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88.37% Marvel's Mutant Gamer / Chapter 38: I've heard your prayers

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Chapter 38: I've heard your prayers

Monrovia, the capital of Liberia, wasn't what I expected it to be.

It wasn't like New York, with tall skyscrapers and modern cars moving through the streets, but it was a regular city, albeit a poor one.

I stayed in the air, doing a few circles, and observing the people there before I took off. This wasn't the place I was looking for. I needed somewhere where the people were really in need of help, somewhere where what I will do will be seen as nothing short of a miracle.

I entered the Mirror Dimension with a time dilation before I created two clones, and each one flew in a different direction, deeper into the continent. Currently, they were able to be within 150 km away from me. The skill started off at 1 km, but at level 10, it grew to 100 km, and each next level raised it by 10km more.

That was nowhere near enough to cover all of Africa, and a clone will disappear once he leaves the range, but everything he's seen will be transferred to me. I can then create another clone to go in a different direction and continue scouting for me.

I continued mapping the continent this way, and with my high Intelligence stat, I was able to remember all locations my clones have seen with ease.

A bit of flying later, I finally stumbled upon my first village, and I took a moment to observe it. Obviously, the place didn't have electricity as the people lived in wooden houses with straw roofs, and they wore clothes that looked like rags.

Observe informed me that some of them were sick, with trypanosomiasis being the most common illness.

Those people really needed help, and I kinda felt bad for them. At least, I was here to do just that, even if I had come for my own selfish reasons.

However, I realized what I had was not enough, so I teleported back to Monrovia. I searched around for a bit until I found a store that sold seeds. Even though I had American Dollars, I was able to take them out as Liberian ones. My bullshit ability proved it was unmatched ones more.

I bought all the seeds in the store, sweet potato, cassava, common bean, peppers, eggplant, cucumber, and etc. Then I returned back, floating above in the skies.

Well, it was now time to test out if I have to make them believe in me specifically or if I can create a persona for them. I changed my appearance with an illusion that made me look like Mordo, but a lot more handsome than him.

Then I descended slowly while giving myself a bit of a glow. I had to sell the image I was going for, after all.

The people of the village spotted me. Some panicked, others froze in place as they watched me descend, and some even picked up spears and bows, ready to fight off the threat of needed to.

"I've heard your prayers, and I have come to your aid," I said as I reached them.

"Who you?" An older man asked me.

[<Village Chief> Duna Lvl. 10]

Damn, he is hitting me with the hard questions from the start, ain't he?

Thinking fast, I picked a name for myself that certainly fitted the situation.

"I am Qiniso, and I have heard your prayers, my people. I have come to help you with your problems," I said.

Qiniso, meaning certainty and truth, there really was no better name for the situation.

"How you help?" Duna asked, doubtful of my words. However, I saw the hope in the other villager's eyes. I can work with that.

"By bringing you food and water," I said and swiped my hand, taking out the food and water from my Inventory. Of course, I had already removed any sort of labels and packages. Won't look like a miracle with them there, will it now?

The villagers jumped at the food that appeared out of thin air and floated in front of them. I'm almost sure they would've started fighting each other if there wasn't so much of it there. I don't blame them though, some of them looked like skin and bones.

"And by healing the ill," I continued and cast Healing Magic on the sick villagers.

At that point, I was already on the ground, and even the village chief, Duna, looked at me with thankful eyes. The people swarmed me, all thanking me while trying to touch me or even kiss me. Damn, it's hard being a God.

They led me to the sick villagers that couldn't even leave their houses. One by one, I healed them all while watching with glee my Quest progress.

[Believers: 859/100 000]

It's working! I don't think all the villagers believed in me, but I still wasn't done here. The best part was that I didn't even need to tell them that I'm a God, I just acted like one, and they believed in me.

"Come, my people," I said, and they followed after me like little ducklings.

"I heard your prayers," I made sure to rub that in.

"And I came to help you today, but you have to learn how to help yourselves. You have to learn how to be proud, strong, and independent," I can't be coming here every day after all.

"Let us make your farm even larger," I said while producing the various seeds I had purchased earlier.

I planted them together with the villagers, even gaining a few levels in Gardening. Hah, I never miss a chance to grind.

After we finished planting the seeds, I decided to give them the rest of the food in my Inventory. I just felt like they should have it.

[Believers: 1 132/100 000]

Well, well, well. 100 more villages and I will complete the Quest. The problem is, I'm all out of food already.

I went back to the states, and this time, I planned to purchase even more food. So, I created my clones and sent them off to the supermarkets in New York after giving them $10 000 each.

My clones and I will create illusions of multiple people that are buying groceries, and we will hold what we've bought with Telekinesis, making them look real. When everything is purchased, the clones will send the ingredients to me with a portal, and I will store everything in my Inventory.

We bought as much as we could before I returned back to Africa with even more food and water this time. Time to go back to trick... I mean helping people. Yeah, helping people.

"I am Qiniso, and I have heard your prayers, my people. I have come to help you with your problems," I greeted the next village by descending with a glow.

[Lying has increased to 32.]

Not gonna lie, this was fun, and I also got to help people in need at the same time, which felt nice.

The time dilation of my Create ID was extremely useful for this. Not only did it give me more time a day to practice and grind, but it also allowed me to move faster as well since time is slowed down. Ahhh, the perks of being a broken character.

I did have to return home quickly to tell my grandma I will be going out for the day, but that didn't delay me much.

By the end of the day, I had made incredible progress in my Quest, and I was satisfied with it.

[Believers: 69 420]

One more day of good work, and I will be done. I would've preferred to finish the Quest in a day, but it was already night here. There is no point in scaring the people, so I decided to return home for the day.

I made a meal for Kurt and grandma before helping her to bed and giving her a massage. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=";s-mutant-gamer_17651161105086105/i&apos;ve-heard-your-prayers_48101196942079641">;s-mutant-gamer_17651161105086105/i&apos;ve-heard-your-prayers_48101196942079641</a> for visiting.

After that, I went straight to the casino, so I can continue grinding my Luck. It was the only stat that was below 100, and I wanted to gain the passives skills for it.

The casino I chose was a different one this time because fuck the last one. The slot machine there was rigged, I'm sure of that.

I just sat down, started pressing the button on the machine, and activated Meditation. Might as well grind that ability while I'm at it. It was boring as hell, but it did increase my Luck stat, so there was that.

Like the previous day, I grinded until about 2 AM before I left to purchase food and water. Then I teleported back to Africa and started trick... helping people.

My clones, as usual, were flying around the continent, finding tribes that will be suitable for me to visit. I was in the middle of healing people when one of my clones exclaimed through our mental link.

'Woah, you gotta see this!'

'What? Show me!' I said, and the clone transmitted to me what he was seeing.

'Holy crap! Is that real? What the hell?' I couldn't believe what he showed me.

There was a literal city that looked like it was taken out of a fictional world. The place looked incredible, with modern buildings that I've never seen before and beautiful gardens. It was the perfect combination of technology and nature. I really couldn't believe such a place even existed.

'I was just flying around in the Mirror Dimension when I suddenly spotted a freaking flying ship landing there. I can confirm they are not aliens since I used Observe on all of them. They are Wakandan.'

'So, Wakanda? I've never heard of that country, yet it's so technologically advanced? That can't be right. Go scout and find out more about it!' I said.

This just didn't make sense. How and why would such an advanced country be unknown? My curiosity was itching for me to find out.

'A lot of the stuff here is made of Vibranium A,' the clone said, and I kept urging him to explore and find out more. I'm soo going there, but I just want to complete my Quest first since I was so close to it.

[Believers: 88 652]

I rushed the last dozen villages. I wanted to complete the Quest as quickly as possible, so I can also go and check out this Wakanda place. My act was already down to a T, so I was easily able to fool them all.

The clone kept sending me information on things he found in Wakanda, and I considered just canceling the skill. The bastard was so smug about being the first one to find out about the stuff there, stupid clone.

I passed through ten more villages, giving them food and water, healing the sick, and providing them with seeds to grow more food themselves. And finally, finally, the number of believers hit 100 000. Oh, man, I was so excited about this.

[Quest, Path to Godhood, has been completed.]

[The user is awarded with Minor Godhood(Passive)]

[Due to the way the Quest was completed, the user is awarded with the permanent title, Minor God of Deceit and Magic.]

Minor God of Deceit? Well, you are not wrong, but still, it doesn't sound cool. At least, I'm also a Minor God of Magic, I can get behind that, that sounds awesome.

Now, time to see what all of this actually means for me.

[Name: William Williamson

Mutant Power: The Gamer

Level: 80 Next Level: 4%

Title: Sorcerer; Champion of the Phoenix; Minor God of Deceit and Magic]

[HP: 8,651

MP: 19,916]

[Strength: 101+ 131.3 (Martial Arts bonus) + 310(Enchanted Equipment)

Vitality: 104 + 135.2(Martial Arts bonus) + 310(Enchanted Equipment)

Dexterity: 101 + 131.3(Martial Arts bonus) + 200(Bow and Arrow of Apollon) + 310(Enchanted Equipment)

Intelligence: 301 + 433.44(Meditation bonus) + 100 (Bow and Arrow of Apollon) + 310(Enchanted Equipment)

Wisdom: 101 + 145.44(Meditation bonus) + 310(Enchanted Equipment)

Luck: 69 + 310(Enchanted Equipment)]

[Stat Points: 33

Cash: $123 456]


Massage (Active) Lvl. 31/100 (+1)

Illusion Magic(Active) Lvl 59/100 (+13)

Telekinesis(Active) Lvl. 74/100 (+7)

Mana Clone(Active) Lvl. 17/100 (+2)

Gardening(Active) Lvl. 12/50 (+11)

Telepathy(Active) Lvl. 35/100 (+2)

Healing Magic(Active) Lvl. 25/100 (+10)

Lying(Passive) Lvl. 35/50 (+4)

Meditation(Passive/Active) Lvl. 72/100 (+3)

Minor Godhood(Passive)*]

fallingstar fallingstar

I heard you prayers, and I have asnwered, but now my head feels like it's about to exploade. I think I might just spend tomorrow doing nothing.

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