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54.87% Marvel: A God's Journey. / Chapter 45: Defeated (1)

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Chapter 45: Defeated (1)

On thinking of this, Hela quickly canceled her sword summoning and began to launch raw magic energy attacks from her hands toward Valli, who immediately stopped firing Finn Shots and focused on deflecting Hella's attacks.

Although she did know a small number of spells, she always believed that raw magic attacks were more powerful and destructive than those spells that required long study and training to master, every time Valli dodged hela bolts, a hole several meters wide was made in the ground.

Valli began to take advantage of his high speed to approach Hela while dribbling to the right and left, which was successful, which Hela found it annoying to keep up with his speed and random movements, especially as he seemed to be able to see the future because he could have deflected her attacks at a perfect angle and He seems to know what her next move was.

Valli arrived in front of Hela and swung his sword-ax towards her neck, but she simply made an energy field around her, which stopped Valli's attack and gave him no chance, she canceled the energy field and focused some divine energy in her fist, and punched Valli's chin with a enough force to send him flying for twenty Meters back.

In spite of that, Valli stood quickly and did not seem to be injured much, and although he bled for a second from his nose, it stopped immediately.

"Why don't we talk a bit? I'm sure we can reach a compromise," said Valli. While he showed no more intentions to fight, his previous act was to show that he would not be subjugated by one death goddess, at least not without a good fight.

"You want to talk?" Hela said, while Valli couldn't see the upper half of her face, he was sure she had raised her eyebrow.

"Well, let's talk! But first you have to face my army of the undead!" Hela said while she struck the ground with her foot, and she controlled her realm in order to summon the enormous numbers of the living dead who began to appear from the earth, tens, then hundreds, then thousands, as they continued to appear without any end, in the meantime Hela summoned her throne and Sit on it with her legs crossed.

Upon seeing this, Valli immediately began to fight, as his body was covered with his divine energy that turned into Fafnir armor, and he threw himself in the midst of the sea of ​​the dead, he used his sword-axe to cut off the heads of the dead or divide their bodies and because of the size of his weapon he could take down several enemies with each swing, while his armor provided a good defense against the physical and magical attacks that were sent towards him, fortunately the individual ability of these dead was not very high.

He also used his runes like Aard and Quen to push enemies back, and spells like Grand Fire Ball and Draw, Snap, Magic blow in order to kill a large number of the dead at once.

Although he still absorbed some of the stamina of these dead people, it was very low, so he was slowly tired. While it was not clear at first, he began to feel a little tired after nearly long hours of hard fighting and Physically and mentally exhausted, earlier even his sword-ax had broken and had to switch from among the weapons the dead left behind, and he began to use different types of swords, spears and shields, even using his fists in order to cut and crush the dead. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=";s-journey._18397142206665605/defeated-(1)_49819558881590830">;s-journey._18397142206665605/defeated-(1)_49819558881590830</a> for visiting.

And while he was confident of his ability to continue for many other long hours, he began to feel frustrated and upset when he looked at Hela, who was sitting far away on her throne and watching the battle with a smile, although Valli killed thousands and still kills in the thousands, but it seems She can watch this battle forever.

As the mountains of corpses piled up under Valli, the souls of these dead returned in new bodies making Valli increasingly frustrated. These dead had free will and could surrender at any time, but their fear of Hela made them fight him continuously.

And after a few more hours, even Hela started to get annoyed, she initially thought he would give up at the end, but even after she started sending dead people twice as strong as normal Asgardian, he showed no sign of weakness, he had already been fighting for nearly a day and Half and the only thing that glazes is the size and quantity of a mountain of corpses.

Even her, she felt she needed to 'convince' this little Asgardian quickly and return to her usual routine.

While Valli smashed another head with his fists, Hela jumped towards it covering the bright area in just a few seconds, but Valli immediately noticed it and made blue runes in his hand, these runes exploded and a thick ice wall was formed in front of Valli.

Hela just frowned and focused her divine energy in her leg and kicked the ice wall forcefully enough to break it into small pieces, and while Valli did not move, perhaps out of fear, she grabbed his armor's helmet and broke it with her hand into small pieces, only to see Valli's shocked face, which made her smile unconsciously.

She summoned nightsword in her right hand and stabbed Valli's stomach, and ran her sword across his stomach and chest to pull it off his shoulder, cutting Valli's body in half.

Although she wants him to serve her, she can kill him several times to let him know where is his place.

The_High_Father The_High_Father


why don't you comment now after valli being 'defeated' and give me your opinion.

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