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Chapter 62: Champion's Restaurant

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

Upon returning to Savis Town, Slayer's Heart led Qin Ruo and the others into the appraisal shop.

Besides Qin Ruo, the five of them had backpacks fully loaded with loot this time. All of them were holding equipment that had yet to be appraised. They could not carry them everywhere, thus they had to process them quickly and exchange them for gold coins to replenish the potions they lost in the underground ruins.

Speaking of which, for the loot that the five of them had, the total amount of potions used was definitely a scary number!

Qin Ruo alone spent ten sets of MP Potion (M) to support the Twelve Frostramparts Formation and two Defense Spells; Burning Rose used two sets lesser due to her higher MP limit to support two Tier 4 Defense Spells and a Tier 4 AoE Spell; whereas the Radiant Priest, Violet Orchid, who deployed equipment and recovered lives non-stop used up four sets of Mana Potion (M).

The other three—Slayer's Heart, Little Apple, and iLittle Arrow each spent more than seven sets of Mana Potion (S)…

In total, the cost was around 25,000 gold coins!

After calculations, Qin Ruo was speechless and shocked at the amount… He alone had spent nearly 10,000 gold coins worth of MP Potion in that battle…

Nearly 10,000 gold coins!

Qin Ruo was covered in cold sweat, cursing at himself for being so extravagant. He regretted not keeping some of the potions he consumed before this, because one bottle cost 120 yuan. F*ck.

Luckily, there were nearly a hundred pieces of consumable items like the Spider Silk and Poisonous Sac this time, which made up for half of the potion fee; also, the hundreds of pieces of equipment obtained by the five of them were all most likely Tier 4 Violet Equipment. They were the scarcest and most popular items on the market currently. Their worth would definitely be more than everyone's expenses; anyhow, their trip to the ruins' secret chamber was not a failure. After all, everyone had leveled up, and gotten a share of the huge surplus…

The atmosphere was weird inside the appraisal shop.

Dozens of players who entered the shop were attracted to one of the elderly appraisers and a few other players at the opposite side. The elderly appraiser did not stop the task at hand as a deep violet radiance flickered in his hands. He continued to appraise the items one by one and never stopped until a good few minutes later.

After wiping away the sweat on his forehead, Slayer's Heart took out three more Gold Equipment from his backpack.

"There's more?"


In the appraisal shop, several groups of players were chattering not far away from them.

"Who's this lucky kid?"

"…He must have bumped into a PvP match with other clans, or else how could he have gotten so much equipment in one go? F*ck, he's so f*cking lucky!"

"Bull f*cking sh*t! Equipment dropped from clan PvPs still need to be appraised? Are you new here?" A group of people gave the person earlier a despised look.

He was speechless.

"What happened then? Don't tell me this guy kept all the equipment he's won over the month only to appraise them at the same time?"

"…Geez, do you take him for a fool?"

"It's hard to tell…" the "newcomer" replied…

One by one, the people around him steered clear of him. Even a friend, who seemed to be from the same group moved loathingly away from him and said, "Are you an idiot? Didn't you see his League badge? Go away, don't stand next to me, otherwise others are going to harm me!"

"Ah, no wonder he's so strong," the "newcomer" lamented indistinctly.

The players in the appraisal shop now began to look at him in a slightly "normal" way—they finally corrected this unlucky child's brain a little.


After the group left the appraisal shop, they went to Champion's Restaurant.

Champion's Restaurant was situated in the central region of Savis Town, and it was one of the tallest buildings in town other than the Observation Tower. It not only provided the most beautiful view of the surrounding landscape, it also had the best wine in the Mythical Continent. It was a place most frequented by many high-ranking players during their free time.

It was a place that high-ranking players visited often was because the prices there were very high. The little money that general players owned easily became a negative equity there…

Qin Ruo had never been there. Before this, he only traveled between Kane Jungle and the regular shops, followed by the Elementalist Guild and market. He did not even have the slightest idea about the layout of this restaurant, let alone go there for a drink.

He had no way as he was in serious need of money back then.

Xin Yu's medical fee was being fully borne by her mother who was working outside, but it was simply not enough to support it. He then found out from Brother Da that the gold coins in H&G could be exchanged for yuan with the other players based on a certain rate. The sole purpose of Qin Ruo getting into this game was to earn gold coins, and he had to use every second of his time to fight for this purpose… He never even glanced at such places that required people to spend!

The situation today was different as it was a treat from their Squad Leader. It would be a waste not to attend. Coincidentally, Qin Ruo could experience the beautiful scenery of the Savis plains, while he simultaneously sampled the good wines in the games.

"You girls order whatever drinks you want. Qin Ruo, let's have some manly drinks?"

Slayer's Heart was apparently a regular customer as he located a seat along the windowsill in a familiar manner. He sat down, and called an Elf girl over. She was dressed like a waitress.

Judging from Slayer's Heart's tone, his current mood was obviously very good, thus Qin Ruo immediately agreed to his suggestion…

The in-game service speed was truly superb. Each time an order was made, the Elf girl would magically bring it out and set it on the table. Once everything was in order, she danced away to another place, leaving them with a sweet, "Enjoy your meal."

Nevertheless, Qin Ruo was really stumped by the prices there…

The girls' drinks cost 500 gold coins and the drinks for the two men were 800 gold coins. Fortunately, Qin Ruo noticed the nice environment and the tasty wine, otherwise he would have bitten his tongue.

However, it was also because of the wine feast that Qin Ruo started to have a strong hunch about the loot from the ruins' secret chamber… There was probably a lot of surplus after deducting the potion fees.

As expected!

After a toast, the straightforward Slayer's Heart mentioned the issue that Qin Ruo had been very concerned about the whole time.

"Actually before our departure, I wasn't too sure if everyone would return safely; seriously, this trip would have already been considered not bad if we could thoroughly explore the situation in the secret chamber. But, I never expected Qin Ruo to be so strong… He not only helped us in dealing with the Deathfiend Spider, he also held out against the first wave of attack in the secret chamber, allowing us to acquire 117 Violet Equipment, and 3 Gold Equipment. Ahhh…"

Suddenly, Slayer's Heart beamed with glee, and continued to say, "Besides the Gold and Violet Equipment of the highest grade, the other stuff has been transferred to all recipients. Do you know how much he offered us?"

All five of them paid full attention to him, focusing on the one finger he extended.

Everyone was silent in anticipation.

Obviously 10,000 gold coins were not possible to make Slayer's Heart this excited. In other words… Qin Ruo stopped breathing as he felt his heart pounding fiercely in his chest!

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