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Chapter 28: Generation Gap

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

In the narrow passage within Specter Castle, the Skeletal Warriors flooded the illuminated area. The trio was in a very dire situation!

Watching the massive influx of Skeletal Warriors that were about to hit the one-meter-high Frostrampart, Little Kitten and Gold Digger Babe were nervous. Both of them got ready to use their skills. If things did not go well, the two girls would instantly cast a spell to stun some of the Skeletal Warriors. They would then escape through the back since the passage behind them was so calm…

Nevertheless, it seemed that they never thought about how the three of them would deal with a large number of Skeletal Warriors if they were to leave the passage. Besides, as an Aquamancer, could Qin Ruo run faster than the melee Skeletal Warrior?

Luckily, Qin Ruo knew what to do. After he cast Frostrampart, he constantly condensed the water element around him. By the time the first two Skeletal Warriors were about a few meters away, two more one-meter-thick Frostramparts condensed and fell from the top of the wall!

These three magic skills were equivalent to three Tier 2 magic skills. At the same time, the MP consumption to charge these magic skills was quite heavy. He started off with 12 MP, and the skills depleted 3 points per second. In just a few seconds, one-eighth of his MP pool was gone.

However, Qin Ruo was not an extravagant guy who spent his MP freely and recklessly. For the one month period when he was in Kane Jungle, he never did anything wasteful. If his MP was insufficient, he would have been torn into pieces by sudden danger. MP Potions cost 30 gold coins per bottle, and he could not afford them.

The reason for this arrangement was entirely because…

It would save more MP!

When the two Skeletal Warriors at the most front leaped high, ready to flip over the walls and kill the three of them, the Frostramparts rose up without any warning…


*Boom! Boom! Boom!*

Three dull explosions sounded at the same time. Countless shards of ice immediately fell down like machine gun bullets onto the Skeletal Warriors. First Wave! Second Wave! Third Wave!

The falling ice spiked every target within the area of ten meters.

Under the attack of Frostburst, which was expected to have a Magic Attack of 120, more than 20 Skeletal Warriors fell down in the area. Two of them were killed instantly, while the others entered a weakened state. They were no longer a threat to Qin Ruo and his team. Little Kitten and Gold Digger Babe stepped out and finished off the enfeebled monsters. All the Skeletal Warriors were crushed into broken bones.

After all, they were only Level 32 monsters. Compared to Galewind Wolves, in terms of magic defense, HP, or anything else, Skeletal Warriors were obviously weaker. All these inferior attributes added up together made for a big gap! This was the reason why only three waves of attacks between Tier 2 and Tier 3 almost did them over.

Qin Ruo knew that if he decided to use the conventional way to cast the Tier 3 Frostburst, it would be impossible for him to use two AoE attacks within three seconds. Not to mention he only consumed about 20 MP to kill a group of Skeletal Warriors. It was much easier to do it with the most basic Elementalism skill.

Qin Ruo thought of and experimented with all of these techniques when he was a lone adventurer… This included the Twelve Frostrampart Formation. He created these techniques to save time and protect himself.

It was not a smart way, and many Elementalists did not think it was worth doing so as it was very time-consuming. Besides, basic element manipulation was very dull, slow and required a lot of energy. Then there were those of other classes who did not really understand Elementalists very well… So, when Little Kitten and Gold Digger Babe witnessed everything that just happened before their eyes, they were extremely stunned and amazed!

A group of Skeletal Warriors were finished… just like that?

The two girls gazed at each other in speechless despair.

This was especially so for Gold Digger Babe, who unlike her sister, was often online. Thus, she had contact with many advanced Elementalists, or even knew some so-called "pros"! Those gorgeous and seemingly strong Tier 4 magic seemed to be far less powerful than the explosions from three bulky Frostramparts…

Using the time he had while the girls cleaned up the injured Skeletal Warriors, Qin Ruo repeated what he did earlier, and skillfully took down all the remaining Skeletal Warriors.

"Level up!"

As the system prompted, a beam of holy light shone upon him.

Qin Ruo was very happy about this. The level upgrade was just in time. It fully restored all the MP and HP he had expended earlier. He even saved some time, which would have been used for meditation.

His attributes were also upgraded to a better state—for each level-up, an Elementalist' HP would increase by 10 while his or her MP would increase by 1. In addition, three free Attribute points would also be given.

The attributes that players could freely assign points were Strength, Agility, Physique, and Intelligence. After that, he opened his character panel, and directly assigned the three free Attribute points into Intelligence. His Magic Attack increased by 3 points and his Magic Defense increased by 1.5 points.


Qin Ruo, Level 37 Aquamancer (Angel Faction), Status (None)

Strength 23

Agility 23

Physical Defense 57-71

Physique 9; (Necklace +4 Health)

HP 500

Intelligence 89

Magic Attack 89 (Staff 15-18 Magic Attack; Provides 2% more magic damage) Magic Defense 45 (All Equipment increase 17 point magic defense)

MP 126

Magic Attack: Base Magic Attack + Equipment's Magic Attack + Magic Attack of skill. For example, Frostburst comes with a Magic Attack of 12-15


This was the most common type of attribute distribution among Elementalists—Main Intelligence Distribution. In this type of distribution, players needed to assign all of the free Attribute points into Intelligence, except for cases where some Attribute points were required by their equipment.

However, an Elementalist with high Intelligence could be described as a "glass cannon" target in a melee fight. When an Elementalist got close to someone with a melee class without casting defensive magic… it would be a total a nightmare, a nightmare one could not wake up from!

Although this weakness was pretty obvious and big, Qin Ruo was not afraid.

It was due to the fact that he was an unknown Tier 3 Aquamancer that wore some rubbish equipment. No one would target him purposely. As for the monster, he would choose the one he was familiar with killing.

At this point, he still would not worry about it. Although the equipment he currently wore had a bit more value, he had about 13,000 gold coins and one Gold Equipment of the highest grade in his hand. His only enemy, Cayman would not always be around to put him into trouble. Therefore, he was carefree for now.

"Brother… Qin…"

At the time, Gold Digger Babe who had collected all the drops carefully called him, as though afraid that her actions would disturb him.

Qin Ruo looked at her with a strange expression.


"Umm, that magic skill you did just now, how did you that?"

Gold Digger Babe asked humbly with much eagerness to learn. However, Qin Ruo did not really answer her question.

"… That's a tough question. You'll have to ask the game developers…"

He did not exactly give her a wrong answer. Even if she really wanted to dig deep into the game's mechanism, Qin Ruo would not know how the magic in the game was formed. It was just like asking the question of how he was there. It was hard to explain.

Gold Digger Babe saw Qin Ruo trying to complicate her question, but she did not know how to clarify as well. After some time, she uttered, "Perhaps, you could come to our Clan and let me introduce you to my master. With your current strength, you'll definitely be more powerful than those experts when you get promoted to Tier 4!"

Her words grated his mind.

This young girl knows such a master at such a young age?! She even speaks about it so naturally! The "master" could possibly be a student. Not only that, she's letting me in on their monkey business. If this news spread throughout the company, I'll be deeply humiliated.

"No! Me, an adult join a group of children and make mischief with you guys? I'm not crazy…"

Gold Digger Babe suddenly realized, and nodded seriously. "You're right, you're older than us. There's a huge generation gap between us …"

Qin Ruo was speechless.

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