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Chapter 12: Slaughter and Pillage

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Starter Village, Blaze Wolf Canyon.

This is the territory of the Level 8 Blaze Wolf.

Blaze Wolf gave a high amount of experience and would drop the quest item "Wolf Fang" required for a quest from the Starter Village.

The Wolf Fang quest could only be taken ten times each day, that means they could get ten times the rewards. Each time rewarding a large number of experience points and even had equipment as part of the rewards.

That was why, as soon as the players reached Level 7 or 8, most of them would come here to increase their level.

Looking ahead, one could see that outside of the Blaze Wolf Canyon were all players, making the place to be very lively.

Some of them even started to do business outside of the Blaze Wolf Canyon.

"One set of 30 Wolf Fangs, selling price is 1 GP (Gold Piece) or 100 RMB! I accept Alipay and bank transfer. If you want to get the experience points and equipment, come get it from me! Only two left!"

"Level 8 White Equipment! 20 SP! Those who want it make it quick!"

"Level 5 Black-Iron Equipment! Strength +2, Attack +10, equal to one to two levels of attributes! It's only for 100 RMB! Come and get it!"

Other than the shouts of those who were doing business, there were even many of those looking to form parties.

He had run so far, and his eyes brightened up when Jiang Feng saw so many players.

"Good equipment should be in the hands of the veterans. And the veterans should still be in the deepest part of the Blaze Wolf Canyon. I should make a detour."

After seeing the cliffs near the Blaze Wolf Canyon, he began to climb after he murmured to himself.

Even though the players that were doing business outside had some stuff on them, they were probably only worth a few hundred. It was too little.

The pieces of equipment that he was looking for were those that can be sold up to thousands. And these types of equipment should be mostly in the hand of veteran players. These veteran players were powerful and therefore wouldn't choose to level together with other low-ranking players outside of the Blazing Wolf Canyon.

To tell the truth, there were advantages to becoming a monster. No matter if it was trees or stiff cliffs, he could climb up using his claws.

Of course, there were no monsters that would use this to move freely around. There was only him.

Every monster had its own territory. Because of the system's limitation, they could not leave their territory.

He managed to climb up the cliff very quickly. And he looked into the deeper parts of the Blaze Wolf Canyon from above.

Just as he thought, he had discovered two groups in the deepest depths.

At the same time, the two groups seemed to be in conflict, and they would point to the deepest part of the Blaze Wolf Canyon occasionally.

The curious Jiang Feng looked into the deepest depths of the Blaze Wolf Canyon and saw the Blaze Wolf King was resting on a giant rock.

"I see, the two groups were fighting for the Blaze Wolf King. Kill each other. Best if you can get a piece of Green-Bronze equipment, so I can make you drop it."

Looking at this, Jiang Feng was overjoyed.

When he killed other monsters, he would only gain experience points but he could not make them drop equipment. Only when the players killed them would they drop equipment. He would need to make the players kill the Blaze Wolf King and then kill the players. Otherwise, he would not be able to gain the equipment.

The two groups below seemed to have finished their discussion, and all of them headed to where the Blaze Wolf King was.


A handsome man amongst the players slashed the Blaze Wolf King using his longsword. The Blaze Wolf King that was attacked roared and pounced towards the man.

The other nine players also supported him quickly. A player with a higher attack than the handsome player slashed at the Fire Wolf King using his greatsword, pulling the aggro unto himself and quickly turned and ran.

Afterward, another person with an even higher attack continued, all pulling the aggro to themselves one by one.

As Jiang Feng watched the two teams fight the monster, he did not choose to watch from above the cliff. He found a small path and ran downwards.

He avoided the sight of the players and hid behind the giant rock that the Blaze Wolf King was resting. He then continued watching the battle.

These players were all highly experienced players. Their positioning was excellent, and each of their attacks was calculated.

"Xiao Fei, Xiao Feng, prepare to cut it off and pull its aggro away!" A player by the name of Ling Tian commanded two other players as he attacked the Blaze Wolf King.

"Bai Tong, withdraw and heal. Chen Mo go and get hold of its aggro."

'Such brilliant leadership. Such great teamwork. If this continues, they can kill the Blaze Wolf King without spending many resources. No, I need to think of a way to kill a few. If not, it is going to be very dangerous for me when I fight them later.'

Seeing Ling Yun and his group teamwork, he was becoming concerned.

If he were to meet such a high-quality group, he would not be their match at all.

After all, he was no veteran player. He did play some online games in the past, but he could only be considered a normal player. Using his high stats, he could kill two or three veteran players. But if he met these two groups with that level of teamwork, it would only end up with him escaping.

 So he had decided that once the Blaze Wolf King had one last sliver of health left, he would help the Blaze Wolf King to kill a few players. Once the surviving players killed the Blaze Wolf King, he would kill the other remaining players.

Once he had finished planning, he looked intensely at the Blaze Wolf King's HP.

Under Ling Yun and his group's great teamwork, it had only around 1000 HP left.


"Chain Fireball!"

The Blaze Wolf King that only had some HP left let out an angry roar.

"Sh*t, retreat!"

Seeing this, Ling Yun's face paled and quickly yelled out.

He had only managed to yell out and the Blaze Wolf King had already unleashed five fireballs from its mouth. The five fireballs howled through the air and slammed into two of the players who didn't retreat in time, killing them instantly.

One skill and killing two players. Jiang Feng was so jealous that he hoped to quickly get such a powerful skill.

With two of the players dead, and they were the primary damage dealers no less, caused the two groups' battle to become exceedingly difficult. It wasn't long before another player had been killed.

"It's time!"

When he saw that the Blaze Wolf King only had 500 HP left, Jiang Feng was filled with killing intent. He jumped onto the huge rock and using the huge rock as support, pounced towards Ling Yun.

Ling Yun was the commander. After killing him, the other six player's teamwork would become less effective, allowing him to continue killing them!


"High-Speed Movement…"

Ling Yun had only started to say something when Jiang Feng's body flashed in the air and reached Ling Yun in a few blinking moments. Using both Violent Grab and Bite, Ling Yun was instantly killed as he only had two-thirds of HP remaining.

After killing Ling Yun, he did not realize that he would drop a piece of equipment.

He did not even look at it before picking it up and pounced towards the player closest to him.

With the support of the Blaze Wolf King, they had killed three more players while the Blaze Wolf King had only one or two hundred HP left.

Seeing this, he picked up everything that was dropped as loot and quickly left and hid behind the giant rock.

"D*mn it, what's going on? Why did that boss run away?"

The other two remaining players were stunned looking at the escaping Jiang Feng.

"Don't worry about it. The Blaze Wolf King only had one to two hundred HP left and out HP are almost full. Let's kill it and both of us can each keep whatever it drops!" Another player said while smiling in excitement.


Next, both of them rushed the Blaze Wolf King, and the Blaze Wolf King that had only one to two hundred HP left had been killed quickly and had dropped a couple of items.


When the two players went to pick up the items in excitement, Jiang Feng quickly appeared and hastily rushed over. His claws slashed at a player that did not have many HP left and instantly killed him with the highly damaging 500 attack of his.

Another player was slightly stunned at the scene, but he quickly went to pick up the other dropped loot, trying to pick some of them up before his inevitable death.

Unfortunately, Jiang Feng did not give him any chance. He jumped dexterously and sliced at the player's shoulder with his fangs, and his jaws quickly gnawed into the player's neck in force.

The two skills Violent Grab and Bite sent the player back to the Respawn Point.

After he had slain all the players, he narrowed his eyes as he went and looked at the few items that had been dropped.

As soon as five minutes that protected the loot from stealing had passed, he walked over and picked up all the items on the ground.

Just when he was going to leave, his attention was shifted to the body of the Blaze Wolf King.

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