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Marvel: Reincarnated as Aldrich Killian Marvel: Reincarnated as Aldrich Killian original

Marvel: Reincarnated as Aldrich Killian

Author: Muzan_Zoldyck

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Chapter 1: Chapter 1: System and Election

Bern, Switzerland ~ Christmas.


During this season, everything is hibernating and everyone needs to wear big, cotton-padded jackets.

On the rooftop of a luxury hotel, there is a tall, blonde man dressed in punk style. If you get closer, you can see he is very warmly dressed.

"Did I... reincarnate?!" said the man as he opened his eyes again.

The next second, countless memories flooded his mind.

And due to the integration of a vast amount of memories, the man couldn't help but crouch down and hold his head due to the pain in his brain.

After who knows how long, the man regained his composure and stood up.

"Killian... The owner of the Extaremis virus?!"

"Haha, I never thought I would reincarnate one day, I thought it was just fantasy," Killian thought excitedly.

[ Ding, it has been detected that the host is linked and we are now starting to connect the Supreme Technology system ]

[ Linking... 1%... 25%... 50% ]

[ 100% ]

[ Ding, the linking is complete, host, the Supreme Technology system is at your service wholeheartedly ]

At that moment, a mechanical voice suddenly sounded in Killian's mind and began the linking without asking.

Until the end, when the system shows that the link was successful, the whole process was just a blink of an eye, so short that Killian had no time to react.

"System..?" After hearing the words in his mind, Killian couldn't help but murmur.

He originally thought what he got was a villain template or something like those popular today, but actually, it follows the less popular route of technology.

[ Host, you just need to immerse your consciousness to access the technology library ]

After hearing the system's words, Killian closed his eyes and began to clear his mind.

Then he appeared in a closed room similar to a computer room, but the difference was that besides Killian's own figure, a light screen appeared.

[ Supreme Technology System ]

[ Host: Aldrich Killian ]

[ Reputation: 1000 ]

[ Technology Mall Level 1: unlocked (1000/1000) ]

[ Unlocked Technology: None ]

Above, information about Killian's current authority is clearly displayed.

"What does system reputation mean?" After seeing that he had just acquired the system and had a thousand reputation points, Killian couldn't help but ask.

[ Reputation is the actual value of the influence that the host spreads among intelligent life forms through their own influence ]

[ Acquiring reputation points includes, among others, spreading the influence of the host, the user, and the influence of the objects produced ] The system promptly responded to Killian's question.

"Do you mean that as long as I can put on a show, promote the company's products, and let people use them, I can earn reputation points?"

After hearing the system's words, Killian immediately said.

[ Affirmative ]

After receiving a positive response from the system, Killian suddenly felt at ease.

Then, looking at the screen above, Killian directly pressed the United button at the back of the Technology Mall.

Immediately after the technology mall opened, Killian saw a variety of dazzling technologies emerge.

They range from portable lithium batteries, oxygen masks for diving to Terminators, exoskeleton armors, T-virus, etc.

There are also things like genetic information, but the only thing Killian can see are some simple creatures, such as anacondas and gorillas.

However, Killian does not need these things, so he simply looked at them and ignored them.

He knows that if everything is based on reputation, what he needs now is a high-tech artifact with high demand.

Although his private investment company has money, it cannot consume too much.

Then, he selected the four most suitable for him from a bunch of technological products.

[ Resident Evil-T Virus (serum version): has the characteristics of strengthening and recombining biological genes, it is a demonic product born with the purpose of developing biological weapons, however, most organisms will suffer strong side effects, under the direct influence of the virus, part of the cerebral cortex will become necrotic and intelligence will be severely reduced ]

[ Brain control Biochip: Can monitor the activities of various sensory nerve beams in the carrier and remotely interfere with types of nerve cells, obtain sensory information from the human brain and control human behavior ]

[ Metal Gear Solid – High-frequency vibration knife: a sword reinforced by a powerful alternating current and resonating at an extremely high vibration frequency, weakens the molecular bonds of everything it cuts, thus improving its cutting ability and can easily crush high-strength alloys ]

[ Baymax (junior model): an inflatable intelligent nanny-type medical robot with a built-in vitality scanning index, up to 10,000 types of medical treatments, can provide some medical assistance and is equipped with four CoreChip card slots, wafers need to be formulated for ]

Muzan_Zoldyck Muzan_Zoldyck

PS: Some of the system objects cannot be created in reality due to lack of materials.

In addition to design drawings, additional required raw materials or finished products will be provided.

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