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8.88% MMORPG: The Elementalist / Chapter 63: A Huge Sum of Money and Sharing the Spoils

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Chapter 63: A Huge Sum of Money and Sharing the Spoils

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

One hundred thousand gold coins!

For their current haul, just the gain from normal Violet Equipment alone had reached 100,000 gold coins. This did not include the nearly 20,000 gold coins worth of Spider Silk, Poisonous Sac, as well as the most important top-quality Violet equipment and Gold equipment.

Qin Ruo took a deep breath, calming his excitement by leaning against the chair. The doubts he had back when he was in the ruins' secret chamber were now all gone. Although he did not understand Slayer's Heart's arrangement and purpose at that time, he had to admit that the operation was a success. It did bring great benefits to everyone…

It was another huge earning after they shared the spoils.

Qin Ruo's heart burst with excitement. While he secretly felt glad for his luck and decisions during the past two days, he began to ponder. If he was able to obtain such a haul every day, perhaps he could become a professional player too? Unfortunately…

Everyone did not have the same thought. Besides, it was quite impossible to encounter such a good thing so often! Slayer's Heart and the team had spent over half a month just to collect all the required parts from the Gorefiend Spider Demon.

"Little Qin!"

Heart's voice brought Qin Ruo back to reality. After his eyes refocused, he realized that everyone was looking at him in a strange way.

"What do you think about my earlier suggestions?"

"Huh, I'm sorry, can you repeat them? I got distracted just now." Qin Ruo blushed.

Smiling, Slayer's Heart shook his head. He then took two equipment from his backpack and passed them to him.

"Get distracted again and I'll cut your pay next time…"

Qin Ruo quickly perked his ears up and became super serious. He then studied the equipment handed to him by the Squad Leader. They were two good Tier 4 Violet Equipment, which provided additional attack enhancement for Aquamancers. Both were considered good equipment of the highest grade.

Slayer's Heart said, "Your equipment's too poor. I'll let you keep these equipment, and very soon you'll be able to use them. As for the three Gold Equipment dropped by the Deathfiend Spider, two of them can be used by Little Apple and me, so each of us will get one. The last piece is for Shadowmancers. Its attribute isn't bad, and someone already took it away for 35,000 gold coins."

This time, Qin Ruo was not too shocked at the price of 35,000 gold coins for a Tier 4 Gold Equipment was considered normal. It was even not as good as his Galewind Wolf King Boots.

Slayer's Heart then marked out the prices of several other equipment, and concluded, "…Our total profit is 175,000 gold coins… My idea is, six of us share the 120,000 gold coins, whereas the rest of the 55,000 gold coins, we use to collect parts from the Gorefiend Spider Demon."

"Collect the Gorefiend Spider Demon's parts?" Qin Ruo's eyes gleamed all of a sudden.

Slayer's Heart nodded. "That's right. A few people from the Bauhinia and Netherspirit's Claw League are willing to enter the secret chamber. This is because a normal party simply can't handle the first wave of impact. Since the six of us already possess the ability to withstand the secret chamber's first wave of attack, there's no way we can give up this fortune. Moreover, I reckon there should be more farther in, so I think… we can use the price of 1,000 gold coins for one part to collect all the Gorefiend Spider Demon's parts from the League members. Then, try to enter the place again as soon as possible. By then, Qin, you should already advance to Tier 4. Perhaps we can even hold out against the second wave of attack too."

The way Slayer's Heart spoke showed that he vaguely treated Qin Ruo as the main force of their party. In fact, not only Slayer's Heart, but the girls, including Violet Orchid were the same as well…

As for Qin Ruo himself, he would surely not object to Heart's suggestion—it was like they had temporarily monopolized the wealth in the ruins' secret chamber in a short time. Each time they entered, at least tens of thousands of gold coins could be obtained. At the same time, they could farm EXP rapidly and level up. Where else could he find such a good deal?

Once all party members supported the idea, Qin Ruo also received the 20,000 gold coins transferred by Slayer's Heart.

Coupled with his 50,000 gold coins in the bank, Qin Ruo was now considered a little rich too. With a total of over 80,000 gold coins, he had collected one-fifth of Xin Yu's surgical fee.

The sudden change in two days made Qin Ruo realized that the medical fee, which used to be such a huge amount for him back then, was now becoming an attainable target.

He was speechless.

After three rounds of drinks, the four women and two men left Champion's Restaurant.

They no longer had the mood to earn the small amount of money at the farming point of the ruins' lower second floor after going through the intense and fast-paced battle in the secret chamber.

The first to exit the restaurant was Burning Rose. Upon doing so, she had the idea of taking a look at the southernmost metropolis, Flame City. She also wanted to take the opportunity to see if what Qin Ruo said before was true.

Little Apple was the next one to emerge. She planned to spend the whole night trying out the additional Spellbreaker skill of her Dark Phoenix Spellbreaker Sword. Everyone nodded at the same time, because they would now be in a dominant position during a battle with either an Elementalist, or Magic-type Boss if Little Apple was able to master the Spellbreaker skill!

"You girls are leaving, so I can only travel around with Sister Violet Orchid. Hmm, I heard that there's a place called the Lake of a Thousand Waterfalls in the Mythical Continent. The scenery there's wonderful, and I've never had the chance to go there."

It seemed that Violet Orchid had no place to go too, thus she agreed to iLittle Arrow's suggestion.

"What about the both of you?"

She appeared to be referring to Slayer's Heart and Qin Ruo…

Qin Ruo quickly thought of his Aquamorph, which he had been lacking the time to study; he wanted to figure out the kind of lighting that would bring out the best Invisibility Effect, and also reflect on the time he was slain on the ruins' lower third floor. He then immediately said, "I want to find a place to study my newly-acquired skills."

"Right! That skill, you better hone it well and understand it thoroughly. Maybe in the future, it'll be the skill you're well-known for…" Pausing for a while, Slayer's Heart reminded him, "You better not let too many people know about that skill."

Qin Ruo nodded. He understood that talent would arouse envy.

"Oh, yeah!" Violet Orchid chipped in. "Watch out for Crackpot. He's a narrow-minded person. You embarrassed him today, so he must be looking for ways to get back at you. He'll most probably team up with a Bandit. So, without us around, please be extra careful from now on!"

Qin Ruo chuckled inwardly.

With Aquamorph, wouldn't it be very easy to deal with a Bandit?

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