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MMORPG: Crowd Control MMORPG: Crowd Control original

MMORPG: Crowd Control

Author: Idczhen

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Chapter 1: Dream Shattered

Year 2089 on Earth, a company called Tundra created the world's first 100% immersive VRMMORPG game called Magnolia.

No one knew any information about the company Tundra, but Magnolia became an instant hit.

It was a sensational game where the players could actually feel alive inside a video game.

Not a month had passed by before professional players dived into the Magnolia and began earning big bucks.

Alas, that had nothing to do with Lei Zhen.

"Sigh, what am I going to do?" Lei Zhen lamented with a soft sigh.

"If I still can't pass this test, then I can kiss goodbye to my doctor career."

Lei Zhen wasn't the fantasy dreamer type of guy that would hop into a video game and think that he would make millions.

Instead, he was a realistic person in a world that is now fascinated by Magnolia.

"Yo Lei Zhen, are you seriously still thinking about taking that medical exam?"

Lei Zhen raised an eyebrow when he recognized this familiar voice.

Turning around, Lei Zhen could see a tall and handsome man with red-colored spiky hair.

"Why wouldn't I be thinking about it, Shan Lin?" Lei Zhen asked sarcastically when he saw it was his best friend.

"Ever since we met in elementary school, my dream has always been to become a doctor."

Shan Lin shrugged his shoulders as he showed a helpless look at Lei Zhen.

They may have been best friends for a long time, but their social status and standing are miles apart.

Unlike Lei Zhen, Shan Lin was a wealthy heir whose family owned multiple businesses.

And one of them is a streaming platform called Hit Tube.

Hit Tube had garnered at least billions each day with streamers streaming themselves playing on Magnolia.

Thus, Shan Lin was completely set for life where he doesn't even need to work and still get enough money to do whatever he wants.

Meanwhile, Lei Zhen was much of a poor man with only a school uniform-clad in black color as his daily outfit.

However, Lei Zhen was still decently handsome with black hair and brown eyes. His five facial features were what made him special since it had the look of a great actor material.

Plus he was around 170 centimeters in height and had a decent body figure. His muscles might not be as toned as those body builders, but it was still considered above average.

"Just forget about taking the medical exam and play Magnolia with me already, Lei Zhen. You should have heard of Hit Tube already, right? As long as you say the word, I can easily verify you as a streamer, and you can earn even more than doctors." Shan Lin said.

Lei Zhen, however, shook his head at his offer.

"Shan Lin, I'm your best friend, but not a leecher. How many times do I have to say that I don't want to rely on you?" Lei Zhen flat-out refused him.

Shan Lin could only smack his face slightly at the stubborn attitude of Lei Zhen.

Out of everyone he had met in his life so far, it was only Lei Zhen that refused his goodwill and money.

"Ugh, why can't you let me help you out for once?" Shan Lin shouted aloud in frustration.

And he continued, "Haven't you forgotten that your little sister is still in a coma and requires a ton of medical devices to sustain her life?"

Suddenly, Shan Lin covered his mouth with his hand when he realized what he had just uttered in a moment of frustration.

Lei Zhen held a fierce glint in his eyes for a few seconds before returning to his calm expression again.

His fist was clenched tightly, but he didn't let Shan Lin's words affect him much any longer.

"Lei Zhen… I-I'm sorry about that." Shan Lin quickly apologized.

10 years ago, there was a car accident that resulted in Lei Zhen's life being torn apart.

Both his parents were dead at the moment of the car accident, and his little sister was put into a coma.

It was also because of this fact that made Lei Zhen strive harder to become a doctor. So that one day, he can finally cure his little sister that everyone deemed impossible to cure.

The car accident had fatally struck one of her brain nerves which made it impossible for her to survive without an air filtration medical device.

After recalling his bitter past for a few moments, Lei Zhen showed a slight smile at Shan Lin.

"Anyway, I'm almost late for the medical exam. I'll see you later."

He then waved his hand and entered the university to take his final medical exam.

Walking through the familiar hallway that he has been in for the past 2 years where he had consecutively failed due to numerous reasons.

The first reason was because of a terrible stomach ache that all people have when they are extremely nervous.

The second reason was because of malnutrition where he had decided it would have been best to not eat anything.

However, that had instead caused him to faint when the medical question suddenly asked for many food-related problems regarding a patient. The food was described so beautifully and realistic which made Lei Zhen starve.

Lei Zhen's eyes brimmed with determination when he was just a step away from the classroom.

Clenching his fist tightly, Lei Zhen swore inwardly, 'Today shall be the day I get a license and start as a resident.'

With that oath, Lei Zhen took his step inside the classroom.

. . .

5 hours later, a depressed Lei Zhen walked out of the classroom with an ashen face.

"What kind of medical exam is that?" Lei Zhen asked in a dumbfounded tone as he scratched his head.

"Why would there be a question about a patient being stunned by a paralysis skill caused by a Dandelion?"

"And what the hell is a Dandelion monster level 54??!"

Meanwhile, Shan Lin, who had been waiting for him for 5 hours was dumbfounded by his outburst.

'What has gotten into him?' Shan Lin wondered silently.

Normally, Lei Zhen was calm no matter the situation, and even when he failed the previous exam, he had never uttered such an outburst.

"What's wrong, Lei Zhen?" Shan Lin walked toward him and asked.

Lei Zhen laughed bitterly as he glanced at Shan Lin.

"Have you ever heard of some Dandelions that can cause paralysis to someone and have a level?" He asked sarcastically, hoping that Shan Lin would understand what kind of ridiculous questions were on the exam.

However, to his dismay, Shan Lin raised an eyebrow and asked in confusion, "Didn't you say you're not interested in Magnolia? Why are you asking me some Magnolia question?"

It was only at his moment that Lei Zhen found out the world that he believed to be familiar with was no longer the same.

The world no longer revolves around some realistic crap, but around a VRMMORPG called Magnolia.

"How naive was I to believe a doctor is the correct path to go…" Lei Zhen laughed bitterly as he wondered if his years of study had just gone down the drain.

With his dream shattered into bits. Lei Zhen lost his cool and began speaking gibberish.

Shan Lin was worried about his mental health and was about to call for help.

However, Lei Zhen quickly regained his composure after going crazy for a few minutes.

He held a solemn and desolate expression at Shan Lin.

"Shan Lin, get me one of those pods that connect to Magnolia."

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