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5.35% MMORPG: The Elementalist / Chapter 38: No Tier 6 Skill for Me!

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Chapter 38: No Tier 6 Skill for Me!

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

After they listened to the elderly elf, the topic went back to the selection of the skill reward.

This time, the elderly elf directly displayed a vast number of skill options in the form of the Water Element by condensing it in front of Qin Ruo. These were all rare skills that could not be learned on the normal skill tree. It varied from Tier 2 Water Element Magic to Tier 6 Water Element Magic. Every single skill that the Legendary Aquamancer knew or created was also listed.

Qin Ruo took a cursory glance, and he was deeply shocked by the extremely rich and powerful list of Water Element Magic in front of him.

The attack damage!

Only these skills could be considered as real advanced magic since they dealt high amounts of damage.

The damage of an improved Tier 2 version of the Frost Arrow is almost the same as a normal Tier 3 Frost Lance. The AoE damage of the Tier 4 Frostfall Dance is more dreadful than a single target Tier 4 Frostdust Annihilation. No wonder they're so-called hidden magic skills. F*ck your grandma, these skills are definitely hidden deep enough!

Little Kitten and Gold Digger Babe, who were at the side benefited from Qin Ruo. They were lucky enough to witness such a great number of hidden magic skills and all their detailed attributes. The two sisters were completely astounded. After witnessing those powerful, advanced magic skills and their descriptions, they were bewildered, unable to utter a single word.

Initially, they wanted to give Qin Ruo some suggestions on picking the skill, but it turned out that all of them were very good. This became an unfortunate situation, whereby if he picked one, he would lose other great skills.

At this moment, the elderly elf said something that made the three of them extremely astonished.

"You can choose any one of these skills to learn. It doesn't matter if it's magic you can use now or magic you can't use. You can learn it directly."


Little Kitten and Gold Digger Babe's eyes suddenly lit up. "Really?!"

The NPC would never lie. The elderly elf was obviously not in a very leisurely mood to answer their boring questions. He closed his eyes and ignored them.

Qin Ruo was the only one who did not show the slightest sign of surprise after listening to the elderly elf's words. He consistently switched his sights between the Tier 3 and Tier 4 magic skills…

Without any warning, someone touched his arm. He turned around and saw Little Kitten as well as Gold Digger Babe simultaneously pointing at the Tier 6 magic skill. It was on the top row among the numerous skills. "Brother Qin, choose that one."

"No, this one is better."

Qin Ruo quickly looked at it, and sweat quickly formed across his forehead. He said to himself, "Death Ice Coffin? Zero Point Field? What the hell, are you kidding me? Don't you see that this magic skill needs cast time of 16 seconds? Its MP consumption is also terrifying—50 points for the start-up, and 20 MP per second afterward? The cast time will get me killed thousands of times over...

"Besides, this is Tier 6 magic and I'm only Tier 3. It'll take a lot of time for me to grind my way up to Tier 6. Even if I can use this skill, it will just inflict 30 to 40 damage points more than normal Tier 4 magic. It's not going to be very useful when I'm facing a Boss with huge amounts of HP. I'd rather pick a Tier 3 skill!"

After Qin Ruo explained to them about the stakes that came with the skills, the two girls reluctantly turned their eyes to the Tier 4 skills.

On the other hand, the elderly elf had opened his eyes, and they appeared kind.

Qin Ruo noticed the elderly elf's reaction, and he secretly exclaimed his good luck.

It looks like I'm right again. The ultimate goal of the Elementalist is not just to increase attack damage. The most important thing is about control!

Thinking of this, Qin Ruo could not help but recall the liquefying ability that the elderly elf showed the three of them just now. For a long time, he only had a superficial understanding of Water Elementalism. He just controlled the Water Element. However, the ability displayed by this old man was an absolutely whole other level of manipulation!

If I can learn this manipulation technique… Ahem, I'm getting a little greedy. Even if I can't pick it up, perhaps I can learn the skill to liquefy myself? That's also very good!

Qin Ruo immediately took a shot and told the elderly elf about his thoughts.

When the elderly elf found out that Qin Ruo did not want to choose any of his skills, but only hoped to learn his ability in Water Elementalism, he frowned.

"It's impossible! Water Elementalism is based on the person's own understanding and thoughts about the Water Element. This is an experience that comes from training and exploring. I'm unable to teach it to you."


Listening to the elderly elf, although Qin Ruo was expecting it, he was still a little disappointed.

"But, if you only want to learn the skill that can turn you into water, I can teach it to you, because I created that skill."

"That's great!"

His last sentence completely turned things around. This made Qin Ruo immediately burst with joy and he chose this skill straightaway.

"Are you sure you really want to select this skill? This is only a Tier 2 support skill, which means that it does not have attack or defense capabilities at all," the elderly elf kindly reminded.

After listening to what the elderly elf said, Little Kitten and Gold Digger Babe were also anxious. The latter even grabbed his elbow and shook it. "Brother Qin, you need to think carefully! You'll be able to use these Tier 4 skills before too long…"

"That's true. Furthermore, the master mentioned that this skill doesn't have any attack and defense capabilities."

Nevertheless, Qin Ruo was very determined to pick up that skill. Firstly because the skill could widen his understanding of his own Water Elementalism. Secondly, although the skill did not have any attack or defense capabilities, it could play a role in special occasions.

In addition, when the elderly elf used the skill, it possessed some stealth effects. He could clearly see the outline of his body, but it was produced due to the strong light in the secret chamber. If he had been in a dark place or a place where the light was not strong, there surely would have been some serious stealth effects. He also believed that the attributes of the skill would probably be useful. After all, the skill was created by the Legendary Aquamancer, hence it would totally not be a garbage skill.

After Qin Ruo confirmed his choice, the elderly elf silently put away all the Water Element skills floating in front of them. Next, he pointed out his slender, wrinkly finger and put it on Qin Ruo's forehead.

Qin Ruo could only feel dizziness in his head. It seemed like something was being stuffed into his head.

He quietly recalled and digested it.

An imaginary, yet very real scene quickly played in his mind as if the person in the scene was Qin Ruo himself. The next second, Qin Ruo could feel his body become soft and cool. When he heard exclamations from Little Kitten and Gold Digger Babe, he regained consciousness without warning…

He opened his eyes and followed the eyes of the two girls, looking down at himself.

Haha! I did it!

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