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Chapter 22: Party Rules—Internal Sales

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

Upon returning to town, Qin Ruo trailed behind Slayer's Heart and the three women. He crept into Savis Town's appraisal shop as though someone might jump out and yell, "That's the guy who appraised the highest tier Gold equipment!". Only after he was certain that no one noticed him did he secretly let out a sigh of relief. It appeared that he and the Gold equipment did not attract the attention of other players.

Standing in front of the counter, Slayer's Heart had already laid out all the equipment acquired during their trip before the old appraiser. Six Violet equipment and fourteen Blue equipment, all Tier 4, a Dark Violet medicine bottle, and an item that looked like the Gorefiend Spider Demon's eye…

More than twenty items were piled on the counter like a small hill.

Looking at them, Qin Ruo coughed uncontrollably.

Slayer's Heart is indeed a rigid captain. He was so straightforward, not even trying to conceal the items. It was actually fine to do the appraisal in stages as well.

Fortunately, it was early in the morning so there were only a few players in the appraisal shop. Or else, there would have definitely been people coming over and inquiring to know which high drop rate area were the items produced from… After all, the drop rate in the game was not high. Even after a day of killing monsters in most places, it was unlikely to have so many drops.

The old appraiser, however, was not complaining. Without the slightest sign of fatigue, he scanned beams of blue and purple over the equipment on the counter…

Slayer's Heart watching the items one by one without any expression on his face. That was until the Violet necklace and long sword dropped from the Gorefiend Spider Demon were raised. He grinned in satisfaction for a while.

Qin Ruo was suddenly roused. Those had to be good items for the stiff captain to suddenly relax.

Edging closer to have a look, Qin Ruo was stunned.

Demon Spider's Spirit:

Violet Tier

Enhance Dark Element Magic Effect by 12%,

Reduce "Poison" Affliction Chance by 12 %

Limited to Elementalists

Requires 50 Intelligence

Level Requirement: 40


Vile Spider Venomsword:

Violet Tier

Attack 47 – 54

Laced with poison

30% chance to inflict "Evil Spider Poison" on target (50 points of Damage per second, 10% overall status reduction)

Limited to Swordsman

Requires 65 Strength 

Requires 45 Agility 

Level Requirement: 40

It was evident that the former was valuable. 12% increase in Dark Element magic effect was so much better than Qin Ruo's necklace with Water Element magic enhancement of 3%. Yet, that necklace with 3% still cost him 150 gold coins; one could imagine, the value of the necklace with 12% enhancement…

The Vile Spider Venomsword had no obvious attack, and the requirements for the Swordsman was fairly loose. However, not only was the Gorefiend Spider's venom extremely toxic, it also lowered the target's status by 10%. In other words, it weakened every property… This alone was nearly on par with a piece of Gold Equipment.

More than 10,000 gold coins could be made from the sale of the two equipment.

In the meantime, the last Dark Violet bottle and the eye-like item were also being appraised. The bottle contained "Spider Heart's Venom".

Spider Heart's Venom:

Useable on any Melee Weapon

100% Poison effect

80 points Poison damage per second

Weakens target's overall status by 10%

Poison Effect cannot be removed by Antidote within the first three seconds

Poison Effect last for 60 seconds

Spider Heart's Venom lasts for 2 hours in Melee Weapon

One time use only

Qin Ruo shuddered.

"What a potent poison!!"

If people came into contact with it and were not cured within three seconds, those with low HP were likely to be killed. In that case, it was much better to use it on a Boss. One hit would cost it 2,400 HP points in half a minute. Not to mention, it would weaken 10% of its status…

It appeared that Slayer's Heart never imagined that there would be such a dreadful poison inside an ordinary bottle. He was instantly enraptured.

"Hah… it is indeed the eye of the Gorefiend Spider Demon. This is just great. Coupled with the teeth and ear owned by Violet, as well as the Spider Silk and Poisonous Sac in our captain's possession, all the items needed to unlock the map are here!"

(Various hidden quests required specific tools to trade for a map. Based on the given map, a player would enter an area following the instructions. It is the same as entering a dungeon)

Burning Rose's voice brought everyone's attention to the eye that had been appraised.

The Gorefiend Spider Demon's eye was an item required for the lower third floor of Aricus Underground Ruins (they had to collect the Gorefiend Spider Demon's eye, teeth, ear, Spider Silk, and Poisonous Sac to trade for a map of the ruins' third floor chamber).

Slayer's Heart grinned again, pleased with his good luck.

"This isn't your credit to claim, don't forget about our new team member. If we hadn't bumped into him, we could've been killed by the Gorefiend Spider Demon…" Burning Rose reminded him aptly.

"Don't worry, I won't forget his share."

Upon hearing Slayer's Heart, Qin Ruo became nervous all of a sudden.

He quickly said, "Please, don't! You've helped bring me one whole level up. How can I take anything else from you?"

Although he was very tempted by the loot, when he thought about it, he had been following them around that day, and leveled up, which was already really fortunate. How could he ask for his share?

"It's not ours, it's everyone's. Moreover, you contributed a lot during the battle with the Boss, and rescued Little Apple as well as Little Arrow. If I took away your share, how could I continue to be the captain?" Slayer's Heart joked, shutting out whatever Qin Ruo was going to say.

He then said in a serious manner, "The value of the bottle is undetermined, but it's a pity to sell such a good item. I plan to make it a not-for-sale item, keeping it for a fight with a Boss in the future; as for the necklace and sword, it is estimated to be 18,000 gold coins; any opinions?"

Burning Rose, iLittle Arrow, and Little Apple nodded in unison, tacitly assenting to the party leader's allocation.

Qin Ruo, on the other hand, was looking at the whole situation in confusion. He did not know Slayer's Heart's intentions for saying this until Burning Rose explained it by his ear. Only then did he realize…

It turned out that this team of five had set up a rule. Each time items were acquired, trash equipment would be put on sale in the market, and the gold coins earned would then be used for equipment repair, potion procurement, Magic Scroll production, as well as rare raw material purchase; whereas equipment that could be sold at a good price, and were unusable by anyone in the team would be handed to Slayer's Heart. He would put them up for internal sale in the can. It would be sold once the price offered was higher than the estimated price. The money earned would be equally divided among the team members.

After a minute, Slayer's Heart informed everyone that the necklace was sold at 13,000 gold coins; and the sword was sold at 12,000 gold coins. Altogether, it was 7,000 more than the estimated 18,000 gold coins…


Qin Ruo gasped in disbelief. He could not believe it.

A Tier 4 Violet equipment could be sold at such a scary price? It seemed like it was way worse than his Gold equipment!!!

"So, each of us can get 5,000 gold coins… Qin Ruo, stop dreaming. Keep this, it's yours. It's not every month that we get to acquire such good equipment."

"That's right, don't waste it!"

"Or is this too little for you, huh?" Burning Rose and the others urged. In the end, due to everyone's "coercion", Qin Ruo accepted the huge amount of money with a somewhat perturbed and excited feeling. Looking at the over 13,000 gold coins in his backpack, he could not help but pinch his arm…

Phew, fortunately, not a dream.

After confirming that the pain he felt was real, Qin Ruo suddenly thought of something.

"Oh yea, I received an equipment today. Could you help me check how much it costs?" he said as he took the Galewind Wolf King Boots out from his backpack.

Ever since the captain mentioned the prices of the two Violet equipment, Qin Ruo had a feeling that the value of this Gold equipment was perhaps higher than he had expected… like, a lot higher!

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