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Chapter 39: Setting out

Rudra calmly waited for all the buzz to die down , everyone was exited to meet their new guild master. Soon the entire guild hall had pin drop silence , everyone's eyes focused on Rudra.

" Welcome to True Elites , each and everyone of you here is above the masses whether in gaming skills or knowledge , it is funny how even the lowest level player in our guild is level 23 whereas the highest in the server , Neatwit who is also part of our guild is 28 ". Rudra said

" Well the thing to note here is that, be proud of being a True Elite , however understand that everyone here is one !! The simple guy , The shy guy , The cool guy, The good guy , The bad guy no matter your personality everyone here is an elite and hence there is no one , and let me mark my words no one here that anyone can dare to look down upon ". He rotated his eyes amongst the crowd , noticing their reactions.

" Well if we are all Elites than why should we listen to you? one might think that .... one might make this guild of equals into more of a gathering club than a guild with heirchy  ..... soo no! let me make one thing very clear right from the start , this is a guild and it will have a heirchy , while even those below you are not to be looked down on , there will be no defiance in the command chain ".

Everyone became nervous ... why is the guild soo damn strict?

"Answering the first part , let me make it clear , i am level 26 ( 9th in the overall rankings) , i achieved this while doing multiple quests , becoming a viscount and forming a platinum guild , having no time for actual grinding of mobs ". Rudra said

Although Rudra was respected , the guild members did not see him as an absolute authority figure yet .... and it was important to establish dominance first. He made his qualifications clear.

" That's not it , i have the Grey International as a support in real life and have used my personal funds to buy items beneficial for the development of the guild".

" LV 30 Dark gold full equipment sets will be supplied to each member of the guild soon , blacksmith workshop ready to mend your weapons 24/7 , potion , alchemy hall , wizard tower , stable for mounts , you name it we have got it , this entire environment is given by me to the guild , even the only residential quarters in the entire game to still provide Exp buff on logout are in our guild! ".

Audible gasps could be heard at this point , it was true that no other guild in the entire game could provide all this at this point.

" With these contributions , i claim my spot as the guild leader of True Elites , and believe me when i say i will lead each and every one of you to be at the pinnacle of the game ! ".

Silence , pin drop silence..... what a bold promise!

What high ambitions , a true leader!

" For those who doubt my combat prowess , here is the result of my attempt to the training halls combat assessment test ".

With that he displayed his results to everyone and everyone's jaws dropped

SSS RATING! , they all knew that it was extremely difficult to move from A to S and S to SS but SSS assessment means absolute perfect score!

What a monster! what an absolute talent! with this reveal no one doubted his ability to lead the guild anymore .

" The guild hierchy will solely based on contributions to the guild ..... we are a team here , there is always benefits in making our teammates stronger . Donate items to the warehouse to exchange for GCP or use cash to buy some , GCP can be earned by doing missions posted on the missions chart , through guild wars , exemplary performances etc etc . The same system as most guilds follow, there is a compensation system here for all guild members , deaths, loss of equipment will be compensated by the guild as well as providing you all with real world money as salary will be done ".

" One million dollars a month is your salary for now as all of you are members , through contributions you may upgrade your ranks to squad leaders or dungeon captains or core members or elders i don't know what positions will be there , but the pay will be more and soo will the power to command".

Everyone was shocked at the ridiculously high salary , with this they could just quit their jobs/ schools/ colleges and play the game full time no worry.

" The guild member may borrow money from the guild interest free too up to a limit of 20 million dollars , standard contract procedures to be followed, the guild will help you in game out game everywhere , in return i only ask for your patience and a chance to prove that everything i said is true ". Rudra paused ..... and asked emotionally " Will you follow me?".


Then someone said " Yes , I will "

" Yes i will "

soon everyone shouted

" Yes , i will!!!"

The entire atmosphere was charged , they all felt invincible , they only needed to follow Rudra and everything else will be taken care by him! , money , glory , items all will be done for the guild soo they only really needed to be loyal.

He then came down and they all circled him .

At the centre of the crowd he said




They all repeated




The guild was charged , and the first order was issued by Rudra " Wrap up your matters today , and tomorrow we take the first clear of Lv30 dungeon the ' Goblin Stronghold' in nightmare mode ".

Everyone shuddered ..... no one has even cleared the nightmare mode of the lv 25 dungeon yet ..... even the best of the best guilds are still struggling the Goblins stronghold at normal mode , only one guild has ever completed it in easy mode , yet we would attempt it in nightmare mode?

But somehow they believed that If it was Rudra , they could do it

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