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Chapter 9: Evolve, Tiger!

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Under the Piebald Tiger King's intimidation, all the normal Piebald Tigers shuddered and didn't move an inch before Jiang Feng.

Seeing this, Jiang Feng was secretly glad and began to use Transmute Monster.


A blazing fire erupted, consuming a Piebald Tiger. Before it could even yelp out a cry of pain, it was already transmuted. Seeing this, the Piebald Tiger King became physically shaken and fear appeared in its eyes.

Ding! Transmute Monster successful. You have received one Tiger Pelt and one Level 9 Experience Pill.

"The golden pill hasn't appeared yet, I'll rest for a while and then I'll continue!"

After eating the Experience Pill, he smiled and explained to the Piebald Tiger King then lay down to rest.

Once Transmute Monster's cooldown had expired, he continued to transmute the monsters.

Ding! Transmute Monster successful. You have received one Tiger Pelt and one Level 9 Experience Pill.

Ding! Transmute Monster failed.

Ding! Transmute Monster successful. You have received one Tiger Pelt and one Level 9 Experience Pill.

After half an hour, he had transmuted around ten to twenty times and failed five to six times. While his success rate had increased, he didn't obtain the bloodline and Evolution Pill that he wanted.

"I say, Brother Dog. Why haven't you transmuted it yet? Why don't you give me yours?" The Piebald Tiger became anxious and urged him.

"Stop rushing me. If the golden pill was so easy to transmute, would it be called a golden pill?"

Jiang Feng rolled his eyes at it, waiting for the cooldown timer to expire so he could continue to transmute monsters.

Ding! Transmute Monster successful. You have received one Tiger Pelt, one Level 9 Experience Pill, and one Evolution Pill.

The voice of the system made Jiang Feng raise his eyebrow and he looked at the golden Evolution Pill inside the flames.

"Haha, I finally managed to transmute an Evolution Pill after half an hour."

His hand extended into the flame, and he grabbed a golden pill out excitedly.

In his excitement, a patterned and thick furry paw grabbed at the golden pill in his hand.

Seeing this, he quickly placed the Evolution Pill in his Drop Panel and the paw did not grab anything.

"Brother Dog, didn't you say you will transmute a golden pill for me?" As he saw the golden pill disappear, a glint of killing intent flashed in the Piebald Tiger King's eyes.

'Hm? I am exposed!'

The glint of killing intent in the Piebald Tiger King's eyes did not escape Jiang Feng as he was looking at it, and this caused him to be more cautious.

He did promise the Piebald Tiger King that he would give the Evolution Pill to it once he had transmuted it.

The reason that he hid the Evolution Pill was all to test it.

'This game was designed to be so good that even the intellect of the monsters is catching up to humans. Looks like I cannot underestimate the intelligence of any monsters and NPCs,' he thought to himself.

Seeing that Jiang Feng remained silent, the Piebald Tiger King said to him softly, "Brother Dog, Uncle Dog, stop joking around with me. Just give me the golden pill."

Jiang Feng used his paw to clean his fur and licked his nose. He walked arrogantly and looked at the Piebald Tiger King that was bowing at him and said, "I really want to know why you want the golden pill."

From the very beginning, the Piebald Tiger King had been staring at his Evolution Pill. He couldn't really understand. It didn't know the use and stats of the Evolution Pill, why would he pursue it to such a degree.

"Uncle Dog, you must be joking. All the kings among the monsters know the golden pill. Once you eat it, you can have an even higher bloodline. I only never realized that you could transmute it," the Piebald Tiger King explained.

From its words, Jiang Feng knew that this was information passed down to these bosses by the system. Since he could create these Evolution Pills, it meant that these pills had to have already existed within the game originally.

As he thought of that, he became relieved.

Jiang Feng grinned and said, "Sure. Let me try one. Meanwhile, you will protect me. If you do a good job, I will give you the golden pill."

"But… what if you lie to me again?"

The Piebald Tiger King had already been lied to once, and no longer trusted Jiang Feng.

Jiang Feng batted his big dog eyes, and said cutely, "Look at my blinking, innocent eyes. Would I lie to you?"

The Piebald Tiger King made a puking expression and rolled his eyes. But both Evolution Pills were in Jiang Feng's hands, and he had no other choice but to agree to it and said, "Alright, I will believe you one more time."

He knew that the Piebald Tiger King would agree, so he reacted to it casually.

He walked to a patch of open grassy area and took out the Evolution Pill. He took a deep breath and ate it without hesitation.

He was looking towards what would become of him after his evolution, but he didn't expect to hear the System's voice after he ate the Evolution Pill.

Ding! System prompt: You currently possess Rank Three Canine Race Bloodline and a sliver of Tiger Race Bloodline. Please choose the direction of your evolution!

Canine Race: Bloodline Limit Rank Five (Leader)

Tiger Race: Bloodline Limit Rank Eighteen (Divine Beast)

'Hm? Looks like evolution is dependent on the bloodline. The Bloodline Limit at the back should be the race's growth limit.'

"Of course I would choose the Tiger Race that has higher growth potential."

After his choice, the effect of the pill began to take hold and his entire body became searing hot.


Then, a blazing fire rose from his body and consumed his body within it. The burning pain made him cry out.

"Damn it, how can it be so painful. How high is the setting for my sense of pain?!"

While his body changed, the pain became even more intense. He had begun to feel as if death would be an easier way out.

The Piebald Tiger King and the Piebald Tigers listened to Jiang Feng's cries of pain and trembled, and fear was in their eyes.

The flames eventually crystalized into a cocoon, enveloping Jiang Feng.


After ten minutes, the flames on the blazing cocoon dissipated and cracks showed on it.


A furry white paw extended out.


Then, it feels as if there was a powerful energy from within the blazing cocoon that shred the entire cocoon from within. It let out an explosive bang and the impact even caused a hole to form on the ground. The dust and sand exploded everywhere, covering the sight of all the Piebald Tigers, causing them to be unable to see what Jiang Feng had become.

As a breeze dispelled the screen of sands and clouds of dust, a small and short being appeared before the Piebald Tiger King.

"Cough! Haha…"

Very quickly, Jiang Feng revealed his new form. Looking at Jiang Feng's current form, the Piebald Tiger King was first stunned at the revelation and then burst out in laughter.

Jiang Feng now has the size of a small house cat. His entire body was as white as snow, his furry ears flapping and his big eyes blinking. If girls were to see him right now, they would no doubt rush over with yearning so that they could hug him and play with him.

Ding.!System Prompt: Evolution successful. Gained 2 points of Charisma.

Character: Jiang Feng

Display Name: Level 8 Rank One Piebald Tiger

HP: 2300

Attack: 220

Defense: 105

Luck: 5

Charisma: 4

Insight: 11

Skills: The Art of Yin Yang Union of Joy, Violent Grab

Equipment: None

Drop: 30-50 BP, Level 8 White Equipment, Evolution Pill

"My stats have grown a lot, but what's this with the cat's meow? This is what a Rank One Piebald Tiger looks like?"

Looking at the growth of his stats, he was relieved. But looking at his looks and his voice that sounded like a cat's meow, it was a bit difficult for him to accept.

What happened to the king of the jungle? What happened to the aura of the conqueror? What happened to the conquering the world?

None. None of those. He was only a 'cat' that was waiting to be petted.

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