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Chapter 1146: Chapter 1146 falling in love with you, no problem 3

Author: The first love of a rainy day Machine Translation

Dena was already prepared. She knew that she had pushed Yixin down the stairs yesterday, and Yixin would not let it go.

She reached out to grab Yixin's wrist and instantly screamed. She shook off Yixin's wrist and looked at her palm.

There were several bloody holes in her palm, and blood flowed out.

"Ah! You F * Cking dare to set me up! " She roared angrily.

Yixin laughed lightly. "Who set you up? You grabbed my wrist yourself. Who are you blaming? "

She raised her hand to look at her wrist. There was a leather ring of steel needles on her wrist, and all the tips of the steel needles were pointed outward. Whoever dared to grab her wrist would be looking for a prank!

"You! Someone, Lock Yixin Up! " Dena roared angrily.

"Lock me up? I don't want to go to school anymore. Also, William wants me to attend the banquet tonight. Be careful. If I'm injured again, how are you going to answer to Willam? " Yixin said coldly.

Dena was so angry that her lungs were about to explode. But even so, she had to lock Yixin up. It was not enough to calm her down!

"Men, lock her up in the room. Don't let her eat! "

A few maids walked over. They were about to reach out to grab Yixin, but they were afraid that they would be in the same situation as Dena. They could only obediently surround Yixin and order Yixin to go upstairs.

Yixin smiled and patted the heads of these women. "Good Slaves. So obedient. FOLLOW ME UPSTAIRS! "

Dena was so angry that she was trembling. This kind of confinement was not imposing at all. It was not her way of disciplining Yixin. The fire in her heart had not been vented at all.

The man in the corridor looked at the scene in the hall, and the corner of his lips curled into a smile that was difficult for outsiders to see.

He took the elevator to the basement to drive to work. He could not wait to see what kind of surprise Yixin would give him today.

Yixin was sitting in her room, and her eyes were shining. Today's banquet was very large, and it was also her only chance. The corner of her lips curled into a crescent smile. She grabbed her pet spider and little snake, and flicked the little snake's head with her finger "Blackie, I'm counting on you tonight! "

In order to prepare for the banquet, Dena was so tired that she almost vomited blood. She had to make this banquet perfect, so that Willam would know that she was the woman who was most suitable for him!

When the sun was setting, all the guests came to the banquet. Dena stood at the door to welcome all the guests like a heroine.

These people were all big nobles in Europe, and attending Willam's banquet was to discuss the restoration of the imperial system.

Willam walked into the hall under the afterglow of the setting sun. His body was covered in a layer of magnificent gold, as if he was born to be a king.

As he walked into the hall, the ladies, Socialites, and nobles all bowed and greeted him.

He raised his hand to signal for everyone to stand up, and his gaze swept across the entire banquet hall.

The words escaped from the corner of his lips. "where's Yixin? Why didn't she come to serve her? "

Dena's expression froze on her face. When the man returned, he did not see how perfect the banquet she had arranged was, but the first thing that came to his mind was Yixin!

"She, she should be in her room. I informed her in advance to come down when the time was right. Perhaps she forgot! " She quickly said.

"When did you tell me in advance? I was locked in my room for a day without a soul. How did you do that? " The girl's voice came down from the stairs on the second floor.

"Ah! "

In an instant, everyone in the hall lost their composure. They were only one step away from being scared to death by this woman!

The girl scratched her hair randomly. There were a few spiders crawling on top of her. Snakes were wrapped around her neck. She was wearing a small leather vest, but the vest was too small.

She was wearing a pair of leather pants. Her snow-white skin was made even whiter by the black leather pants.

The snakes and spiders all over her body and the Czech wolfhound following behind her were too scary. She looked like a monster that had come out of Hell!

Dena could not hide the smile on her lips. It would be strange if Willam did not beat Yixin to death this time!

Yixin walked into the crowd step by step. "I wonder who I'm going to serve! "

The man said coldly, "you might as well not wear it at all! "

He was so angry that his throat tasted sweet. His woman had been seen by others just like that!

Although these snakes and spiders were scary, they were scary to women. To a man, this was a wild beauty.

"Okay! " Yi Xin smiled innocently and reached out to pull the Zipper on her shoulder.

Oh my God, of course, she could not admit defeat!

According to her experience with Willam for so many years, he would not let her go even if he died!

Her heart was beating wildly. She only bet that Willam would stop her. If he did not stop her, she would be in big trouble!

Suddenly, the man's hand pressed on her wrist, and his cold voice hit her forehead.

"You're courting death! " William roared angrily.

The corners of Yi Xin's lips curved. She promised that she was not courting death, and that the person who was courting death was this man.

Her eyes twisted the man's face, and shock flashed through her eyes. The man's face was extremely cold, but there was no expression on his face. Did he not feel pain?

She could feel the belt on her wrist being tightened by the man. Did the nails not pierce through him?

When did he practice Iron Palm?

Just as her thoughts were running wild, Dena let out a scream, "blood! Your Highness, your hand! "

The blood dripped from the man's hand and dripped onto the ground.

"bring her to the room! " Willam ordered Dena.

Dena's heart twitched. The man's gaze was on Yixin. Even if Yixin had hurt him, he was still looking at Yixin!

She reached out to grab Yixin's arm. She cleverly avoided grabbing her wrist and avoided the belt with nails.

Yixin felt the man let go of his hand. She meekly walked up the stairs with Dena to the second floor.

"Hehe, just wait for your death! His Highness will not let you off this time! " Dena said fiercely.

"really? Dena, don't you feel that your neck is a little cold? " Yixin said with a smile

Dena was surprised and looked down at herself. She saw a snake coiled around her neck.

"Ah! " She screamed. Her hair stood up in fear. She panicked and wanted to hide, but she was at the side of the corridor.

She fell to the fence unsteadily and fell from the second-floor corridor to the first-floor Hall!

"My daughter! Save my daughter! " dicky shouted.

At this moment, a bunch of spiders and snakes appeared out of nowhere and crawled around on the floor. All the socialites were so scared that they were screaming.

Yixin looked at Willam's furious face and grabbed her backpack that she had left on the floor of the corridor. She ran to the elevator and went straight to the parking lot on the top floor.

She got into the plane. "I'm here! You promised to take me away! "

The man in the driver's seat turned around and looked at the girl who ran up. His silver mask flashed coldly... ...

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