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4.51% MMORPG: The Elementalist / Chapter 32: Gentleman Frandy

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Chapter 32: Gentleman Frandy

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

The third floor was Specter Castle's topmost floor!

Although its overall area was smaller than the first and second floor, it was the most spacious place inside Specter Castle. It was a big, empty hall capable of fitting thousands of people.

As the antagonist of this quest, Necromancer Frandy now had his back facing the exit. He was standing in front of the window and proudly staring into the field outside, where countless skeletons lay. It seemed like he was fully immersed in the world of skeletons, as if not noticing the arrival of the trio.

Even so, the three of them did not dare make any silly mistakes. They stood carefully in their original positions, examining Frandy as he had his back to them. The distance between the two sides was about a few hundred meters. Any normal Tier 3 Boss could still reach with their attack at such a distance. In addition, a huge explosion had just happened, hence there was no reason for Frandy to not know of the existence of the trio.

However, to be honest, at this very moment, Frandy put his hands down naturally, and he had no weapons. Besides, there were no magic fluctuations around him. His calmness and composure definitely did not look like he was in a state of alarm.

Qin Ruo continued to prepare the Twelve Frostrampart Formation at the same place while he kept a close watch on Frandy's response. However, it was just as before. He had traits that other normal Bosses lacked. He was arrogant, self-confident and had a good mental state. He did not rage when faced with an enemy, he just remained calm. All of Frandy's characteristics made him look like a gentleman of the western countries.

Although the little brat was already used to a Boss' arrogance, she was enraged by Frandy's ignorance, and snorted in dissatisfaction.

"Damn skeleton… I'll peel his skin off later. Then we'll see if he'll still maintain his pompous manner!"


As Qin Ruo condensed the second Frostrampart, he burst into laughter. "He's a specter, he has no skin."

"Then I'll strip off his clothes…"

"Okay, but you need to promise me one thing... As soon as the fight starts, please stay here and don't go anywhere."

Qin Ruo was a bit worried that the little brat would join in on the fight when he was dealing with the Boss. Although her level was the highest among the three of them, the Bandit was a low HP class. Her Magic Defense was even lower. She would die miserably under the attack of a magic-type Boss.


Gold Digger Babe knew her limitations. From the start, she had no intentions of battling with the disgusting skeleton Boss, Necromancer Frandy, so she naturally promised.

At this time, Little Kitten turned to face them.

"What about me? My ranged attack could help, right?"

"No need. Your attack could cause the Boss to utilize an AoE attack. It may ruin my plan, so you just need to stay here. It'll be easy, I can handle it."

After that, he did not utter a single word. He concentrated on the project of condensing his self-created magic.

Eight… Nine… Ten… Eleven…

The moment the last Frostrampart appeared, the motionless Necromancer Frandy finally turned his head. It looked in the direction of the Twelve Frostrampart Formation. A pair of purple lights showed up in its black cloak for a fleeting moment.

Frandy could not hold back any longer!

When the Twelve Frostrampart Formation was first created, Qin Ruo could not see his reaction. However this time, he pushed the Twelve Frostrampart Formation 20 meters away from him. The strong chill of ice that came from the Formation forced Frandy, who was 50 meters away to stop being silent. For a Boss, performing such magic in front of him was just like an insult; an obvious act of provocation!

No matter how pretentious and arrogant Frandy was, it was impossible for him to let Qin Ruo slowly send the Twelve Frostrampart Formation right up to his face!

Frandy turned slowly.

Qin Ruo had to admit that Frandy in front of him was a gentleman. Not only did he not have the hideous face of a normal monster, the way he turned around was so elegant. There was an artistic sense of beauty in his performance. However, the only fly in the ointment was the fact that his artistic beauty was utterly destroyed by a pair hand, lifting up from within his sleeves.

Maybe hands were not the correct description. They were more like a pair of "demon claws" from hell. They were purple and sharp. He had slender palms with blue veins bulging from them. There was a domineering aura emanating from his body.

At this moment, Qin Ruo controlled the Twelve Frostrampart Formation and accelerated it forward without any hesitation! The walls rapidly slid forward according to the arranged array!

The Twelve Frostrampart Formation, along with two defensive magic spells were all consuming a lot of MP with each passing second…

Before entering the Necromancer's effective attack range, Qin Ruo drank two bottles of MP Potion one after the other, and his MP was restored to its best state. Nonetheless, the Twelve Frostramparts were all broken in the next moment!

Frandy just gently pointed at one of the Frostramparts in front of him and three Violetflame Bonepikes, which burned like flames appeared before him almost at the same time. The first Frostrampart was smashed into pieces and flakes of ice as well as ice water were scattered all around.

Once one of the Frostramparts was destroyed, the chill of the Twelve Frostrampart Formation reduced drastically!

The effects of the Formation were canceled…

Despite that, Qin Ruo did not care about it. He maintained the speed and controlled the Frostramparts as they carried on dashing forward!

Of course…

He would not give up on the masterpiece that cost him to waste two bottles of MP Potions and half a minute of time. The Twelve Frostrampart Formation was the strongest weapon he could use to fight against Frandy. When the Frostrampart was broken, Qin Ruo responded instantly.

"Water! Condense!"

All the scattered ice cubes and ice flakes quickly melted into water at a noticeable speed and they combined to become a transparent wall of water.

Before condensing it into a Frostrampart, the attributes of the Twelve Frostrampart Formation would not be activated. So naturally, it would not attract too much of Frandy's attention! Moreover…

After the first wave of attack, he finally entered Frandy's effective attack range. At that moment, no matter how stupid Frandy was, he would not abandon his enemy and attack some non-lethal Frostramparts.

Hence, three Violetflame Bonepikes emerged out of the void. The swift speed of these spears shocked Qin Ruo in his heart. He immediately fortified the Aquarampart in front of him.

*Shoof! Shoof! Shoof!*

The sound of the wind being torn could be heard. Qin Ruo was nervous, but he did not stop moving. He continued to push out eleven Frostramparts and another Aquarampart at a faster speed. He shouted at the top of his lungs.


Spending four Mana Points, the two walls in front of Frandy and Qin Ruo, as well as the Aquashield held by Qin Ruo encountered a temperature drop at the same time.


The Frostramparts in front crumbled, but they did slow down the momentum of the three spears. Nonetheless, they still penetrated the Aquabarrier and were blocked by the Aquashield.

But at this instance, a strong chill came from the third floor of Specter Castle!

The Twelve Frostrampart Formation enclosed Frandy; it was fully activated!

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