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Chapter 59: Fight Crazily

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

Crazy! All of them went crazy!

After confronting the first strong wave of intrepid attack, Qin Ruo finally knew for the first time what people meant by "lunatic spiders". At the same time, he also noticed that the minds of Slayer's Heart and the girls were as strong as metal! Only a few seconds of time had passed, but he was almost turning into a real madman like Slayer's Heart and the others!


Before he went there, he thought that that place was just a normal location, thus he did not really care about it. When he reached the lower third floor of the Ruins, he still had a misconception about the secret chamber. He thought that the secret chamber was not "big" and ignored the strength of the higher-tier spiders. After he entered the secret chamber or "palace", he only started to sniff out the uneasy atmosphere.

The width of the long corridor was enough to align more than ten Chameleon Spiders in a row, allowing them to charge forward. And that was exactly what they were doing in that moment!

What he never expected was, the first wave of was already bad to such an extent. The dense and overwhelming spiders, the wave, which was as black as coal… It was no wonder that even Bauhinia Clan's strongest line-up led by Scarlet Bauhinia was defeated there!

Qin Ruo smiled bitterly to himself as he shook his head. With such a line-up, how the hell was it possible for them to win the fight?! He did not know why Slayer's Heart and the others went there even though they knew it was an extremely dangerous place. Moreover, they came with only six people… Were they not following Scarlet Bauhinia's old ways?

Unfortunately, when he realized this serious problem, there was no room for adjustments anymore. Besides, there was no time for him to think about such issues. There was a vast amount of Chameleon Spiders packed together like a tidal wave. Simultaneously, the Violentwing Venomspiders not only filled up the ceiling, they also crowded the front and back of the long corridor. It was to the point where he could not see the end of it. Qin Ruo was really worried that should he become slightly unguarded or pause for a while, he would be heavily shot into oblivion by the poisonous stings from the ceiling.

He gritted his teeth and drank an MP Potion (M). Next, he released all his potential power and put extreme focused on controlling the Twelve Frostramparts Formation, which surrounded the six people, willing it to move slowly!

The Frostramparts were divided into three layers, and between each layer there was a gap of several meters. He stacked them in a way where the front was curved outwards and the back was curved inwards. Both were meant to block the end and the front of the long corridor respectively. Under Qin Ruo's manipulation, they were like three automatic mechanical barriers. They slid back and forth easily, never stopping for a moment.

During that period, Qin Ruo also desperately tried to perform some super complex Elementalism. He tried his utmost to help everyone in stopping the Chameleon Spiders, which could only perform short- ranged melee attacks. Concurrently, he had his attention on the Violentwing Venomspiders, which were flapping their frozen wings above the Twelve Frostramparts Formation. He could barely defend the attacks of their poisonous stings while being buffed by Violet Orchid.

As for the spiders behind him, he left it them to Burning Rose, iLittle Arrow, and the others. With cover from Burning Rose's Verdantflame Barrier and Fire Aegis, the six of them actually held back the spiders' attacks.


Violet Orchid's information was very accurate. The first wave only consisted of Chameleon Spiders and Violentwing Venomspiders, hence they did not need to worry about long-ranged attacks from the spiders.

(Chameleon Spiders were melee monsters, while Violentwing Venomspiders were monsters with short-and-medium-ranged attacks)

Last time, Scarlet Bauhinia's team was ambushed by spiders from all directions at the intersection of the two long corridors. It surprised the entire team and they were not ready for it. Their situation was more dangerous compared to the current situation experienced by these six individuals!

Although six people in Qin Ruo' team was a small number, they had the information to avoid the fate of being surrounded by the monsters from four directions. This reduced the possible attack sides from four to two.

As a result, the threat of being attacked was much smaller for them compared to Scarlet Bauhinia's team. Additionally, their situation was much safer than Scarlet Bauhinia's team's at that time!

Furthermore, the effect of the Twelve Frostramparts Formation, which consumed twelve MP per second was better than everyone had imagined!

The Chameleon Spiders had extremely bad Magic Resistance, and after they tried to squeeze into the Frostramparts Formation, their unified attack suddenly turned into chaos. Not only did their movement speed drop sharply, their defenses also weakened. In addition, the moving Frostramparts played an important role in obstruction. A few of the small, moving gaps could freeze incoming Chameleon Spiders, and this would block the gaps tightly. For a time, the monsters could not threaten the players inside the formation.

Slayer's Heart took advantage of the drastically decreased attacks, and movement speed of the Chameleon Spiders. He became a "pioneer of destroying spiders". He lured the Chameleon Spiders to group together and swung Pazuzu's Warhammer. His several AoE skills smashed all of the Chameleon Spiders one foot into their grave. After a while, more Chameleon Spiders compactly filled up the gaps of the Twelve Frostramparts Formation again!

The condition of the Violetwing Venomspiders was no better than that of the Chameleon Spiders. They lost their ability to fly forward due to the effects of the Frostramparts Formation. They flapped their wings only to keep themselves from falling down due to the numbness they felt from the cold. The only thing they could do was use their poisonous stings to attack Qin Ruo at the periphery, but their attacks were really slow.

Qin Ruo was not someone who liked to lose. He started to exchange attacks with the big guys in the air, and began a seesaw battle. He thought to himself, Since we've gotten into such a plight, I shall follow Slayer's Heart as well as the others, and try my best even if it costs me my life. My loss won't be very big after all. At most, I'll just drop a level, and lose an equipment that costs about 100 gold coins. It's not really that significant! It's a pity if I die, but it's not always that I'll be able to witness such a scene, so it's really worth it! I can consider this an insight that may enrich my experience. Even though I'll die, I'll treat it as the tuition fee!

As time slowly passed, he could feel a slight heat wave penetrating through the Twelve Frostramparts Formation from behind. It seemed like Burning Rose, iLittle Arrow, and Little Apple were also engaged in very intense battle. At this time, Qin Ruo suddenly had a feeling that if they could continue to hold their ground like this, they might be able to persist and clear the spiders up!

After all, Burning Rose was a Tier 4 Pyromancer with high damage output. In this case, it was most suitable for her to spam AoE magic continuously. Covered by the Twelve Frostramparts Formation, the threat of being attacked was greatly reduced. Nonetheless, she still had her Verdantflame Barrier and Fire Aegis. On top of that, she was protected by Violet Orchid and her other teammates. Thus, she was really safe. It was possible for her to eliminate at least one side of spiders.

When they only needed to deal with one side of spiders, would it not immediately change the situation?

Thinking of this, Qin Ruo perked up all of a sudden. It was as if he saw a glimmer of light in the darkness.

But, could he actually stand strong?

Qin Ruo painfully noticed that in two minutes, he had used up most of the three sets of MP Potion (S) (one set has twelve bottles) that he brought from Savis Town. In his backpack, there were only nine bottles of MP Potion (M) left, and only less than a quarter of the spiders had been wiped out…

"Damn it! If I had known earlier, I would have bought more MP Potion (M)!"

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