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Chapter 28: Bloodline Level

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One hour later.

The Teleportation Circle in Imperial Dragon City's four main gates and the central marketplace shone repeatedly.

Whoosh. Whoosh.

With each repeated light shone, a player walked out from within.

All of these players were players that have teleported to Imperial Dragon City from the Starter Village once they had reached Level 10.

Just as Jiang Feng had expected, with Imperial Dragon City being the largest city within the Huaxia Server, she would be the player's first choice to be teleported to once they had reached Level 10.

The number of players that had entered Imperial Dragon City was in the tens of thousands before ten minutes had passed.

These tens of thousands of players were the creme de la crème of Huaxia Server's twenty million players. If not, they would not have reached level 10 so quickly.

Central Marketplace, under the great dragon statue.

Mu Xi and Nangong Tiaotiao walked out.

"Big Sis, do you think we would meet Xiao Bai again after we left the Starter Village?"

Nangong Tiaotiao was saddened and pursed her lips as she asked Mu Xi.

Mu Xi patted Nangong Tiaotiao, and said plainly, "Perhaps. Let's go, we should go accept some quests."

It was quite common that there existed timed quests with great rewards in cities that had not been explored. Any players that had browsed through the official website would know.

As long as the quest existed, they could be accepted without limits. However, they had to be finished within one day.

That was the reason why Jiang Feng did not accept those quests.

His Polymorph skill's cooldown was 24 hours. Even if he had accepted the quest, he couldn't finish it within 21 minutes. If he couldn't finish it in time, he would become a monster. Once he became a monster, he could no longer enter the main city even if he had finished the quest.

The guards' level in the main city was 100. He would be killed by the guards before he could even step inside the city gate.

That was the main reason that he wouldn't accept quests from the cities, and also the reason that he had joined Canaan.

Since guild quests can be accepted at any time, he could finish and turn in the quest right there and then. It wouldn't be as troublesome as the quests from the cities.

Mu Xi brought Nangong Tiaotiao to explore the city, and they had accepted three normal quests, one timed-quest, and one class-change quest. If it wasn't because each player could only accept five quests, she would have accepted even more quests.

Clear Level 10 Flaming Tigers: Class-change Quest. Slay 30 Flaming Tigers. Once the quest has been completed, you will be awarded a Class Change Certificate.

Collect Flaming Tiger Pelts: Timed Quest. Collect 40 Flaming Tiger Pelts. Once the quest has been completed, you will be awarded 10 gold, 10,000 experience points, and one White-Silver Equipment.

"Hm? What a coincidence. The Class-Change Quest and Timed Quest were about killing the same monster. That means we can finish it at the same time."

Mu Xi looked at the two quests and smiled. She opened her map, then brought Nangong Tiaotiao along and headed to the Flaming Tiger area.

Nangong Tiaotiao was following her all this time, so they both had accepted the same quests.

When he was on her way, Mu Xi realized that many players had accepted the two same quests.

She understood why after giving it a little thought. Since the Timed-Quest's rewards were so generous, no players could resist accepting it if they came across that quest.


The Flaming Tigers' spawning area was on a small volcano to the left of Greenwind Ridge.

A streak of tigers and a small white tiger that looked like a cat were fighting against another ambush of Flaming Tigers.

And this small white tiger was Jiang Feng, who had invaded the Flaming Tiger's territory from the neighboring Greenwind Ridge.

He killed a Flaming Tiger with low HP in one swipe, then fused with it without pause.

He realized that if he used Transmute Monster on corpses, his success rate was 100%. He had never failed.

After fusing with so many Flaming Tigers, his stats had also grown exponentially.

Character: Jiang Feng

Faction: Shifter

Gold Pieces: 17 Gold 89 Silver 56 Bronze (1 Gold = 100 Silver = 10,000 Bronze = 1 yuan)

Reputation: 1,200

Honor: 0

Display Name: Level 11 Rank 4 Tiger King

Bloodline: Normal Dog Race Bloodline 70%, Normal Tiger Race Bloodline 100%, Normal Wolf Race Bloodline 10% (Evolving with a full 100% rating maximizes the increase of attributes)

HP: 7,200

Attack: 680

Defense: 350

Luck: 8

Charisma: 4

Insight: 11

Hunger: 90% (If the hunger rating drops below 20%, attributes will be decreased. If it reaches 0%, you will die.)

Skills: The Art of Yin Yang Union of Joy, High-Speed Movement, Violent Grab, Bite

Equipment: Requiem Bell, Spatial Bracelet

Drop: 10 slots, Account Bound: 50-100 Silver, Level 11 White Equipment, Level 11 Black-Iron Equipment, Level 11 Green-Bronze Equipment, Level 11 White-Silver Equipment, Level 11 Yellow-Gold Equipment

"After fusing with so many Flaming Tigers, my hp had reached 7,000 plus and my tiger bloodline is full, but my attack and defense had increased a bit slowly."

After the game's update, his Status Window had become even more detailed. It even showed his bloodline now. Seeing that his Tiger Race Bloodline had been maxed out, that meant that if he evolved again all of his stats would be greatly increased. He was quite pleased with this, but the only disappointment came from the slow increase of his Attack and Defense.

'My slow increase in attacks and defense must be related to my bloodline. These three race's bloodlines were all at the normal level. If I wanted to increase the attributes even quicker, then I will need higher-level bloodlines."

He muttered in his mind as he looked at the three race's bloodline.

According to the tooltip for the Bloodline attribute, he knew that Bloodlines were separated into six levels: Normal Bloodline, Advanced Bloodline, Spiritual Bloodline, Immortal Bloodline, Divine Bloodline, and Special Bloodline.

Special Bloodlines were mutated bloodlines. They could be very weak, they could be very strong, they could even surpass the Divine Bloodline in strength.

After looking at his stats, he then closed the Status Window. Then he switched his attention to the Flaming Tigers that had blazing flames on them. He thought silently to himself, "There's no more need to fuse them. Time to transmute!"

He rushed forward and killed those Flaming Tigers that had few HP left, then used Transmute Monster to transmute them.

Ding! System Prompt: Transmute Monster successful. You have received one Flaming Tiger Pelt and one Level 10 Experience Pill.

"Let's continue!"

He killed the monsters and used Transmute Monster at the same time.

In one hour's time, he had obtained fifty-two Flaming Tiger Pelts and his experience bar had grown to 90%. He could level up to Level 12 very quickly.

"Damn Flaming Tiger King, why won't it come out? I have been transmuting for an hour plus now, and I didn't get any Evolution Pill or Bloodline. Did my luck run out?"

Within an hour, he did not get anything else other than the Flaming Tiger Pelts and Experience Pills. The Flaming Tiger King did not appear as well.


As soon as he had finished his own sentence, a roar filled with wrath could be heard.

A giant Flaming Tiger with fire blazing all over it jumped out from the mouth of the volcano, bringing out with it layers of lava.

Flaming Tiger King: Level 15 Monster

Hit Points: 25,000

Attack: 550-600

Defense: 300

Skills: Passive Skill: Burn, Active Skill: Blazing Fire, Inferno

As soon as Jiang Feng saw the appearance of the Flaming Tiger, he looked at it with contempt and taunted it, "Little kitty, you finally appear! I thought you would simply continue to hide."

He then knew why others loved to call him a little kitty. It automatically taunted the subject!

But him calling the Flaming Tiger King as such? It didn't feel all that bad.

"Roar! You bastard tiger, how dare you kill my underling! You want to die so much?!"

Being taunted by Jiang Feng, the Flaming Tiger King became even more enraged. It rushed towards Jiang Feng with his fiery steps.

Seeing this, Jiang Feng quickly controlled the remaining twenty-four Elite Piebald Tigers to attack the Flaming Tiger King.


Just as he had prepared to slay the Flaming Tiger King, he thought he noticed something. He quickly looked at the foot of the volcano.

He could see a large number of players were swarming up to the mountains. They were so packed that he estimated there must be thousands of them.

"Oh no!"

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