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Chapter 16: Gorefiend Spider Demon

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

The Gorefiend Spider Demon was a variant of the Gorefiend Spider. It had the strength of a Level 40 Elite Miniboss with 40,000 HP. It specialized in Dark Magic, the "Gorefiend Spider Summon". Its comprehensive strength was almost the same as a normal Tier 4 Boss, and at the same time, it was the most difficult monster to deal with in the lower second floor of Aricus Underground Ruins!

Five Gorefiend Spider Demons would respawn at a time, and they only respawned once every day. Respawn time was uncertain, but the location was near the five respawning points of the seven Gorefiend Spiders. All these uncertainties made Bauhinia and Netherspirit's Claw give up on farming twenty-four hours at these respawn points… They passed the job to other members of the League to handle.

The Gorefiend Spider Demon was better than a Gorefiend Spider since it was a long-range attack Boss. Hence the terrain advantage of the cave was useless against it; plus, the Gorefiend Spider Demon's summoning ability combined with the Gorefiend Spiders near its respawn point made the situation quite dangerous, even if a professional ten-person party was there!

Watching the Gorefiend Spider Demon dashing in his direction, Qin Ruo could feel the tension. One Tier 4 Miniboss and a great number of Gorefiend Spiders, this lineup was not something a five-person party could handle.

Five of them rushed out of the cave at the same time. If all seven of the Gorefiend Spiders they killed earlier had respawned, they would have been trapped inside the cave.

Fortunately, their teamwork on the second floor of the ruins was not bad. The other party not far from them also dashed out of the cave after they found out about the Gorefiend Spider Demon…

"Slayer's Heart! Hold on!!!"

The other party actually knew Slayer's Heart, and this gave Qin Ruo some hope of survival!

He quickly cast Aquabarrier and Aquashield, giving himself good protection. Then, he extracted enough water element in order to support the captain, who would be in a fierce battle later.

Burning Rose and iLittle Arrow were not idle; they stood outside the cave, and faced the Gorefiend Spider Demon. There was a heat wave in the air and sizzling sounds could be heard.

Two seconds…Four seconds…

Burning Rose and iLittle Arrow's attacks were ready.

A dull arrow sound was produced. The arrow was surrounded by a bright light and it had a purple flame trailing it. A beautiful arc was drawn on the edge of the second floor of the ruins, and the arrow hit the Gorefiend Spider Demon's body.

The Gorefiend Spider Demon had already reached its possible attack range, but it suddenly stopped. A soft, purple netlike energy emanated from the arrow, binding the Gorefiend Spider Demon inside it.

At that moment, Slayer's Heart and Little Apple did not wait for iLittle Arrow to shout her skill, Lunarshackle, which would cause a binding effect. They both used Berserk and Fighting Spirit respectively. One in red and one in green, both rushed at the Boss simultaneously.

Meanwhile, two people from the other party nearby also joined the fight. Under the blessing of their Radiant Priest, they rushed towards the Gorefiend Spider Demon at an even faster speed. It seemed like they also knew the phrase, "alone we can do so little; together we can do so much". About the attribution of spoils from the Gorefiend Spider Demon, it could be discussed later.

The remaining two Elementalists, the Bowmaster, and the Radiant Priest in the other party met up with the three people in Qin Ruo's party. The four of them looked at Qin Ruo and frowned.

"A Tier 3 Aquamancer? Where's Violet?" the Radiant Priest asked in a hurry.

"She left with her boyfriend! Humph, didn't expect to have such bad luck. We've only been here less than an hour and we've already encountered a Gorefiend Spider Demon. If I die here today, I'll never forgive her."

Burning Rose was really hot tempered. She already planned what to do after her death, leaving those around her feeling sullen..

"OMG, I saw how well all of you cooperated earlier, and just thought that Violet was here. You have to know…" When he said this, the Radiant Priest had a pained expression.

Qin Ruo smiled wryly.

From his words, Qin Ruo understood what he meant. The other party apparently knew the strength of this party. They thought that the Priest, Violet was in the party, so they came and looked to work together to deal with the Gorefiend Spider Demon.

Two Radiant Priests, four warriors and five ranged attackers dealing with the Gorefiend Spider Demon: their victory was certain. But now, there was only a Tier 3 Aquamancer … Their situation was looking very bad! Not only was his long-range support ability poor, the damage his remote attacks would deal on a Boss of this level was very low. He was basically a burden.

"If you knew this, you guys wouldn't have come, right?"

iLittle Arrow bluntly pointed out the hidden message within the Priest' words just now. This made the guy smile awkwardly, and say, "How could I do such a thing? Am I the kind of person to leave someone in the lurch?"

Burning Rose looked very serious.

"Well, stop the nonsense! Our Aquamancer will focus on healing Slayer's Heart and Little Apple, while you support your partymates. Hurry up! If the Gorefiend Spiders respawn, we're all doomed."

As soon as she finished speaking, the effect of iLittle Arrow's Lunarshackle started to loosen. The Gorefiend Spider Demon flounced fiercely, and Dark Element began to gush out from its whole body…

"Firegod's Fury!"

Suddenly, a giant flame in the shape of a hand appeared on top of the Gorefiend Spider Demon. Without any delay, it slammed the Spider Demon.


The Gorefiend Spider Demon that had just been released from its binds immediately took a slap, and its casting magic was forcibly interrupted. This won the four nearby warriors a chance...

The next second, Slayer's Heart increased the speed of his movement!

He was getting close!!


As soon as he was near the Boss, Slayer's Heart used all of his power without any mercy! The sound of dull slamming began to ring throughout the area.

Titanwraith Strike!


Dragon's Ascension!

Flashrend Thunderbolt!

No wonder the Titanwraith Berserker was a hardy class. Its dominating characteristic was fully displayed. Even the Tier 4 Elite Miniboss was being knocked back frequently. This was a relief to the players from the two parties.

Little Apple was an Agility-type warrior. She was not strong or overbearing, and her attacks were not as good as the Berserker's. However, under the cover of Fighting Spirit, her broadsword had the speed of the wind element and the lightning property of the thunder element. Crackling sounds emitted from the sword as it attacked like the wind and retreated like lightning.

With her incredible speed combined with Slayer's Heart's attack, they managed to puncture the Gorefiend Spider Demon's body…

Compared to Slayer's Heart and Little Apple, the two warriors from the other party did not stand out. Although their attacks were higher under the support of the Priest, their teamwork was not very good. In terms of momentum or number of attacks, and overall damage dealt… not as good as the former.

The difference between the two parties could be judged from a glance...

Nonetheless, the ability of the Radiant Priest, who spoke to everyone earlier was actually good. In the blink of an eye, he already managed to buff Slayer's Heart and Little Apple. This made the "pseudo priest" Qin Ruo feel ashamed for a while.

This was professional support.

With the buffs from the Radiant Priest, the situation seemed to become better.

However, the Gorefiend Spider Demon that was being attacked found a momentary delay between their attacks. Shortly after, Darkmist suddenly swept out.

At this moment, Qin Ruo finally saw the real appearance of the Gorefiend Spider Demon.

It had a voluptuous body, the envy of women everywhere. The alluring curves of its body neck down were exotic and full of temptation; if it possessed a pretty face, people would definitely not desire to attack it. This included the slow-witted Slayer's Heart as well.

The problem was its head. It had an extremely awful face; six pairs of eyes were arranged in two rows, and at the bottom was an ugly, black mouth. This was where the black mist came from, and it instantly covered all the surrounding warriors.

"Oh, sh*t! It's Darkmist…"

"Quickly, fall back! I can't see any of you guys…"

Several people at the side were shocked, and they yelled anxiously!

Darkmist not only blocked their visions, it was also an elemental attack. It had a certain hypnotic effect on the target inside the mist. Besides, it also reduced the target's defense, attack and speed. It was one of its trump cards.

Without the buff from the Priest, these warriors were now in deep trouble!

Not only that, this Gorefiend Spider Demon had seemingly decided to finish all the four warriors, who threatened it in close range. There was strange screaming, and all of a sudden, four columns of dark light appeared amid the Darkmist.

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