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Chapter 17: At Stake

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

"In the name of God… Purify!"

The only Tier 4 Radiant Priest on the scene proved himself. When the Darkmist appeared, he cast the best spell…

As soon as he finished chanting, a majestic and holy atmosphere descended from the sky and penetrated the battlefield.

In the meantime, the mist that enclosed the Gorefiend Spider Demon and stretched more than ten meters away was vaporized into the air just like melting snow. The Gorefiend Spider Demon screamed in pain, and the people, who were trapped in the mist earlier became visible.

Concurrently, four Gorefiend Spiders with rounded bottoms also appeared from the Darkmist.

The Darkmist was dissipating and Qin Ruo's Aquaheal first went to Little Apple who was injured. After all, between Slayer's Heart and Little Apple, Little Apple was more vulnerable. Besides, Slayer's Heart's HP and defense were definitely higher than Little Apple's since he could face the Boss alone without dying in a short time.

The three Elementalists did not wait too long, and charged their own strongest attacks.


As a red magic scroll was opened, a blazing meteor flame came into sight. It seemed to represent the current mood of Burning Rose. Aimed at its target a few meters away, it carried lethal heat and lightning. This target was a Gorefiend Spider who was attacking Little Apple.

The targets of the other two Elementalists and Bowmaster were also the Gorefiend Spiders... However, four of the warriors had to be rescued first, because they were the only ones who could defend against the Gorefiend Spiders' attacks. Without them, the several Elementalists at the back were also not enough to handle the Boss.

"Spread out!"

Freed from the debuffing effects of the Darkmist, Slayer's Heart shouted and the four warriors quickly reacted in the same way. They retreated and pulled their distance from each other, used their strongest attack on the Gorefiend Spider in front of them...

The Gorefiend Spider Demon opened its attractive brown arms, and a cold light came out from its six pairs of eyes. Subsequently, three Dark Bone Arrows appeared with the sound of the wind. These three arrows caught up with Slayer's Heart, Little Apple, and another Berserker, who was retreating.

The attack of the Tier 4 Elite Boss was beyond doubt…

After being hit by the arrows, the three of them groaned at the same time. Soon, two of them fell down. They were Little Apple and another Berserker. Although these two people had similar defenses, their HP were not as high as the Titanwraith Berserker. Furthermore, they had been attacked inside the Darkmist. Thus, it was impossible for them to survive under the attack of the Gorefiend Spider Demon and Gorefiend Spiders.

For Qin Ruo, this was very painful to watch. He did not expect the Gorefiend Spider Demon to be so strong that it could kill a Tier 4 warrior instantly. Without saying a word, the second Aquaheal was cast on Slayer's Heart.

The strength Slayer's Heart possessed was unquestionable. Although he was hit by the Dark Bone Arrow during retreat, he was still standing strong. He slew the Gorefiend Spider in front of him.

At this point, another warrior also finished the second Gorefiend Spider. The other two Gorefiend Spiders were also downed under the attack of Burning Rose and the others…

It was much easier now that they were only left with one Gorefiend Spider Demon!

Slayer's Heart immediately consumed a bottle of HP Potion. He did not forget about the hidden threat, and loudly reminded everyone to pay attention to their surroundings. With the buff from the Radiant Priest, he stood next to a warrior and faced the Gorefiend Spider Demon.

In one minute, seven Gorefiend Spiders would respawn. The bad thing was, they were now standing in the center of the respawning point of the seven Gorefiend Spiders! They were no longer free to help the warriors. If they ended up surrounded by the Gorefiend Spiders when they respawn, seven of them would surely die. On the other hand, without the support of the Priest, the warriors would also not be able to handle the Gorefiend Spider Demon's attack.

At this time, only iLittle Arrow was free to speak, so she took the initiative to become the commander. She quickly pointed out the seven spawning points, and said, "Burning Rose and I should be able to handle three monsters…"

Now, they faced a problem: among the seven party members, one of them was the Radiant Priest, who needed to assist in the fight against the Gorefiend Spider Demon. There was not enough manpower. Therefore, one person needed to deal with two monsters.

"Ruo Ruo, you need to be careful. Just use your freezing magic to hold that Gorefiend Spider as long as possible. If you really can't do it, then you use your life to pull it away and wait for the Priest to resurrect you…

Qin Ruo nodded.

He needed to handle the Gorefiend Spider near the cave. It should not be a big problem. The environment there was not as good as Kane Jungle, but the water element was rich underground. It should be enough for him to hold the Gorefiend Spider with his magic.

Although iLittle Arrow knew that it was not easy for a Level 36 Aquamancer to deal with a Level 43, high Agility Gorefiend Spider, she had no choice. She added, "If you die, just wait at the Resurrection Gallery. We will resurrect you!"

Qin Ruo smiled wryly. It seemed like he was unreliable in their eyes. He still had six Magic Scrolls in his backpack. Believe it or not, not only ten seconds, but he could even hold out for half a minute.

The last three Gorefiend Spiders were handed over to the two Elementalists and the Bowmaster. Even a Tier 3 Aquamancer like Qin Ruo could handle one monster, it would have been very shameful if they had rejected it.


After being assigned their jobs, they quickly approached their assigned respawn points, hoping to pull the monster away when it respawned. It was to prevent the Radiant Priest, who was the key in killing the Boss and resurrecting the dead, from being dragged into the battlefield as well as being affected.

Qin Ruo was in charge of a puddle near the cave. He stopped at a spot not far away. After that, he crawled to fix his stance. He could feel a small movement inside the puddle.

If it had been someone else, he or she might not have been able to feel it. However, Qin Ruo was an Aquamancer. In addition, he was fully focused on the puddle. Now, he was extremely sensitive to anything that contained the water element.

It respawned!

He grabbed the opportunity, and straightaway used his Elementalism inside the puddle.


There was no need to extract the water element from the air. He froze the water in the puddle directly into thick ice. The system immediately prompted that the Gorefiend Spider was frozen directly in the ice layer of the puddle, and it would last for three seconds!

Qin Ruo felt really lucky. He did not expect it to be so easy to trap the Gorefiend Spider; he did not have to worry about it for the next three seconds. In addition to that, he would prepare a surprise for the Gorefiend Spider that was about to be released from its frozen state.

After that, Qin Ruo quickly looked at Burning Rose and iLittle Arrow, who were not far away. The three Gorefiend Spiders that they were responsible for had also respawned. Under iLittle Arrow's Magic Burst Shot, three Gorefiend Spiders were attracted by her. They were heading into a trap set up by Burning Rose.

Although he wanted to help the two girls, he realized that he was facing a disgusting Tier 4 monster for the first time, and he immediately concentrated on the puddle again. He did not want to implicate everyone just because he was distracted.

The three seconds were almost up, and the Gorefiend Spider in the ice layer struggled vigorously. Dark Element effused from the ice layer, melting the thick ice.

Without hesitation, Qin Ruo shouted, "Explosion!"

A loud bang came from the puddle, which was a few meters away. Dense Frostburst! At the same time, the Gorefiend Spider screeched in agony.

In the small space, the pressure caused by the internal explosion was similar to spikes stabbing into the Gorefiend Spider. Surprisingly, this dealt 200 damage to the Gorefiend Spider. The AoE magic attack was not that strong. Furthermore, it was a Tier 4 Gorefiend Spider…

Qin Ruo guessed it might have been due to the terrain and frozen effect on the Gorefiend Spider. These were the only two reasons that could cause the damage dealt to become so high. He was happy as he proceeded to cast a Frost Lance and blast it into the thick ice. It pushed the Gorefiend Spider that was ready to jump out of the puddle back.

Watching the Gorefiend Spider being knocked back into the hole like a groundhog was a… wonderful feeling!

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