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69.01% Marvel: Starting from the Bottom / Chapter 46: Some Fine Wine

Some Fine Wine - Marvel: Starting from the Bottom - Chapter 46 by ToothlessS full book limited free

Chapter 46: Some Fine Wine

[Hellfire Club]

[[Edward Buckman]]

Shit! Shit! Shit! They know. Both Marcellus and Sebastian know that I sent the assassins. How could have I known that Sebastian was a mutant?

"Ned." Paris's hand on my shoulder made me flinch. I had dragged her into this mess. "Is everything alright?" 

No, Paris… nothing is alright.

"Yeah, don't worry about it." It will be alright. I won't let them harm her. "It's business-related, you don't have to worry about it."

Paris looked skeptical but still nodded. 

"Weren't you supposed to have a tea party with lady Selene?" Quite a convenient day that she invited her. Paris can remain safe under Selene as she is now a member of the inner circle.

"I do. I am leaving in a few minutes."

I smiled. "I will be busy. So, you can enjoy your day." She nodded at that.


*Ring* *Ring* 

"Sebastian, make sure that Lourdes is safe. She is your weakness and I don't want anyone to exploit that." If they get Lourdes, I will have no choice but to get rid of Sebastian. And it will be for naught after going through all the trouble.

"Don't worry, she is safe. I won't let anyone even lay a scratch on her." That's what I am expecting.

"Good. I will deal with the Hellfire Club. After today… It will be a new era for the club." The club has no value but the people that will be joining it in the future are invaluable. 

The other branches are already being dealt with as I am driving towards the New York one.

"Very well… and don't die." I chuckled.

"I won't." 


Bringing Sebastian to my side means easy maintenance of the Hellfire Club.

I didn't have much time to think about him as I got another call.

*Ring* *Ring*

"Hello?" I have a guess that I know who it is.

"Hello~ It's me." Perfect timing.

"Lady Selene, I hope that everything is according to plan?" Her melodious laughter came from the other side.

"What did you expect?" She giggled. "Paris will be coming here in a while so I hope that you will be keeping the end of your bargain." Her demand was quite high… but it was already within my expectations.

"Of course, I always keep my promises." As long as they don't harm me. Otherwise, I remove the person… so that I don't have to keep up the promise. That way I don't break any of them. Since the person doesn't exist… the promise doesn't exist either.

"Take care~" 


If you are entrenched by her, you are screwed.

"Now we need to take care of a certain blonde man. Are you ready, Shade?" The little guy in question hummed.

[A few minutes later]

Hellfire Club, the snakepit of rich people. Which I will be changing pretty soon. 

Getting out of my car with Shade on my shoulder, I walked towards the club.

"Awfully quiet… Just what are you plotting now, Edward?" Whatever he does… It will be useless. I have more backup plans than I can count.

Opening the door I find no one… literally no one. But my senses were picking up at least 12… no 14 people hiding inside. One of them was Edward. As for the rest, I don't know.

I walked upstairs, towards his room. And while going there I sensed 4 of the 14 people hiding inside the basement. All of them are humans… armed but nothing that I cannot deal with.

*Knock* *Knock* 

I prefer a gentlemanly approach… even when I am trying to kill that person.

"Come in." That's definitely Edward's voice.

I slowly pushed the door open to see Edward sitting on a chair with his feet on the table and a glass of wine in his hand. "I was expecting your visit." 

I chuckled. "Good, it makes things far easier."

He laughed. "No need to stand there, take a seat." The assassins are not his only plan, there is something else.

"I will take the offer." I said and sat down on the sofa.

"So, did you come on your own or was it, Sebastian?" *Sigh* Even now he is still the same fool.


"No it wasn't Sebastian, I came on my own." I don't take orders unless it's to give them a false sense of security… or to gain their trust.

I looked at the man who became the most influential person within the club. "Why do you hate mutants so much?" Hilarious that he hated mutants yet he wanted to create artificial ones.

He even went as far as contacting the Sentinels… which won't happen this time as I had already killed the messengers that he sent.

He laughed. "Let's just say that I had some bad memories with them." 

Now, I could easily check his memories… but they are useless to me. I already scanned his brain for things that could help me. Like the assassins waiting to kill me, him planting a bomb inside the club… if things go wrong, and a few other things.

"I respect that." I don't, but I have no intention of going through useless chatter.

"Wine?" He offered.

"Sure." Edward does have a good taste when it comes to wine.

He stood up and went towards the wine cellar. "This is something that I treasure. It took me quite a few years to collect them." I honestly don't want to destroy them. They look extremely good.

"Chateau Margaux." He said drawing my attention. "I got this from a friend of mine. This one is old… like '1787' old." 

That's old for a wine. But history makes better wine… so I believe that it should be good.

He poured it in one of the glasses. "I have been saving this one for years and it looks like you are going to be the first one to taste it." 

I don't mind. The only thing I trust about Edward is his taste in wine.

"Here… give it a taste." I took the glass. 

"Edward… I just wanted to taste some good wine. Not the one that's laced with poison." I didn't have to use mind-reading to know that the glass was poisoned. My senses warned me about it.

He laughed. "I expected that much. I can give you a new glass." I shook my head.

"Nah, this one is fine." I gulped down the wine from the glass… Man, it was delicious.

He raised his brows for a second before going back to his usually calm expression. He is not as bad as I thought. His acting skills are good. 

He managed to look calm on the outside… while he was panicking from the inside.

"So, Edward." He looked at me. "Want to discuss the methods?" Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

He looked confused. "Methods?"

"Yeah, methods or ways… in which you would like to die." My smile morphed into a feral grin.



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