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100% Maybe I Do Love You / Chapter 14: Chapter Thirteen

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Chapter 14: Chapter Thirteen


"To Aiko's sleepover!"

I froze and silence enveloped the place immediately, that was the last thing I've expected to come out. They're going to her house and what's worse is that Itachi's practically ditching our conversation for her. Scowling, I grumbled out colorful words and grabbed my bad from the floor, ready to get in my room and slam the door. However, before I could do those, my brother's voice slashed the silence, "She's expecting you as well, Sasuke. I know you know that."

I see. He knew the text I had was from Aiko. I assume he also had a text from her about the sleepover. My face softened when I knew he was right. I've been aware of my actions and of course, I understood Naruto and his attitude towards me. I've been a big jerk, I had to get over Aiko, and I had no other choice but use Sakura. Call me a wuss. I don't care.

I opened my mouth to speak when a high pitched voice that came from the direction of Aiko's house cut me off, "Aiko fell off the tree a-and...and... she's... she's -!"

Everyone looked up to the right side, taking a glance of the said girl's house, frantically. Itachi eyed me in worry, as if telling me to do something, yet I was still too appalled to take everything in. I couldn't move or think of anything. There was a thick negative vibe surrounding us, until suddenly Itachi glowered at me, "Aren't you going to do anything."

It took me some time to open my mouth to respond to him but once my lips parted, my brother snarled at me in frustration before turning his back to leave with his friends shortly following him behind as they gave me looks of disappointment. And once they were out, I felt disgust to myself again. Just what am I doing? I'm supposed to keep my friendship with her while getting over her, not lose it!

But it couldn't just yet.

I took in a deep breath and went in my room to have a quick shower and change into some casual clothes with the thought to whether it's should go or not. When i went back downstairs, i caught a glimpse of a small picture frame that laid on top of the small wooden side table. My face calmed as if studied the image. The more i came to enjoy looking at it, if found my lips etched into a smile. It was a picture of Naruto and i five years ago.

I snickered and averted my eyes to an unframed picture beside it. My smile dropped and guilt washed in me again. It was an image of me and Aiko, an arm around my neck and the other on my hair as she rode my back. Her eyes filled with joy, flashing a toothy grin, while my lips were in a firm line till the end was tugged up. No matter how annoying she gets, she never cease to make me smile even if it's going to take by force.

Just what the heck am i doing? I asked myself again before it sprinted out of the house with my hoodie in one hand and made my way to Aiko's. Once in was right in front of her house, it was confused to hear a bunch of laughter and curses mixed together. "There she is? If heard the familiar voice of Naruto. It couldn't just stand there, so i barged in and made my way to her backdoor where i saw Itachi's friends and in front of them were Naruto and the others. But up ahead of them was the falling figure of Aiko.

And... she's... smiling?

Is she crazy?! She's falling from a seventeen foot tree and she's smiling?! This girl is nuts! "Aiko!" i couldn't help but yell out, frantically, causing everyone to look at me, only to be startled by my presence. Her eyes met mine and they were filled with one emotion i could recognize from her clearly. Happiness. "Sasuke," she called back out loud, grinning.

The way she called my name sounded so right. And my heart was beating so fast although it wasn't because i heard her voice calling me, but she was falling!

And right when she's so close to the ground, i closed my eyes, not being able to watch anymore.

A few seconds of expecting a loud thump, groans and maybe some sounds of bones cracking, the only noise is heard were breaths of relief. That being heard gave me the guts to open my eyes only to find Aiko safe in Itachi's arms.

"Huh, it's really is like déjà vu." The girl blurted out, her arms still wrapped around my brother's arms. I couldn't help but let out a small growl from the sight which i found disturbing.

"Eh?! So you really came." Naruto's voice blasted from the other side, and without a doubt, if knew he was talking to me. "Hn. If heard that Aiko was in trouble."

Despite the stoic and brooding faces i received from everyone, the said girl unlaced her arms from Itachi and ran towards me. Shocked and entranced, i found myself enclosed in a hug my my pair of petite arms in missed. Her face buried on my chest, making me look at my brother and Naruto in confusion. However, all they did was give me a smile, waving their hands as if gesturing to let her be. Aiko looked up at me with eyes glistening in delight, "You came." she whispered with a small smile.

Creasing my eyebrows, i pushed her off me. As much as i didn't want to, i knew i had too before it would be late. I just can't continue these feelings for her. My actions made her pout and huff at me, crossing her arms, "Bastard." she remarked, loud enough for everyone to hear, getting a bunch of amused chuckles.

"Tch, how annoying. I only came because i heard you were in trouble." i bluntly said.

Aiko roguishly faced me, "Nah, I knew you love me."

There she goes again. Telling me that i love her and making me lie to her and myself over and over again. "Shut up." i snapped at her which she didn't mind. In fact, she was smiling. I bet she's thinking of how I've finally come back to my senses and how I've finally returned to being a huge asshole to her like back then. I frowned, I've been nothing but a big jerk to her.

I'm not a good friend, i always kill the fun. I always oppose her fun ideas i always prioritize my pride. And because of that, I've been spending way too much time with the person who is don't even like instead of spending it with her and Naruto. They've treated me like family and all I've done was treat them like trash. Even after what is have done they have the audacity to invite me.

"I'm going back home." i announced, spinning back on my heels to make me way to the door. There's no need for me here I'd just be a nuisance that would object to every activity. But before i could even take a step forward, a warm hand grab my cold one, making me almost gasp from the sensation of the unforeseen contact of opposite temperatures.

"Sasuke..." Her soft voice called my name once again, resulting the hard pounding of my heart. I sighed and looked back at her only to be greeted by a menacing face. Jumping in terror, i jerked my arm from her grasp but it was no use. She held me tighter, "Let your ass stay right here where it is! You've come this far and you are staying Uchiha!"

I gulped and averted my eyes to Itachi who was laughing at the sight. I tried to get myself to scowl at him but Aiko gripped on my hand tighter, making me almost whimper in pain. Keyword; almost. I forced myself to nod and she finally let me go with a tight grin after a few seconds.

Sighing in relief, i felt a heavy hand over my shoulder, "Her! I'm knew you couldn't resist her." Naruto mockingly spoke, poking me on my chest. I glowered at him, "i had no choice," i began and paused, gathering my strength to continue, "She's my best friend."

Naruto rolled his eyes at me, "You've been one heck of an ass, you know that?" Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

I knew that. That's ashtray crystal to me. Is what i wanted to say... however, all i did was ignore him and continued to walk until he lead me to the living room where it was obvious that they'd left their pastime. "I need to change," Neji started, grabbing his clothes from his bag, followed by Lee, Kiba, and Shikamaru.

From the corner of my eye, I saw Gaara, Kankuro, Shino talking to Aiko. I wonder what they're talking about. No, moreover, why do I care? It's none of my business! Inwardly, I groaned before Naruto turned to talk with Nagato, Konan and Yahiko.

I began to observe the room. And the only word I can put it's... crowded. Everyone were grouped together along with Itachi's friends. Sighing, I sat on the couch and tried to relax. Yeah, I tried. I couldn't get any peace at all. Everyone, especially Naruto, were laughing and talking to loud. I glanced at the clock only to find out that it was already 1 in the morning. Despite the time, no one seems to be in the verge of sleeping.

My eyes were kept on Aiko. The way she converses with a smile placed on her lips, the way her eyes glint with joy. However, she's been getting too much attention and I hate to admit that I'm a bit upset that she's not with me right now. I watch as she takes a puppet from Sasori, their fingers touching as he handed her the toy. My fist clenched and I sense myself shooting daggers at them.

I breathed out heavily and looked away. I shouldn't be getting this way. I promised that I'd just look at her as a sister and nothing more. Frowning, I close my eyes. Why can't I get myself to confess to her? Well, one thing's for sure is because I'm an ass. I take my pride in top priority.

"Aiko-Chan, do you have some chocolates?" I heard Diedara ask, making me look up to him in confusion. Since when did he like chocolates? "Itachi asked." He added. Oh.

The girl clutched on the puppet, bringing it close to her chest before passing through Sasori after giving him a friendly hug. Well, I'd rather want to call it a friendly hug. Hn. I get how girls like being with guys a year or two ahead of them, because they'll feel 'protected' or something like that based on what I've heard. But that dude's too old for her! Hmph!

Fine he's not really that old.

"Here you go, brother Dei." she says, handing him various brands of that sweet bar. I grimaced, I don't understand why Itachi likes sweets, it bothers me often.

Lee steps in, changed into some new clothes, "Be careful you guys, the floor's wet." he wants, taking a few clean rags to place on the floor. "You don't have to do that, Lee." Aiko said, waving her hand but the said guy continues, "No, it's our fault we got your floor wet. It's the least we could do."

"You mean 'you' could do." Kiba butts in, rubbing a towel on his head in circles. He bluntly looked at Lee, "It's okay, Lee." The girl stated.

Neji came in with a towel draped on his damp hair as well, sighing. He pats his best friend's shoulder, "Just leave some rags there."

Finally, Lee does what he's told and makes his way to Naruto leaving Aiko and Neji alone. I bit my lip. I don't like this. I don't like other guys being near her! My teeth dug into my bottom lip harder when I saw him placing his hand on her back, bringing her closer to him. Fortunately, Sasori's puppet made some distance between them, making them unable to go any close to each other.

Seconds later of whispering, Neji helped Aiko get on the counter, holding her by the waist in process, making me curse the Hyuga inwardly. The girl grabbed on his towel and began to dry off his long hair. The brunette rolled his eyes as he stayed in between her legs and laughed when Aiko said something to him.

I was fuming on the inside. I just want to rip him off her, grab her and make her mine. I want her to be mine! But a part of me says no. I can't! I just can't! God damn it!

I took my eyes off them in attempt to cool my head, only to find Naruto and a red faced Hinata playing Pocky on the other side of the room. Most of them started cheering out loud and some were squealing. Rolling my eyes, I looked back to see Neji helping Aiko get down, his hair now wrapped in towel.

Stifling a laugh, I slid to the other side of the couch that's nearer to them, close enough for me to hear their conversation, "Aiko, I look ridiculous." Neji grunted, taking the cloth off, shaking his messy hair. The said girl pouted, "Your hair would've dried faster, you know."

They're so close, too close that I just want to slip between them and push the Hyuga off but I cant- no, I couldn't.

Neji chuckled and ran his fingers through his hair, brushing it to the side. "Ugh, your hair is too perfect." the girl commented. Mentally, I scoffed. What kind of guy has a hair that long anyway?! I'm surprised no one calls him gay. The guy raised his eyebrow at her, before giving giving him a smile as he tucked a strand of her hair behind her ear. "Why? You look perfectly fine."

Aiko opened her mouth to say something when someone bumped into Neji, closing the gap between them.

I shout up of my seat as my heart stopped. It was like a ton of bricks just fell onto so hard. Getting air was almost too impossible for me, my head started spinning. My knees got weaker and weaker as I glued my eyes on them. Slack-jawed, I clenched my fists and gritted my teeth, trying to keep myself from pulling my own hair off my head. I wanted to punch the wall or break something.

I want to say that this is all a dream, but no. The pain in my heart was enough to tell me that this isn't a dream, this is real. There they are right in front of me, on the floor.....kissing.

Everyone gasped and silence began to surround the place. Well that was when Tobi jumped in, "Oh my gosh! Neji and Aiko are kissing!!"

Nothing but absolute fury rushed through me, "Oh hell no!"

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