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4.93% MMORPG: The Elementalist / Chapter 35: Crazy Frandy

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Chapter 35: Crazy Frandy

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

Based on Qin Ruo's calculation of Qin Ruo, the ten Frostramparts were still not enough to kill this transformed Tier 3 Boss. It would at most inflict a nearly 1,000-point damage on Frandy. It was insufficient to weaken Frandy.

However, Frandy himself probably did not expect it. When he was in danger, the Skeletal Knights he summoned were supposed to increase his chance of survival, but the Skeletal Knights worsened his crisis!

Four Windblades turned the ten Frostramparts into fourteen.

Although Qin Ruo needed to spend more MP to make them undergo a qualitative change, it required way less MP compared to the MP he had to spent to freeze the initial Frostramparts.

Qin Ruo took advantage of the move made by the Skeletal Knights!

Fourteen Frostramparts had exploded at the same time!

The fourteen-wave ice blast formed a windstorm. In the blink of an eye, it enclosed Frandy and his Skeletal Knights from all directions with an overwhelming momentum.

The Skeletal Knights with their little HP and magic defense were not able to resist the attack. Amid the shrieks from their horses, they were all buried by the avalanche caused by the Frostrampart Formation.

Frandy's condition was also not looking good!

His remaining 2,500 HP was again reduced by more than half. He inevitably entered into a weakened state.

Qin Ruo consumed a Panacea. After he waited for the overwhelming frost and broken ice pieces to completely stop falling, a dispirited Frandy was revealed. He was still standing at his original spot.

Qin Ruo understood that, based on Frandy's current situation, even if he could cast that scary magic spell of his, it would not be as powerful as before. Thus, it was time for Qin Ruo to end this quest!

Under Little Kitten as well as Gold Digger Babe's excited and expectant gazes, Qin Ruo took a deep, long breath. He then calmed his unstable and excited mood before he slowly recast his destroyed Aquabarrier and Aquashield. After that, he condensed an Aquarampart to back him up. Once his preparations were done, he re-entered Frandy's attack range.

At that moment, no one noticed that Frandy's gaze was full of disappointment and crazy desperation!

Frandy immediately took a deep breath. The body of the three-meter-tall monster expanded all of a sudden. Qin Ruo felt anxious and he could feel the air surrounding him slow down upon Frandy's inhalation. Even Qin Ruo's own actions also appeared to be inexplicably stiff.

Immediately, his heart began to pump uncontrollably fast!

Qin Ruo could vaguely hear the system prompt flashing.

"… Frandy… HP… Cost… Element… One second…"

There was no time for Qin Ruo to figure out how this Boss, in his weakened state could still cast such a big ultimate skill. Frandy's round body looked like a giant balloon that was about to burst at any time. With an angry and resentful roar of despair, Frandy's body expanded to its limit and exploded!


The whole castle seemed to tremble for a moment.


In the last moments of his life, Frandy chose to perish and end his own life. He wanted the adventurer in front of him, who made him lose his gentle manner to die with him!

The elements that Frandy inhaled into his body burst out in the most vigorous way!

In a split second, all of the flooring, ice, and corpses of Knights surrounding Frandy were rolled up by the heavy force. They flew towards Qin Ruo, who was more than ten meters away!

"You get 3,872 experience!"

As soon as he released his attack, Frandy's life ended.

It was an unfortunate that… he did not achieve his purpose in the end.

Qin Ruo was too calm, and the way he fought was also cautious. Even when he was faced with the feeble Boss, he did not forget to enhance his magic defense. He did not give Frandy any chance from start to finish… Although a long-range attack like this had a very terrifying overture, its real power was inferior to that black Fireball. Therefore, this attack did not really hurt Qin Ruo. Perhaps, this may be the reason why Frandy was unreconciled and in desperation before his self-destruction.


"You're such pro, Brother Qin! For the first time, I've learned that an Aquamancer could be so strong, even finish a Tier 3 Boss on his own! It's so amazing! How about I delete this character and recreate an Aquamancer character like you?" The little brat was deserving of the title "Little Devil". Gold Digger Babe's questions puzzled him even though her first few sentences sounded like compliments…

He coughed, and as he bent down to pick up the loot, he persuaded her.

"Little brat, you need to think carefully. Every class in the game is balanced! There is no strongest class, only the strongest player. As long as you're willing to use your brain to think and ponder, you'll eventually find a route that suits you. There's a lot of room for development and you can be very strong in certain areas!"

These two ladies nodded as if they just had an epiphany.

"There is no strongest class, only the strongest player. Yes, you're right, Brother Qin! Well, after I go back, I have to think about it carefully. I've always followed the route provided by the system. It's too general! It's just like the Chinese proverb, 'Achieve success with original ideas'. Maybe, I can create some good skills too, like Brother Qin."

The praises from Gold Digger Babe made his face red as he just copied the saying from a famous player on a forum from the official website. The sentence slipped out from his mouth just because he wanted to discourage her from deleting her account. This caused him to feel a little ashamed.

Not bad though. I achieved my goal. Hehe.

Drawing his attention back to the ground that full of loot, Qin Ruo grinned. The Boss in the hidden quest was so lavish. The scene before him was much spectacular compared to the loot dropped by the Galewind Wolf King.

Besides the Special Quest Item, the Bone Key, there were 2 Gold Equipment, 6 Violent Equipment, and 13 Blue Equipment. In addition, there was a Dark and Fire Mana Core.

Hehe, needless to say, those four Tier 3 Magic Scrolls and several bottles of MP Potions I used were so worth it!!!

He grabbed his loot happily and put them into his backpack. Only then did he realize that the two sisters behind him were staring at him strangely. Ahem, looks like I was too excited that I forgot to maintain my "professional look".

"Two Gold Equipment…"

Gold Digger Babe was totally filled with surprise. She raised two of her delicate and fair fingers as she watched Qin Ruo, feeling unconvinced. "Don't tell me that hidden quest Bosses all have such high drop rates." She then looked at Qin Ruo earnestly.

Qin Ruo nodded his head. "This is my first time in here as well, but the drop rate should be higher than the maps outside."

"Ah!..." Gold Digger Babe screamed theatrically. "Why didn't you mention it earlier. I actually had a hidden quest map before, but I exchanged it with my classmate for a Violet Bandit weapon, aaarghhhhhh…"

Qin Ruo was extremely speechless.

One Violet Equipment for that? Even if you traded a Gold Equipment with me, I would still reject the offer!

After he comforted the mad and frustrated little brat, the three of them returned to the second floor to continue their quest. Qin Ruo was looking forward to ending the quest real soon, because he wanted to go appraise the attributes of the two Gold Equipment he just received!

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