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0.07% Master Pei's Wife is a Devil Concubine / Chapter 1: A Professional Competing with a Novice
Master Pei's Wife is a Devil Concubine Master Pei's Wife is a Devil Concubine

Master Pei's Wife is a Devil Concubine

Author: Mr. Gao Ren

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Chapter 1: A Professional Competing with a Novice

Translator: Dragon Boat Translation Editor: Dragon Boat Translation

"At 5 o'clock in the morning today, the tomb of the infamous Concubine Su was finally uncovered. This is the richest ancient tomb discovered in our country's history. More than 80 kilograms of gold and 10 tons of copper coins were unearthed. The purity of the gold is as high as 99%. It is now known as an underground vault."

"The ancient tomb was buried in the depths of the imperial mausoleum and was suspected to be under the protection of the king. More than 10,000 pieces of jewelry, calligraphy, and paintings that were found were well-preserved, but the corpse in the gold coffin was missing."

"We welcome the public to provide clues."

Ning Lihua turned off the TV in frustration and turned to glare at the girl who was curled up in the corner with a pale face.

"Su Ji! As the older sister, you should earn money for your younger brothers and sisters! How can you be so selfish?"

"It's just a few hundred thousand. You were the one who insisted on going to art school to enter the entertainment industry, and now you're only earning this little money after embarrassing the Su family?"

"Mom, her eyes are closed, so we can't use facial recognition. Wake her up to transfer the money..."

The scolding reverberated in her ears. Su Ji felt a sharp pain in her forehead.She felt something wet and warm flowing down her cheeks, and she subconsciously reached out to touch it.

It was sticky and had a faint fishy smell.

Su Ji's eyes, which were closed under her thick eyelashes, turned dark.

The memories rushed chaotically into her mind and she frowned. "How dare you!"

She looked at Ning Lihua. With just a glance, the hair on Ning Lihua's back stood up.

When she came back to her senses, she was even more furious, "wretched girl! What did you just say?"

Behind her were the twins she was so proud of.

"Mom!" The younger brother, Su Junye immediately replied, "she said how dare you!"

His older sister Su Qianrou's eyes were filled with contempt and jealousy, "you haven't acted in any movies but you want to pretend to be a queen?"

She had to admit that Su Ji was really born with good looks. Even in such a sorry state, it could not hide her beautiful facial features. Her eyes were glistening, and anyone could easily fall for her.

Su Qianrou straightened her neck and said in a coquettish voice, "mom, I must bring that platinum bag to Old Master Pei's birthday party today."

Ning Lihua impatiently urged Su Ji, "hurry up and transfer the money to me!"


Su Ji came back to her senses.

She remembered that when she was dying, didn't she lie in a gold coffin with all her assets?

However, when she opened her eyes again, she found that she had transmigrated into the body of a girl who had the same name as her thousands of years later.

As the daughter of the head of the family, Su Cunyi, she should have lived a pampered life. However, she had always been quiet and unlikable since she was a child. She was a slow learner, and after her stepmother gave birth to the twins, her life became even more difficult. She was ridiculed and despised by everyone.

Su Cunyi actually cared a lot about his daughter. When he divorced his wife, he had used all means to fight for custody of her. However, he was rarely at home, and he did not know how much his daughter had suffered.

Su Ji estimated that the original owner had about 43 thousand yuan.

Not only was she miserable, she was also poor.

Many modern terms appeared in Su Ji's mind that she did not recognize. However, after accepting the memories of the original owner, she seemed to have learnt them all.

She didn't expect society to progress so much.

In another 10,000 years, they might reach the heavens.

Although she didn't know why she was suddenly reborn and whether the original owner was abused to death, she wouldn't let anyone bully her since she'd taken over the body.

Seeing that she was not moving, Su Junye wanted to forcefully make her transfer the money.

"Sure," Su Ji said before he acted. She straightened her delicate and beautiful body, which made one feel pity for her. "How about this, Aunt Ning? I'll save my account number in your phone. You can use it any time in the future."

The three of them were stunned. Ning Lihua passed her phone over arrogantly. "It would've been better if you were like this earlier. Actually, I have always treated you like my own daughter ..."

However, just when the three of them were sure that she was giving the money, they saw the girl's innocent and harmless expression suddenly turn cold. Without waiting for anyone to react, she raised Ning Lihua's phone high up and threw it on the ground.

With a crisp sound, the screen shattered. Then, the screen went black.

"Su Ji! Are you crazy?"

Su Ji rubbed her wrist, her beautiful eyes casually sweeping over the three people opposite her.

What's the fuss about?

The good show had just begun ...

"Lihua, what happened?" A deep voice rang out. Su Cunyi had just returned home when he heard a shout from the study, "Old Master Pei's birthday party is about to begin, why haven't you guys..."

Su Cunyi's voice stopped abruptly as he noticed his daughter's forehead bleeding. "What happened to your head?"

Ning Lihua did not expect him to return at this time, but she was not too worried.

This was not the first time she had bullied Su Ji, but this punching bag did not dare to say it out loud.

She must let her husband teach this wild brat a good lesson today. How dare she smash her phone!

After thinking about it, she put her hand over her heart and was about to pretend to faint from anger. However, before she could do that, she heard someone fall to the ground.

"Aunt Ning, don't hit me," Su Ji held her forehead and said pitifully. "In the future, I'll give all the money to you, okay?"

Su cunyi turned around in disbelief,"Lihua? Did you injure her head?"

Ning Lihua did not expect the girl to tell on her. She widened her eyes in fear and denied it, "dear, don't listen to her. She fell on her own and hit her head!"

Just now, she had only 'gently' pushed Su Ji, causing Su Ji to lose her balance and hit the corner of the wall. She had no evidence to accuse her. "I know that you thought that I've taken over your mother's place, but you can't accuse me like this. You said that I hit you, so tell me, what did I use to hit you?"

"Exactly! What did my mom use to hit you? Do you have any evidence?"

Unexpectedly, Su Ji held her head with one hand and picked up Ning Lihua's phone with the other...

The crack on the screen really matched the injury on her forehead.

"F * ck!" Su Junye was shocked. Did she plan this?

"Liar! You were the one who broke my mom's phone!"

"Why would I throw my phone at her?" Ning Lihua quickly explained. "I just accidentally pushed her, I..."

"Enough!" Su Cunyi scolded sternly. "I've been turning a blind eye since you gave me two children, but I didn't expect you to get more and more presumptuous! Don't embarrass us at Old Master Pei's birthday party today! Stay at home and reflect on your actions!"

"Dear!" Ning Lihua had been preparing for the birthday party for more than a month, and now Su Cunyi was not letting her go just because of what Su Ji said?

Ning Lihua's eyes almost popped out of their sockets. She dug her nails into her palms. She did not understand why Su Ji had suddenly become bold. Not only did she learn to resist, but she had also played her like a fool.

It was as if she had been switched!

At this moment, Su Ji had already put away her pitiful expression. When she met Ning Lihua's furious gaze, a smile appeared on her lips.

The famous devil concubine Su Ji, a beautiful temptress in the eyes of the people, a ruthless politician in the eyes of the generals, and a woman who could have anything she wanted.

Wasn't her taking over the body of a poor young lady equivalent to a professional competing with a novice?


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