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Chapter 60: Leaving?

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

Little Apple, Burning Rose, and iLittle Arrow were also engaged in ferocious battles on their own battleground!

Although Zephyr Swordmaster, Little Apple did not have strong and powerful momentum like Slayer's Heart, she did not lag behind when she was up against a group of Chameleon Spiders. She was like a warrior, brandishing her sword in the world of ice and snow. There was thunder and lightning hidden within her ethereal as well as elegant swordsmanship. In addition, the effect seemed to be enhanced under the water element buff from Qin Ruo. Every wound she inflicted on the Chameleon Spider's body caused the Chameleon Spider to be covered in the Thunder Element. This directly delayed their movement, allowing Little Apple to lead them to the periphery of the Frostramparts Formation.

Every time they faced a crisis, iLittle Arrow would lend a helping hand on time and solve the problem. They had some really nice chemistry when it came to cooperation.

The person they needed to worry the least was Burning Rose. After their attack speed was weakened by the Twelve Frostramparts Formation, it was impossible for the Violetwing Venomspiders in the air to break Burning Rose's double Tier 4 Defense Magic.

The only thing Burning Rose needed to do was keep her magic up and constantly spam Meteor Shower, which would inflict a large-scale attack on the Violetwing Venomspiders and Chameleon Spiders outside the Frostramparts.

On ordinary occasions, AoE Magic would not have such a useful effect!

However, with the aid of the Twelve Frostramparts Formation and everyone's efforts, the Meteor Shower was like a rain of fire. It descended wildly and mercilessly from the sky without any delay. It raging heat indiscriminately damaged the spider monsters up in the air and the ground.

Due to the terrain advantage granted by the long corridor, and the fact that Violetwing Venomspiders were flying monsters, the amount of spiders in the Meteor Shower's effective range was extremely large. In less than ten seconds, more than ten Violetwing Venomspiders and Chameleon Spiders formed a thick layer of corpses outside the Twelve Frostramparts Formation.

After one wave of spiders were annihilated, the Chameleon Spiders and Violetwing Venomspiders at the back quickly stepped on the flattened corpses of their spider comrades. They moved towards the Meteor Shower's attack range without fear of death.

The speed at which once could level up there could be described as insane!

In just a few minutes, his EXP had at least increased by 100,000. During that period, Burning Rose and iLittle Arrow also leveled up…

The consternated leveling speed did cause several people to take a cold breath of air. They even had a strong impulse to continue farming like this. But at this time, the number of Chameleon Spiders and Violetwing Venomspiders in the back had significantly reduced!

"I hope there's going to be more of them."

Helplessly interrupting her magic, Burning Rose vented about the spiders. When her words flew into Qin Ruo's ears however, he almost fainted with anger. It was because he only had three MP Potions left, and they were running out. He could die because of this, but Burning Rose did not seem satisfied. She was hoping for the spiders to come at them more ferociously.

How could Qin Ruo think through all of this?

"I'm running out of MP Potions! I can only hold on for another ten seconds at most…" He managed to find the time to depressingly throw out a warning, giving the others a headache as expected.


This covert act of intimidation did scare Slayer's Heart and Little Apple. This caused Slayer's Heart to be hit directly by an attack and he almost kicked the bucket. Little Apple fell back while she yelled at the top of her lungs.

"Sister Violet, you have the potions. Give it to him first!"

"Hold on!"

Burning Rose was more direct. She did not care about the few Chameleon Spiders behind her, and quickly rushed up to Qin Ruo. Next, she took out two sets of MP Potions and immediately put them in Qin Ruo's hands. After that, she took out another bottle of MP Potion.

"Quickly, drink it up!" It looked like she wanted to pour the potion into Qin Ruo's mouth. It reminded him of the nurse who forced him to drink Traditional Chinese Medicine when he was a child. This act scared Qin Ruo, and he almost forgot to control the Frostramparts…

Ten seconds later, the battle in the long corridor gradually stabilized!

"Hmph, can you tell us earlier if you don't have enough MP Potions… You almost scared me to death."

Burning Rose was facing away from Qin Ruo, but he could hear the accusing tone in her voice. At that time, the monsters in the back had all been obliterated. Now, Burning Rose's battleground was swapped to the front!

Qin Ruo had also totally calmed down. He stood behind Burning Rose, manipulating the Twelve Frostramparts Formation and watching his rapid gain of EXP in the battle log with joy.

If the previous situation was hell, then his current situation was absolutely heaven!

Haha, not only am I free from danger, I can get 60,000 to 70,000 EXP per minute. The MP Potions are also being provided by Burning Rose, Violet Orchid, iLittle Arrow and the others. This is f*cking awesome!"

Hearing Burning Rose's tone, Qin Ruo, who was behind her scratched the back of his head with an apprehensive feeling. He could not be blamed in the first place because he did not know that every one of them carried more than 10 sets of MP Potions (M) when they went out.

One set of MP Potion (M) cost 720 gold coins. Usually, two or three sets were enough to last for many days. Qin Ruo had never heard of any teams bringing MP Potions worth tens of thousands of gold coins just to farm a monster!

But then again, the Slayer's Heart and these girls were very ballsy. Merely relying on news provided by Violet Orchid, they dared to bring Qin Ruo to such a dangerous place to have a "treasure hunt".

Last time they said they were just causally playing the game. In my opinion, you're all more ferocious than the professional players! Qin Ruo muttered in his heart while he secretly praised himself as well. Luckily, I'm ballsy too, and my ability's barely passable. Otherwise, a little mistake in the fight would have caused the six of us to die here!

While he was pondering, there was a system notification about his level up!

Haha, finally, I'm at Level 38!

Qin Ruo heaved a sigh of relief since he would not lost much even if he died. He raised his head and gazed outside the Frostramparts. There was a huge amount of Violetwing Venomspiders and Chameleon Spiders continuously advancing into the Meteor Shower's attack range. This made Qin Ruo have a sense of pride and accomplishment in his heart.

This is totally some next level farming. I bet that this way of farming isn't something people usually see!

It this continued to happen, he estimated that he would level up again.

Unfortunately, the amount of spider monsters were limited. Burning Rose maintained the Meteor Shower for about 10 minutes, while the buzzing sound in their ears from the spiders' flapping wings gradually got smaller and smaller.

The first wave of battle was coming to an end!

Following that, they needed to face the Green Goblin Spiders and a Tier 4 Mini (Boss), which was more difficult to deal with.

According to the information obtained by Violet Orchid, Scarlet Bauhinia and his team held off the first wave of attack. After that, the remaining few were dragged off by the strong and sticky green spider web that the Green Goblin Spider spit out. They were then finally killed by the Gorefiend Spider Demon.

Therefore, the second wave was surely more dangerous than the first wave…

Thinking of this, Qin Ruo's mind could not help but drift away. Scarlet Bauhinia's a Shadoweaver. What the heck did he do to annihilate the Gorefiend Spider Demon and the large group of Green Goblin Spiders?!

In addition... did he find anything from this underground palace?

"Rose, you can stop now. Qin Ruo, trap them… Pack up and prepare to leave!"

Their Squad Leader, Slayer's Heart suddenly spoke and abandoned the few Chameleon Spiders around the Frostramparts Formation. He dashed into the messy battlefield to pick up the drops that were scattered all around.

Qin Ruo used his Elementalism to freeze more than ten Chameleon Spiders that remained stuck to the formation. Next, he stared blankly at everyone as they started to get busy. His mind was full of question marks.


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