwen said while showing three fingers.

Zhao Yanxue's complexion turned pale immediately after being humiliated out in the open by Ye Xiwen.

"Right, exactly, knock him down, what's so great about these five great disciples anyway!" Wang Lie shouted from below.

"You are courting death!" Zhao Xue said "Today I'll break all the bones in your body, and allow you to learn about the immensity of heaven and earth!"

(TL: He seems so desperate to teach him about the immensity of heaven and earth. He reminds me of my geography teacher :P)

Zhao Yanxue was burning with anger, his whole body was seething with anger and the Qi had covered all over and around his body causing a noise from the friction from the fine threads of air inside the ring. It seemed like the news of him reaching the late seventh stage was definitely not bogus. As soon as he used his fists to punch, immediately it felt as if the temperature had dropped by several degrees in the entire arena. This was his famous 'trembling ice fist' technique, which when used could directly freeze a person.

Endless cold wind instantly wrapped around Ye Xiwen as if trying to freeze him along with his life.

But after seeing this, Ye Xiwen shouted loudly, and with just a step his stature exploded out of the snow and rushed towards Zhao Yanxue, then he used his move 'pass like thunder and move like the wind' against 'trembling ice fist' and easily split it open and scattered its power thoroughly.

"The immensity of heaven and earth, do you still want to teach me about it!" Ye Xiwen sneered while his palm slapped.

"Bang!" An average and not so powerful palm slapped directly on his face.

"Poof!" Zhao Yanxue spurted out a lot of blood, and almost all of his teeth were extracted out by Ye Xiwen.

"You ..." Zhao Yanxue looked unbelievably at him, but Ye Xiwen didn't plan to stop whatsoever, he immediately used his foot and kicked fiercely.

"Bang!" Zhao Yanxue flew out in the air from the kick, and in the moment of his fall, Ye Xiwen instantly used his palm covered with thunder-shaped Qi and slapped him with a destructive force, having a fearful wave of unmatched power which bombarded fiercely into his body.

"Boom!" Zhao Yanxue fiercely fell out of the arena, all of the ribs in his chest were broken then he collapsed and fell unconscious.

Many of the disciples who were watching this felt a chill down their spines and swallowed their saliva, because yet another of the five great disciples was seriously wounded, and Ye Xiwen had already defeated three out of five.

Except the head of the five great disciples Dongfang Bai and one other female disciple Ziyan, none of the other three were his match.

Now that Zhao Yanxue was seriously injured and unconscious, the only ones left to snatch the title of champion were Ye Xiwen and Dongfang Bai.

"This Ye Xiwen is unexpectedly so powerful that even Zhao Yanxue, a master of the late seventh stage, was so easily defeated by him!"

"It's a pity that he is so ruthless and acts rashly, so we can't know for sure whether he will be a blessing or a curse once he grows up in the future!"

"Such a powerful disciple to actually come from our Yi Yuan School, of course it's a blessing for the school. The more talented our disciples are, the more formidable our school will be!"

There was a discussion going on about Ye Xiwen among the elders sitting in the elders seating area.

"I won't take advantage of you, so I'll wait for you to take good rest!" Dongfang Bai said indifferently, as Ye Xiwen had demonstrated his strength in front of everyone and was eager for action, so he kind of wanted to urge him to fight on impulse.

"No, it will be nothing but a waste of time!" Ye Xiwen said, even though Zhao Yanxue had already reached the seventh stage but he still couldn't be a match for him and was easily defeated. He simply didn't need to use too much strength to beat him, and within few breaths his strength had already been restored to its peak condition.


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