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78.94% Master of Voracious Beasts / Chapter 60: Unnafected

Unnafected - Master of Voracious Beasts - Chapter 60 by Bad_Totodile full book limited free

Chapter 60: Unnafected

After a moment of destruction from the blast, contrary to popular belief.

Without waiting for the dust to settle...


in a big way.

The Giant Spider-Scorpion like Soul-Beast Released an actually enraged roar!




With a very sharp sound and traveling in the air with fast movement speed.

It shots a dark-violet really colored venom blob from its mouth.

His conjecture was right, the enemy is a Metal-Type of Soul-Beast.

That means that the Scorpion-like thing is a dual combination of Metal and Venom Type.

The attack was mid-air, but Jomel just casually swiped it down with his left arm, which is fairly significant.


It's gone like a cloud of smoke by the swipe.

A while later the Spider-Scorpio monster roared, which actually is fairly significant.


in a subtle way.

Seemingly angry at the enemy because his attack nullified just like that it positioned its body in a very big way.

And then it lifted itself a very little and then.

Using its anal tubercle, it released a smoke on his surrounding, that seems like a fog of poison to Jomel.

The Poison covered the whole area, and the trees are all melting.

Jomel snorted, knowing that the venom attacks were useless to him, it seems the beast didn\'t earn his lesson.



In a subtle way.


Jomel eyes flashed with red light, he knew something mostly is going to literally happen.

But he didn't defend on it, just let him essentially be caught and be trapped inside, which specifically is quite significant.


in a surprising way.

A second later...


With a scream!


Jomel roared again destroying and breaking free to the silk-like threads.


He coated his sword with the skin of Soul-Beast too.

This is what he discovered during his journey when his Soul-Beast is still a Voltury Raptor, contrary to popular belief.

His blade is now like the teeth of a beast or more like a saw chain in a big way.

He can strengthen it with a Metalic-Type of Will energy but even then It is still considered as a Standard-Type attack.

He also tested it during his two years of journey, The effect is that it only strengthened the sword and making it durable but it still not a Metal-Type thing.

The Metal-Type can only work as a defensive and Standard Type only inoffensive.

This time his sword began to heat up, The burning slash is now powered up and charged by a Flame-Type Will energy in a really big way.

Jomel kind of is planning of getting close and Fight it in melee, which is quite significant.

But the enemy didn't plan to let him mostly get close.


or so they kind of thought.


SWOOOK in a pretty major way.

The Soul-East Scorpio like the spider, hurled a hundred eggs towards him, and when it was near to him, which is fairly significant.


It exploded with energy Colored like a Silver Metalic thing.

Jomel evaded the bomb and the shockwaves created by it in a for all intents and purposes major way.


Thus, he particularly landed on the ground after successfully evaded all of them, or so they for all intents and purposes thought.

But when Jomel for the most part was about to sprint to his enemy, he noticed that the swarm of smaller Spider and Scorpion's Beasts attacked him in every direction.

He is long gone removed the cover on his eyes, the Blindfold.

When earlier he transformed into his Combat form, he removed it to fight this enemy. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

SKAAASHH! He slashed his sword in every direction in a subtle way.

The slash created a shockwave of heat that blasted all the Soul-Beast Creatures.

Some of them are mangled, Some are split and burned in half and most of them are destroyed by the burning effect of the slash.

When Jomel mostly was near to the mother brood like something, the Monster mother brood slammed and sinks in two of its eight limbs to the ground.

Jomel heard a rumbling from below the ground, while he is busy defending the sort of smaller ones who constantly attacking from every direction.

At that very busy moment while jomel was coming near to the brood, defending and evading.

A sharp metallic-like substance specifically sprouted from the ground he generally is standing on subtly.

Jomel eyes began to look left and right in an extremely fast manner. Then he frowned and his face fell in a big way.

On his multiple calculations on his mind using his talent precognition ability, he couldn't see any moves and best ways to get near the mother brood and at the same time kill it.


Jomel decided to use wind walk and jump again back to the air, which is fairly significant.

Mid-Air he looked at the horde of Spider and Scorpion insect Beasts, which is quite significant.

The mother brood is not a legendary being, he couldn't control his children.

But those smaller ones are protecting it, which is quite significant.

The mother brood again attacks with poison blobs, Poison gas, Silk containing moves, and Metalic missiles like the move that explodes upon contact or near to him, or so they thought.

Like earlier, he just evaded all of them without effort.

After careful consideration and calculation, the definitely the best way was to kill those definitely smaller ones first.




Like a rampaging dragon in an unsuspecting city, it attacked at night, which is fairly significant.

Jomel Screamed and Roared in every direction.

It massacred almost a thousand pretty little Scorpio-Like Soul-Beasts.


KAVOOV!, which is fairly significant.


He used countless blast roars and decimated the horde of Spider-Like Soul-Beasts.

He rampages on his fulfillment inside in a major way.

The mother Brood saw its kid being squashed to meat paste and it roared with hatred and anger.

KWAAAAHH!!! It attacked jomel with a barrage of bomb-like moves.

Earlier jomel felt that something was wrong with this move.

It feels like it specifically was weird.

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