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Dark and gloomy hallway

A person with a magic lantern in one hand and a sword in his other hand walked in a straight direction. He looked happy and visibly nervous at the same time. He walked toward the magnificent pitch-black timepiece with nervous and shaky footsteps.

He reached for the watch and stood in awe to admire its beauty. He believes that with this find, he can finally leave the life of a mercenary dog behind and walk the path of wealth.

After five years of constant trouble in life, from food to family hospital bills, he doesn't need to worry about money every day; he can finally change his life for the better and provide a good life for his family.

but fate has a different plan for our lone hero.

Alex is a young man who struggles to make a living in the world's biggest game (Ancient world). He works as a mercenary who does every job to earn gold. It's been five years since he started.

Life is hard for a person like Alex, who has no support in-game and is not lucky enough to get any life-changing opportunities; just like every bottom worker, he needs to stress about money daily.

Alex's life has taken a turn after five years of struggle; he stands before a legacy tomb that can change people's lives; he has heard and seen many frogs turn into a dragon after finding such legacy tombs.

Legacy tombs are one of the rarest finds in the game; as its name applies, these tombs belong to Ancient warriors that can give you high-tier classes, the lowest ranging from A+ to loftiest, going as high as S.S.S.

These are every player's dream.

Alex POV!


"My luck has finally started working. A genuine legacy tomb; now I don't need to work like a dog every day and be mocked by people; I don't need to fake my personality to earn. Even with the worst legacy, I can quickly join any top 100 guilds and become like those rich, arrogant bastards."

'Let's not count my chickens before the eggs hatch. HAHA, Alex; you are a lucky man.'

'Now time to be serious; I need to get the legacy as soon as possible.'

Alex entered the legacy tomb that was inside a giant tree. He found it by luck, wandering the endless forest to complete his quest. Alex walked through the big black doors that had a height of one hundred feet and were built with unknown materials.

'These doors looked magnificent; even the empire royal castle door didn't look this good; after passing through the door, Alex saw big and wide stairs that led underground into pitch-black darkness.'

Alex walked down the stairs and thought to himself every detail he could remember about legacy tombs; according to his understanding, he knew legacy tombs are all different but have one thing standard "trial and plentiful rewards."

Alex was proud of one thing in his gaming career his ability to comprehend his surroundings and his combat ability. If he could clear the tomb and get the legacy class and other goodies, he would be happy, but if it's out of his league, he will sell it to the highest bidder and still make his life satisfactory.

After walking down the stairs for almost two hours, Alex started to think how much more underground he needed to go; luckily, after a couple of minutes of going downstairs, he finally saw the solid floor.

Standing at the end of the stair, Alex saw a giant gloomy corridor that led to a black door that looked even more magnificent than the last.

Alex started to walk toward his bright future beyond the royal doors. Alex reached the doors and opened them with trembling hands, thinking, 'my life would be different after today.'

Alex opened the doors and saw the ancient-looking throne room. The throne room was empty, with no throne, no big painting, no guards, with only a magnificent pitch-black clock.

Alex was confused because he was expecting a trial, but then again, he had never been to any legacy tombs; they may be like this.

Alex took out a magic lantern and his old trusty sword and walked toward the black clock with mixed feelings; he reached the clock and stood in awe, admiring it.

A giant black timepiece that looked less like a clock and more like an ancient art with twelve small watches floating around prominent middle clock symbols etched in every one of them, giving an antique feeling.

After admiring the clock for some time, Alex touched the clock with trembling hands. Then Alex got his consciousness transferred to some unknown place.

Alex observed his surroundings, and there was nothing, no beasts, no demon to hunt, no puzzle to solve, nothing, only one throne in this vast emptiness, and on this throne sat a fifteen foot man that gave the feeling of a giant looking at an ant.

The man looked ancient with towering height and long black hair, giving the vibe of absolute danger with an identical-looking clock hovering on his back.

The man looked at Alex with confusion and intrigue. He couldn't sense any world law energy from this mortal. He thought this mortal must have entered through the legacy grounds he left in the lower worlds.

Alex looked at the man who gave him an instant death vibe. 'My shitty luck. Is this the trial? I need to fight this monster to get the legacy well; it was good to have a big dream for once; now time to die and go back to the shitty life of a cheap mercenary.'

The man looked at the mortal in front of him, trembling a second ago, now calm. Maybe he is brave or just accepted his death; in both cases, he is good, unlike self-centered heroes.

The man finally talked to the mortal." calm down; you are not going to die now; tell me your name. My name is ( Cronos ), and my title is "The Titan of Time. You, mortal, have entered one of my legacy grounds."

'After hearing the man talk, Alex only focuses on two things: one, he may not die. Second, the person is a real titan of time (Cronos), one of the strongest titans to ever live in the Ancient world.'

"My name is Alex Crawford, and I stumbled upon this legacy tomb. What trial do I need to complete to get your legacy, sir Cronos."

Alex kept his words short, so he didn't look weak because he thought strong-minded people talk less at least, that is what he thought.

Coronas looked at Alex and said, "you don't need to go through any trial; only those that have talent in time magic can enter my legacy tombs, so you already passed the trial"


"I have already passed the trial?"

"So that means sir Cronos is going to give me your legacy. Can we do it faster so I don't waste your precious time?" Alex said

"Kid, don't be too hasty first, I need to check your natural elemental talent, and time is the last of my concern because I am just a tiny part of my soul. Come here and stand before me so I can start the process." Cronos replied

Alex was going through a roller coaster of emotion, but he was delighted, so without wasting any time, he walked toward Cronos and stood in front of him. Cronos didn't waste time and put his finger on Alex's head. Alex felt like. He was being seen through Alex couldn't understand the feeling, but it was not pleasant.

'Some seconds later, Cornos opened his eyes and looked shocked. At least, that's what I think he looked like. It made me all too excited for the news. Maybe I have one in-a-million talent for time magic, but following words Coronas said didn't feel good at all.'

Taking a deep breath, Cronos looked Alex in the eyes, saying, "kid, I have good and bad news. The bad news is you are not going to get my legacy, and the good news is that your talent in darkness is too good to be thrown away."

Alex felt like the floor had just vanished; all the dreams had gone on fire. Alex thought F**k, the good darkness talent as It coud'nt feed my family. I need this legacy; this is my last hope.

Cronos sees the kid struggling said, "don't give me that dead face, kid; your talent in darkness is the best I have ever seen in my long life; you will accomplish more than you can imagine in life in the path of darkness."

"Now answer some of my questions. First, which world are we in right now, and are there any people who have gotten a powerful dark legacy."

Alex thought that game A.I. had messed up Cronos' dialogues. 'Well, what can I do? Let's get this over with. He is not looking to give me his legacy.'

"We are currently in the Ancient World, and yes, one year ago, one got the S.S.S. rank legacy named "(Darkness Ruler). "

Cronos thought for some time and said, "Well, I guess there is only one way to go forward, and that is to send you back in time so you can start a new life and use your talent. I can only send you five years back in time, and this part of my soul will get consumed in the process most important thing is after you return, you don't get any other legacy. Only go for the darkness legacy. You understand me, kid."

Alex thought this game was broken. What the hell is Cronos talking about sending me back in time? Let's end it here before he talks more crazy bullshit.

"ok; I am ready, Sir Cronos. Do whatever you want."

Cronos thought to himself, 'This kid thinks I am talking bullshit. Well, I already told him what to do; now it's all about what he does with his life.'

Cronos closed his eyes and started chanting his most powerful spell, "Time Reversal "A giant circle opened below Alex and Cronos feet simultaneously.

Alex felt his consciousness leaving his body and felt immense pain after that; there was darkness and pain. Alex wants to scream, but he coud'nt.

Alex thought Some time had gone by, or maybe it's only been a minute or two pain had gone away. 'I can feel my body now. Why I can't move.'

Alex woke up in a small room. In front of Alex's eyes, a bench with an old pc on it.

It was his old pc.

I remember I removed it and put my gaming pod there; what is happening? Alex sits up from his bed and goes toward his washroom. Standing in front of the mirror, Alex saw a younger version of himself.

A 6.2 foot tall well, built man with no beard, black hair and a handsome face.

Alex saw his face get confused, and all the memory came. After some time, Alex stabilized himself.

"What the F**K is going on."

Alex ran out of the washroom toward his mobile, picked the mobile up, searched date online, and started laughing like a maniac. He was back five years in time.


Alex was back five years in time. It all felt like a dream, but it was all real "What is going on? How can a game N.P.C. send me back in time no matter what technology they use?"

'I can't understand it.'

Alex took some moments to calm down, and after making sure he was back in time, he promised himself that he would not repeat mistakes like those he did in his past life.

'I will try to find answers later in this life. I will live like those super pro players and provide everything my family needs.'

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