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Chapter 14: Nangong Tiaotiao

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The moment that Jiang Feng yelled out, it had attracted a bunch of male players.

One didn't need to think much that these male players all came for those data.

"Bro, I'll give you a silver piece. Give me the 1 TB worth of data."

"I give you 2 SP, give me the data."

Those players that came over all came to ask Jiang Feng for the data, and he wasn't sure if he should laugh or cry.

"Everyone, please. We can talk about the data later. Why not look at what I have for sales in my stall?"

He didn't have any data, to tell the truth. Someone like him that had been spending his time hitting the books hoping to change his fate wouldn't have the time to research something that was so "deep."

"Alright bro, stop bragging about the Green-Bronze items. If you really have them, are you really going to sell them?"

"We have looked at the stalls before you. All of them are selling rubbish. It's easy if you want to earn a quick buck. Give up your 1 TB worth of data and give it to us, and we'll give a silver piece each. You should be able to gather a gold piece from it."

"D*mn, do you really have them? If you dare to play me for a fool, I'll kill you."

When these players heard Jiang Feng's words, they didn't open and check his stall. That was because they had looked at a lot of the stalls with awesome names, but they were simply selling rubbish. Naturally, they wouldn't want to fall for it again.

Jiang Feng felt really helpless, and he was just going to take the Wolf Fang Dagger out for them to have a look-see when a player next to him suddenly screamed out.

"My gods, there really are Green-Bronze equipment. And not just one. There are even a skill book and a rune. Are my eyes deceiving me?"

That player said as he was salivating, and his eyes seemed to be glowing as he greedily looked at the stall's six items.

The other players were shocked by the player's expression and opened up Jiang Feng's stall with curiosity


Many players started to heave a mouthful of air with just one look.

"Shopkeeper, how much for that Wolf Fang Dagger? I want it!"

"Shopkeeper, I want that Masterwork Magic Staff. Give me a price."

"I want the skill book. I'll give you 500!"

After these people looked at the items in the stall, they were no longer asking about the data. All of their attention was on the items in the stall.

Seeing that everyone's attention had shifted to the stall, Jiang Feng smiled. HE took out the Level 1 Rune and shouted, "One by one, everyone. I am selling these six items for RMBs only. Whoever can give me the best price, I will sell the equipment to them. The Rune is a good thing, and it won't be discarded even later in the game. This rune's base price is 500 RMB, I will sell it to the one who offers me the highest price."

"I'll give you 600!"

"I heard that when your equipment is socketed with the highest-level runes, its stats are equal to a Divine Artifact. I will improve a rune starting from this rune. I'll give you 650."

"No one competes with me! 700!"

A simple trade became an auction under Jiang Feng's manipulation.

The ruckus had attracted quite the number of players.

At this time, a woman appeared in the crowd. She looked at the items in the stall. She blinked, and revealed the light of passion in her eyes.

"Shopkeeper, sell all of these to me for 20,000."

All the players that were still betting on the price heard the graceful voice and promptly became silent.

Between these six items, other than the skill and the rune, all four equipment pieces were only useful during this stage of the game and didn't worth that much. All six items wouldn't be worth 10,000 combined, let alone 20,000.

They really wanted to know who the owner of this voice was. The person who was being so foolish!

Jiang Feng was momentarily stunned as he heard the voice, then he was overjoyed.

'20,000! With these 20,000, I wouldn't even need one week to be able to earn 50,000!'

With that thought crossing his mind, he quickly looked at the owner of that voice. He didn't want to lose the business.

Then he saw there was a very cute girl that was probably around seventeen or eighteen in front of his stall.

The girl's in-game name was "Nangong Tiaotiao," and she was already wearing a set of Black-Iron equipment. He just didn't know what level of equipment they were at.

"You sure you want to buy, beautiful?" Jiang Feng asked excitingly.

Nangong Tiaotiao showed her two dimples and said very gregariously, "Yup. Now, give me your bank account number."

"Of course. My bank account number is 6222024301054674526, With only 20,000, all these six items are yours!"

Jiang Feng quickly changed his stall's name to his bank account number and said to Nangong Tiaotiao at the same time.

Ding! System Prompt: You have received payment, please check.

Every login ID required it to be linked to a bank card. The bank card information was extracted from the identity card and was automatically bound during signup. Therefore, errors wouldn't happen.

Looking at the system message from his friend panel, and confirming that 20,000 had been received, he looked at Nangong Tiaotiao in surprise.

The banking exchange service had yet to be released, so these kinds of trading were considered to be offline trading and it carried great risks. If one side had paid, and the other side did not give the equipment over, then the side that paid up had no recourse.

He thought that Nangong Tiaotiao was going to have him give her the equipment first. But he never would have thought that she didn't and had quickly transferred him the money instead.

This meant that either Nangong Tiaotiao trusted him, or she was from a rich family. And she was so rich that she didn't mind being played the fool or getting cheated!

And he didn't have to think to know it was the latter since this was the first time that both had met. There was no reason for her to trust him.

"That was quick of you. I am someone that values trust, so these six items are all yours!"

Since she had already paid, and he was no scoundrel, he had issued a trade request with Nangong Tiaotiao, and traded her all the six items.

"Teehee, with these four pieces of equipment, skill book, and rune, I will be able to earn much from big sis."

Nangong Tiaotiao looked at the six items in her inventory. She became chirpy and excited. She was very cute, and the other male lolicons players were salivating the whole ground.

"Thank you. If you still want any equipment, you can contact me."

Jiang Feng said with a smile as he looked at the ecstatic Nangong Tiaotiao, and then he sent her a friend request.

To him, Nangong Tiaotiao was his big client, so he would have her leave her contact details naturally.

Nangong Tiaotiao had big eyes and long eyelashes, and they were extremely cute as she flashed them. She raised her head and blinked her big eyes and nodded with a smile. "Alright, big bro. If you have anything better please contact me, I can give you a lot of money."


Looking at Nangong Tiaotiao's pure eyes, and the charming dimples that she showed when she smiled, his heart was melted. Of course, that was because he couldn't reject her innocence. He wouldn't dare have any intentions for a little girl that had yet become of age.

He managed to sell the items and received 20,000. He originally thought that he would be happy with five or six thousand. He never thought that his first earnings would be that huge.

After taking down his stall and dodged the players that wanted his data, he arrived at the village chief's home. He was prepared to trade the Wolf King's Fangs for a quest.

He took out the Requiem Bell from his drop panel and took the Wolf King's Fangs down. He then walked over to the village chief who was walking around in the yard.

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