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Chapter 53: Death Without a Corpse

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

Following the five consecutive explosions of the Frostramparts, the crypt was instantly filled with ice and snow!

Although the impacts, which overlapped each other did not inflict much effective damage on the Deathfiend Spider, the shockwaves of the explosions had indeed caused a slight deviation in the Deathfiend Spider's momentum while it moved towards its enemies. Most of its Poison Needle attacks also landed on the surface of the ground right next to Qin Ruo. The remaining ones were able to hit Qin Ruo, but they were not able to inflict any fatal damage on him.

Grasping that fleeting opportunity, Qin Ruo started to move rapidly as he activated his Aquamorph. He automatically did it as though he had been hinted by the gods—Truth to be told, in that instant, Qin Ruo was totally clueless about what to do. It was purely because he no longer had any other means to escape. And so, he decided to try out the effects of his newly-acquired skill on the giant spider before he died…

The moment the Aquamorph was activated, his Aquabarrier and Aquashield, which were about to crumble dispersed completely. The caster of this skill would now become incapable of using any sort of magic skill.

*Shoof, shoof…*

Countless pieces of shattered ice and snow pierced into his body as if they were penetrating water. After the tiny shards of ice and snow entered his body, Qin Ruo could clearly feel every single piece of the tiny ice fragments slowing down the moment they entered into his body. They melted away soon after that…

Even though it was just an instant, it felt as if a lot of time had passed.

Qin Ruo was completely intoxicated by the sudden sensation that came over him. He vividly felt the large amount of ice and snow merging as well as fusing with his Water Element body as they became a part of him.

The sensation…

Was extremely marvelous!

Just as Qin Ruo was drifting away with the sensation he felt, the ice and snow in the whole place subsided.

Slayer's Heart and Little Apple had already arrived at the crypt on the opposite side. In the meantime, Burning Rose remained on guard by Violet Orchid and iLittle Arrow's side as they entered the crypt as well. However, it came as a shock to all of them that they had yet to hear any system notification informing them of Qin Ruo's death. Instead, Qin Ruo had vanished into thin air within the crypt.

The Deathfiend Spider's reaction and behavior seemed rather odd as well. It acted in an awkward manner, moving round and round the same spot of the ground, which was filled with shattered ice. Not only did it not attack the others, it also did not do anything else other than move in circles around the same spot.

A few of them had never actually seen Qin Ruo casting Aquamorph with their own eyes. Hence, they were astounded by the sight of everything that was currently happening before them…


Walking behind everyone else, Burning Rose was able to see that the Deathfiend Spider, which had been anxiously moving in circles suddenly come to a halt. It then lifted its head high up and opened its mouth. Soon after, it began to drool black liquid from its ugly mouth, and it sprayed a black, dense poisonous mist into its surroundings. The black mist appeared to be spreading rapidly in all directions, like it was alive…

Without Violet Orchid's Purification Aura, the poisonous mist was spreading awfully fast!

Meanwhile, less than fifteen meters away from the Deathfiend Spider's left, the shadow of a man swiftly emerged. He seemed to be more than two-meters tall. Affected by the poisonous mist, the shadow was becoming clearer and clearer by the second.

"Qin Ruo!"

Having given only a brief moment to properly look at the scene, Burning Rose felt even more confused about what was really happening. She muttered quietly to herself, "That little brat. Why did he continue to stand there like an idiot after he managed to fool the Deathfiend Spider's eyes?"

After he heard Burning Rose shouting his name, Qin Ruo was able to knock himself out of the marvelous daze he was in. However, his first response was not to look at the Deathfiend Spider, which had yet to kill him. Instead, he looked at both of his hands out of instinct. He could feel that there was something extra in his hands…

The water element was condensing itself into a ball, which was about thirty centimeters in diameter, and it began to appear right in the palm of Qin Ruo's hand.

At that moment, Qin Ruo could feel himself grasping onto something. However, he could not specifically describe it with words.

Concurrently, besides Burning Rose, the other four party members had also noticed the bizarre phenomenon.

When the spherical object condensed and emerged in Qin Ruo's hand, his special form vanished once again and his body returned to its regular form. It seemed as though the excessive water that was unnecessary for his body had been extracted out.

Naturally, the others were awed by the sight as all of them were speechless at this point. The expressions on their faces turned extremely odd as well. They appeared to have forgotten the most important thing at hand the moment they saw what happened.

In an instant, everyone's curiosity and shock were destroyed by the Deathfiend Spider as Qin Ruo's body was torn into pieces. Due to the rapid collision with the Deathfiend Spider, his body splattered all over the ground like water splashing out of a full pool.

"Burning Rose! Come back, quickly!"

The system notification about Qin Ruo's death came in at last. The Deathfiend Spider could finally hurl its body up in satisfaction too as it turned its attention towards the five remaining players. They were anxious to a point where they were just yelling relentlessly.

Burning Rose stomped her feet immediately. She retreated towards the passage as she swiftly launched a raging fire dragon attack at the Deathfiend Spider without even looking at it. The attack scorched the Deathfiend Spider until the giant spider began to hiss in misery. It was considered an attempt to avenge her party member, Qin Ruo, who died on the battlefield.

That was not all though. After she retreated over to the crypt on the other side, Burning Rose threw a Pyrorampart into the tunnel—with the absence of Qin Ruo's Frost Magic, she could finally make an all-out effort to cast her Fire Magic without having to worry about anything. Her Pyrorampart had a Magic Attack of more than 140 points per second and it could inflict approximately 200 Magic Damage each second.

This time, the Deathfiend Spider suffered more miserably than it previously did. The dark aura around its body, which could really melt and corrode solid ice did not have any attributes that could deal damage to targets. However, it was completely ineffective against pure Fire Element. Hence, the giant spider could only endure the scorching flame of the Pyrorampart as it squeezed itself into the tunnel passage.

However, Slayer's Heart and Little Apple, who had remained on guard at the entrance of the tunnel would not allow the Deathfiend Spider to get over there so easily. Equipped with some experience, the few of them were able to cooperate with each other even more efficiently.

Little Apple seized the opportunity to use her Lunarshackle. She was attempting to delay as much time as she could by hindering the Deathfiend Spider from moving forward. With support from Violet Orchid, Slayer's Heart and Little Apple repetitively unleashed all of their skills on the Deathfiend Spider as quickly as they could.

This time around, those who were blocking the Deathfiend Spider from pacing forward were joined by Burning Rose.

Burning Rose, who was fully armed also stood in the frontlines of the battlefield this time. Currently, she was the one person who did not need to worry about getting attacked the most. She was equipped with two types of Tier 4 Defense Magic, and even if she did not drink any potions, she could still sustain about four to five attacks from the giant spider.

She took a step forward every time she found an opening. In the meantime, she also launched her Fire-resist Aura from the side to interrupt the Deathfiend Spider's momentum as it continued to squeeze through the tunnel…

During that period, iLittle Arrow's Lunarshackle also managed to take effect for once. Upon spamming their attacks repetitively, it took less than 10 seconds before they were able to reduce the Deathfiend Spider's HP down to less than 8,000 points.

In fact, while they were still on the opposite side, the six of them had already reduced the Deathfiend Spider's HP by more than 20,000 points. Hence, the giant spider only had approximately 15,000 HP left. Even though Qin Ruo was no longer there with them, it would not be very difficult for the remaining five to kill the Deathfiend Spider.

Along with the Deathfiend Spider's reduction of HP, it had endured great beatings from the players, which lowered its HP to less than 5,000 points. Victory had basically fallen into the hands of the players.

The only unsettling thing was the fact that Qin Ruo was in his water element form when he was killed. Other than the one equipment he dropped to the ground, there was no sign of his corpse in the vicinity…

Violet Orchid was a little worried that her Resurrection would not be capable of reviving Qin Ruo once the battle was over. If that was really the case, Qin Ruo would likely be the first unfortunate player in H&G who could not be revived due to his missing corpse.

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