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Chapter 43: Enraged

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

Qin Ruo learned about Crackpot from Burning Rose and the other girls. He was a Tier 4 Radiant Priest with a better than average supporting ability. However, his attacking power was no match against a normal Tier 4 Elementalist class. He may have been slightly stronger than a Tier 3 class, but certainly not by a long shot.

Besides, the reason why the Seven Great Leagues were able to stand firm till this day was not based on brute strength alone. It was not like child's play where you could simply group-fight with others out of simple conflicts.

The Seven Great Leagues had very strict rules!

If one was provoked intentionally and possessed solid evidence, it was acceptable to invite the Hunters from the Clan and League to intervene.

In normal sparring, or in cases where the Seven Great Leagues were the ones to provoke the enemy first, the League Hunters would not and were not allowed to get involved…

This was the reason why Qin Ruo had become less frightened and more respectful of the Seven Great Leagues.

Also due to this reason, he immediately countered after he heard Crackpot's statement that was full with insulting sentiment. Since he was the one who actively provoked him first, there was no need for him to remain polite anymore.

Of course, Qin Ruo was not that type of person who liked to brag about his own power. His purpose of doing this, besides depriving Crackpot of his arrogance, was to also distract him so that their battle record for the upcoming competition could be weakened…

Mainly because Qin Ruo had just examined the two players with Gold Equipment in Crackpot's team. The power of their Beastblood Berserker was comparable to that of Slayer's Heart. The damage that the other member could inflict was on par with Burning Rose. As for Qin Ruo himself, his highest damage may not be very helpful…

As a result, Qin Ruo's side actually did not have the upper hand. In fact, they were in a considerably disadvantageous situation! But if they could distract the opponent's Radiant Priest and lead him away from the fight, they would have an absolute advantage with Violet's help and become the team with the best chance to win the key.

That was why he decided to counter the provocation…

When he spoke, Crackpot was stunned at first. Then, he sneered and said, "Are you provoking me now?"

Qin Ruo was certainly not dumb enough to fall for his trap. He laughed and shook his head.

"Of course not. You were the one who pinpointed me as trash first, right?"

"So what? Am I wrong, huh? How dare you come here when you're just a little Tier 3 scum. Are you disagreeing with my claim that you're being overconfident?" Crackpot totally did not realize that he had stepped into someone's trap. He also failed to realize that Sable Eclipse and Haohmaru were both frowning behind him.

Naturally, Qin Ruo did not give Crackpot any chance to react. Once he finished his sentence, Qin Ruo stepped in instantly and said, "Everyone here, please be my witness! This man continues to emphasize that I'm a piece of trash. Well then... let me challenge you now and see who's rubbish."

Only then did Crackpot started to realize that something was not right. How could he be so distracted when the Crypt Messenger was about to respawn soon.

However, Qin Ruo did not give him the chance to rebut at all!

"If you have the guts to fight me, please step out now! If you don't, just shut up and turn back! Of course, you can also say that you aren't free now... But in the future, don't simply accuse others of being 'rubbish'.

"What does everyone think?"


"No doubt this guy's a bit mouthy!"

"Great lad, so courageous. I'll support you!"

"I'll bet on you!"

"Crackpot, accept the challenge if you're a man!"

"A Tier 4 Radiant Priest versus a Tier 3 Aquamancer, you're still at an advantage!"

"Right! Come on!"

A bunch of players who were eager to stir up the fray began to jeer at them.

It was a pity that Crackpot had to force himself to take back what he was about to say. If he still refused to accept the challenge, he predicted that not only would his words be regarded as meaningless farts, no one would probably ever look up to him in the future.

He would even be despised by a Tier 3 Aquamancer.

In such circumstance, Crackpot could no longer hold his temper. He had forgotten his original objective and walked out with a gloomy face.

"How are we going to fight?"


Crackpot agreeing to the battle instantly resulted in a larger jeer from his surroundings. Nearby players thought that something had gone wrong and were involuntarily attracted by the sound wave.

Watching the two men, who were now retreating to an empty land outside the entrance, a few warriors near the Ruins' entrance lamented.

This was exactly what "a newborn calf is not afraid of a tiger"1 meant. Nowadays, even a Tier 3 rookie dared to challenge a Tier 4 class. Furthermore, the opponent he selected was none other than a formal member of Netherspirit's Claw…

No wonder he was selected by Slayer's Heart, a fierce tiger himself!

At the same time, the warriors nearest to the Ruins' entrance noticed that Slayer's Heart's attention never shifted to the Tier 3 Aquamancer, not even for half a second. He had instead settled himself in a position very close to the respawn point of the Crypt Messenger.

Little Apple, Burning Rose, and iLittle Arrow were all behaving like Slayer's Heart as well. Only Violet Orchid, who was blessing them with buffs had her attention diverted a little. She looked at the area where Qin Ruo and Crackpot were about to fight in, seemingly a little concerned about Qin Ruo.

"Brother Heart, why don't you advise your little buddy?" a caped Swordsman who was also from Bauhinia League talked to Slayer's Heart in a familiar manner.

Remaining expressionless, Slayer's Heart ambiguously replied, "It's good to teach him a lesson…"

The Swordsman was speechless.

He was staggered by the statement, unsure of whether Slayer's Heart wanted Crackpot to teach the overconfident Qin Ruo a lesson, or vice versa where Qin Ruo would punish the arrogant Crackpot.

A few others at the far side could now only frown in silence.

"Idiot! We were about to ask him to go and infuriate Slayer's Heart, yet he's the one who got provoked by the rookie's words first."

"Without his buff, how am I going to compete with Slayer's Heart?"

Haohmaru was disgruntled. He found no way to release the rage that had formed deep inside his gut.


"Very well! You've achieved your purpose… But let me warn you, honestly, you better flee away the next time you see me. Or else, I'll kill you every single time." Crackpot could hardly suppress his raging inner emotions that were about to burst out. He threatened Qin Ruo and gave him a cold as well as vicious stare, while Qin Ruo acted as though nothing had happened.

"Are you done talking?"

Qin Ruo ignored his bark and lightly said, "If you're done, let's begin the fight. Please don't complain that I didn't give you a chance later."

Crackpot sneered and started to bless himself with one buff after another…

In the meantime, Qin Ruo also started to act, but his movements were very slow. It looked as if he was condensing the water element with great difficulty. While Crackpot was done with his blessing, Qin Ruo's Frostpike and Frostrampart had just taken form. This disappointed most of the audience members.

Concurrently, a thick, dark fog appeared out of thin air at the Ruins' entrance!

  1. 初生之犢不怕虎 – Chinese proverb "a newborn calf is not afraid of a tiger". It means young or naïve people are usually fearless and not aware of the real danger.

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