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90.69% Marvel's Mutant Gamer / Chapter 39: Benevolent God

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Chapter 39: Benevolent God

[Minor Godhood(Passive) Lvl. Max: As the user has obtained minor divinity, all physical and mental stats have permanently been increased by 100. The lifespan of the user has been exponentially increased. The skill will upgrade to Godhood when 50 000 000 people believe in the user. Believers: 100 789/50 000 000]

[Minor God of Deceit and Magic: As a Minor God of Deceit and Magic, all skills involving deceit are 75% more effective and increase in level 100% faster. Magic skills deal 75% more damage, cost 75% less Mana, and increase in level 100% faster.]

Holy crap, being a God is awesome! However, I will have to work a lot to get to the next stage, damn 50 000 000 people is a lot. Still, what I already received was incredible.

Strength, Vitality, Dexterity, and Wisdom all passed 200 due to the skill, and I got 8 more passive skills. I've been a God for no more than a minute, and I already love it.

[Transcendent Muscles(Passive) Lvl. Max: The user's muscles have transcended what is possible for a superhuman. Physical Damage increased by 35%. Physical skills increase 50% faster.]

[Transcendent Strength(Passive) Lvl. Max: The user's strength has transcended the limits of a superhuman. Physical Damage increased by 40%. Melee damage increased by 40%.]

[Strong Healing Factor(Passive) Lvl. Max: A skill that helps the user recover from bodily injuries or disease at a superhuman rate. Grants the user resistance to diseases and foreign chemicals. Increases the user's lifespan. HP is increased by 35%. HP Regen is increased by 35%.]

[Transcendent Durability(Passive) Lvl. Max: The user's durability has transcended the limits for a superhuman. Physical Resistance increased by 35%. All resistance type skills increase 50% faster.]

[Transcendent Speed(Passive) Lvl. Max: The user's speed has transcended the limits of a superhuman. Movement Speed increased by 75%. Attacks Speed increased by 75%.]

[Transcendent Reaction Time(Passive) Lvl. Max: The user's reaction speed has transcended the limits of a superhuman and can view the world in slow motion. Reaction time increased by 100%.]

[Transcendent High-Speed Calculation(Passive) Lvl. Max: The user's thinking speed is faster than any superhuman: Casting speed is increased by 200%. The user can now cast 4 spells at the same time.]

[Transcendent Wisdom(Passive) Lvl. Max: The user's wisdom is unmatched by superhumans. Magic Resistance is increased by 75%, MP regen is increased by 75%.]

Yeah, being a God is the best. I would've become one sooner if I knew the benefits. The only thing that I'm disappointed about is Intelligence. The stat passed 400, but I didn't receive skills for it. I'm really hoping 500 is the next benchmark because I like receiving new passive skills.

I was just staring at my new and improved status when my clone contacted me again.

'Something interesting is happening here. A guy and his group had stolen a large amount of Vibranium A and are making their escape.'

'Open a portal for me,' I said, and the clone did just that. I appeared above in the skies, where my clone was observing what was happening underneath.

[<Expert Physicist> Ulysses Klaue Lvl. 29]

That was the man leading the mercenaries that were escaping with the Vibranium A they had stolen. They jumped into black jeeps and took off. Not a moment after they left, a massive explosion erupted, injuring and killing a lot of the Wakandan people that were chasing after him.

[Vibranium A(Legendary Metal): One of the strongest metals in existence. It has extraordinary abilities to absorb, store, and release large amounts of kinetic energy.]

Oh, yes, please. I think I found what I'm going to make a suit for myself and the rest of the Guild. This metal is awesome, and I'm sure Peter would have ideas on how to make use of it as well. There was no way I'm letting those guys run away with it.

I cast Eldritch Magic, creating multiple spears and set them towards the escaping jeeps. Magic was always easy for me to cast since I can just think about the skills, and they will activate. Now, however, it was as easy as breathing. It felt so natural like it was just meant to be.

The spears dug inside the jeeps and stopped them from escaping as I descended down.

With a quick cast of Telekinesis, I ripped the tops of the cars and pulled all the Vibranium A they had stolen before storing in my Inventory. I'm going to have a lot of fun working with this.

"No! No! No!" Ulysses screamed, his face twisted in anger.

"That was for my research! ARGHHH!" He was fuming and shot out a blast of energy from his right hand at me. It looked mechanical, and my Observe informed me it was a prosthetic arm made out of Vibranium A. So, that was some form of kinetic blast, interesting.

Ulysses then rushed towards a massive device stored in the back of one of the jeeps.

[Sonic Converter(Legendary): A device created by Ulysses Klaue using stolen Vibranium A. It can allow a user to transform his body into solid sound, but it has a high-risk of death. The device will destroy itself after being used once.]

There was no way I'm going to let him do that. That was a Legendary one-time use item. The moment I saw it, I already considered it mine, even though it had a high-risk of death. Maybe I can find a way to remove that.

I stopped Ulysses with Telekinesis and brought the device over to me before safely storing it in my Inventory. Quickly, I used my Telepathy on all of the mercenaries and wiped the memory of me taking the Vibranium and the Sonic Converter.

At that moment, the Wakandan people arrived, being led by a man in a black panther costume.

[<Black Panther> T'Challa Lvl. 115]

{T'Challa, king and ruler of Wakanda. From a young age, he had been taught how to be a proper king by his father, T'Chaka.

Ten years ago, his father got killed by Ulysses Klaue, when T'Chaka refused to give him mining rights for the Vibranium in their country. He swore to have his revenge, even though he was nothing more than a thirteen-year-old kid back then.

T'Challa later studied in both Europe and America, and he gained a Ph.D. in Physics from Oxford University last year. Upon his return, he challenged his uncle, S'Yan, for the throne and bested him in combat.

As the King, he was granted the title, "Black Panther," and had the juices of the Heart-Shaped Herb applied to his body to increase his strength.

T'Challa recently had to deal with a civil war in Wakanda, where he had to choose a side. He chose the Dora Dora Milaje over the Jabari Tribe for his secret service agents as well as his harem.}

[Powers: Kinaesthetic Sense; Superhuman Physical Capabilities; Enhanced Senses.]

Oh, wow. The dude's got it all. A King of a super technologically advanced country that has kept itself hidden for quite some time, superhuman strength, and he also has a harem. Oh, and he has a special suit that's made of Vibranium as well. I don't think a man can ask for more than that.

The people that T'Challa was leading all carried spears made of Vibranium and had clothes woven from the metal. Those guys meant business.

However, knowing that Vibranium A can be woven into clothes was something important as normal clothes couldn't hold my stronger enchantments.

"Who are you?" T'Challa asked me with a stance that was ready to pounce at me at any moment.


"I am Qiniso. I heard your prayers, and I came to your aid," I said with a gentle tone.

[Lying has increased to 36.]

I pointed at the mercenaries. I lifted them with Telekinesis and brought them over to him. He can do whatever he wants with them. They are not my problem.

"Thank you for your aid, Qiniso. Those men stole from us and injured a lot of my men," T'Challa said while his people bound the mercenaries.

"I'm a benevolent God, and I will assist you with healing the injured," I said. I'm really taking up to this God act.

I also mentally contacted my clone, who had stayed in the air during that time hidden under an illusion. He had an important mission to do.

"We would be grateful for your aid, but may I ask, were you sent by Bast?" T'Challa asked cautiously, and I almost froze from that question.

Bast? The Panther God? Oh, fuck. That's a beast I don't want to deal in any way whatsoever. I'm nothing more than a child compared to her.

Do I lie here and say that I was sent by her? But what if she finds out. Nope, nope, nope, I'm not risking that.

"I was not sent by the mighty Bast. I heard the prayers of the people in need, and I just had to come to their aid. It is my duty to the people of Africa," I said, acting like the kind and generous God that I am.

"I see. Again, I thank you for your aid," T'Challa said while I was healing his people.

Fuck, should I just call back my clone? I don't want to deal with Bast, but there were so many good things for me in the country. While I was considering my options, T'Challa and his men went through the cars one by one.

"Those men stole a precious metal from us called Vibranium. However, we can't seem to find any at all in their vehicles. Do you know anything about it?" T'Challa asked suspiciously. His suspicions were correct, but it's not like I will admit to that.

"Vibranium? I've never heard of that metal. I just stopped them from escaping and came to heal the injured," I said.

[Lying has increased to 37.]

"I understand," T'Challa said before turning around and ordering his men to look around for the missing Vibranium.

Ah, Lying, I love you! You came in clutch, right when I needed you.

Thinking about it, my Lying has a 74% chance of successfully lying. With my new title, that should be increased to about 150%. Hmm, I wonder how does that work. Will all my lies be considered the truth and accepted at face value? I have to test it out.

After I healed all the injured, T'Challa asked, "Is there anything that I may give you for your help, Qiniso?"

"Treat your men kindly, make sure they are safe, and continued being a good King to them. That is all I ask for," I said, keeping up with my act. No point in asking for anything, considering I'm taking what I need.

"I must be on my way now, for there are others that are in need of aid," I said and flew away from there with Telekinesis before he can respond. I don't want to be anywhere close when they realize that they are missing even more stuff.

Once I was a distance away, I entered the Mirror Dimension and moved towards a specific mountain. My clone was already there, standing with a satisfied grin, and a pile of more Vibranium next to him. He was also holding a dozen herbs with Telekinesis in the air.

[Heart-Shaped Herb(Legendary): A plant that only grows in the nation of Wakanda that has been mutated by a giant meteorite of Vibranium crashing into the Earth. It grants Kinaesthetic Sense, enchases all senses, and raises all physical stats of the consumer to the superhuman level.]

Damn, this is a bit useless for me, but I can at least gain a passive skill from it. Still, this is very useful for my friends, especially Kurt, who would love it.

I also have a lot of Vibranium A that I can work with. I have a lot of things I would like to create with it, both for myself and my friends.

I'm such a benevolent God, taking care of my friends.

This journey to Africa was so worth it. I became a God and obtained a lot of goodies. With this, I'm a lot more confident in dealing with my Essex problem.

[Name: William Williamson

Mutant Power: The Gamer

Level: 80 Next Level: 4%

Title: Sorcerer; Champion of the Phoenix; Minor God of Deceit and Magic]

[HP: 14,653

MP: 23,451]

[Strength: 201 + 261.3 (Martial Arts bonus) + 310(Enchanted Equipment)

Vitality: 204 + 275.4(Martial Arts bonus) + 310(Enchanted Equipment)

Dexterity: 201 + 261.3(Martial Arts bonus) + 200(Bow and Arrow of Apollon) + 310(Enchanted Equipment)

Intelligence: 401 + 577.44(Meditation bonus) + 100 (Bow and Arrow of Apollon) + 310(Enchanted Equipment)

Wisdom: 201 + 289.44(Meditation bonus) + 310(Enchanted Equipment)

Luck: 69 + 310(Enchanted Equipment)]

[Stat Points: 33

Cash: $123 456]


Healing Magic(Active) Lvl. 28/100 (+3)

Lying(Passive) Lvl. 37/50 (+2)

Transcendent Muscles(Passive)*

Transcendent Strength(Passive)*

Strong Healing Factor(Passive)

Transcendent Durability(Passive)* Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=";s-mutant-gamer_17651161105086105/benevolent-god_48121200752259054">;s-mutant-gamer_17651161105086105/benevolent-god_48121200752259054</a> for visiting.

Transcendent Speed(Passive)*

Transcendent Reaction Time(Passive)*

Transcendent High-Speed Calculation(Passive)*

Transcendent Wisdom(Passive)*]

fallingstar fallingstar

I... didn't plan on writing, but I took a bunch of painkillers, and I had nothing to do, sooo... yeah.

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