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32. Bonus rewards - Master of none - Chapter 32 by 1King_Rep1 full book limited free

Chapter 32: 32. Bonus rewards

"Ha! That's a good one you just said we had a title. I'll have to use that one on my parents. They'll laugh until they fall down." Gil was laughing like a fool while he propped himself up.

Walker sat up and looked at everyone with a stern face. "We completed a hidden quest by killing a monster much stronger than ourselves while rescuing others. Now we all have the Hero title. We also gained a level up each. Not to mention the hero title gives us experience  multiplier; that part confuses me but I'm sure we will start to understand it once we get back out to the fields...well tomorrow that is since it looks pretty dark outside now." Walker was scratching his head feeling awkward as jaws dropped...even Midnight was looking at him wide eyed. For a human or other race to get a title such as hero, it was unheard of but imagining a dragon having it was something that could change the heavens themselves.

"So what's going to happen..." Remey trailed off now showing worry in her voice.

"No idea this is unprecedented, I think we should keep it quiet for a while and figure out what it means. Then if others start to notice we can come out and say it but I think the guild will be able to protect us while we grow if we speak to Clara. Actually, I know many parties get a manager from the guild when they get to a higher tier, maybe we should ask Clara she's been a huge help so far." Walker had been thinking about a manager for a long time knowing that their situation had become very unique and the title had been the final link to make the move.

"That's a good idea, protection will be important. If we can't figure it out and protect ourselves other kingdoms could try and drag us without our consent." Su made a good supporting point as always. The thought of being kidnapped and dragged to an unfamiliar land was enough for Remey and Gil to immediately nod. Even midnight had moved a little closer feeling the weight of the situation.

"My thought is we can rest a bit more and gather our thoughts then head to the guild. I know it's going to be past dark by then but since adventurers work all day and night they never close." With that walker rested his head again preparing himself to forge a contract with the guild.

After resting a bit longer they all were ready to get up and moving, midnight still swayed a bit but was ready to get moving. As they exited the tent noting that they were near the South Gate now, they noticed two figures waiting nearby.

It was the water mage Gloria and Geoff the spear man. Their third party member  Gerald was missing which was not a surprise noting he took the biggest blow.

"Thank you!" The two bowed to Walker's party. Geoff took the lead " if you all hadn't helped we wouldn't be here today, I know it was risky and I can see the injuries caused on our behalf. We were only a party of three but we were not wise and pushed ourselves too far and couldn't run from the jade locust. We could never properly thank you enough but as a start, I hope you know you can always call on us if you ever need anything." Geoff's emotions were welling up within him.

'Adventuring party triple G has registered you as their ally. User party chat function can now communicate with the leader of triple G.'

"Triple G?" Walker was confused but then it dawned on him.

"Yea that's us, we made that name since the three of us all have names that start with G! Can you please tell us your party name?" Gloria the water mage has spoken up despite the obvious bruising to her face which was surely painful at the moment.

"Umm to be honest we haven't made one yet...but we will have to figure that out soon especially now that we've gained an ally. It would be kind of sad if you didn't know who to ask for" walker was stunned how could they forget to name their party of all things!

"I hope we can be the first to know your party name in the future then! By the way, I sent a guard to notify the guild of your deeds and also had those two giant locusts along with the jade sent there so you wouldn't worry. I thought it the least I could do. I know it's impolite to run but Gerald is still resting and we need to be there when he wakes up, sadly he broke an arm so it will be a week or so of healing before he will be back to snuff. Thank you again we owe you all our lives!" Geoff and Gloria gave another bow and turned to rush back toward another tent, Walker could swear he saw tears falling down their cheeks as they turned.

With that they continued through the gate and towards the adventurers guild. Upon opening the door they were greeted with a ferocious glare from Clara.

" Well look who decided to come to report! I guess listening to my advice was too challenging." The scolding was heartbreaking, the party didn't expect Clara to be so angry "room 13 is open I'll be up momentarily." Without a second glance Clara went to a filing cabinet and began riffling papers. Walker led the way and the party went to room 13 everyone was nervous except for midnight who took the opportunity to nap.

The door opened slightly bouncing in the wall before Clara closed it firmly they knew they were in for trouble. "Now walker explain what happened!" He immediately recounted the situation leaving out the hidden quest rewards as not to shock her immediately.

"Yes, that matches the first report I received. Our systems recorded a total of 9 giant locusts and a jade locust being killed. We will sell the wings for you to the alchemist guild, you will receive 18G for that. The rest of the bodies are up to your decision." Clara had gone in to business mode but was still showing a scary glare.

"Thank you very much miss Clara." Walker was going to act very polite before dropping the big news. "My party has discussed this and we understand that some parties get managers from the guild. We believe you would be the best option as we have seen how skilled you are in your daily efforts. I hope you can consider us." With a slight bow he could see a slight smirk spear before she caught herself.

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"Maybe once you're a silver tier adventurer party, that usually the lowest managers will be assigned." Clara's business took over again but Walker wasn't done.

"Actually the reason we are looking for one so early is fairly dramatic. Please prepare yourself this may come as quite a shock....we kinda got a hidden quest completed and...well...we have titles now..." walker became nervous the more he spoke seeing as Clara's poker face was too tough at this moment.

"Well that explains a lot." Clara stated plainly

"Ummm what?" The party said in unison completely confused.

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