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8.18% MMORPG: The Elementalist / Chapter 58: Suicide Engagement

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Chapter 58: Suicide Engagement

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

In the grand corridor of the underground palace, six of them held their breath and silently moved forward beneath the light of the Illuminating Crystal. They stepped forth so carefully as if their feet were light feathers, softly touching the ground. They were afraid of making any noticeable noise in the absolutely quiet palace.

Although it seemed like they were deluding themselves, six of them were doing this tacitly. The place was not a tourist attraction after all. Thus, walking smugly in their current situation would be utterly idiotic.

Moreover, the nine champions from Bauhinia Clan did used their blood to prove one extremely serious and harsh problem—the monster in the Ruin's third floor was completely different from the monsters on the outside.

Outside, monsters would proactively pounce and kill their targets. All of this was purely based on their own natural reaction and aggression.

On the other hand, the situation in the secret chamber was totally different since it was the lair of a higher-tier Gorefiend Spider. In addition to the gregarious Chameleon Spider, Violetwing Venomspider and Green Goblin Spider, there were also the Gorefiend Spider Demon and Deathfiend Spider.

According to Violet Orchid, after the previous team entered the area, they did not encounter any harassment from the small group of monsters for a long time. However, everything changed when they reached the intersection of the long corridor. The Violetwing Venomspiders and the Chameleon Spiders flocked in from all directions, and even the Deathfiend Spider appeared at a later stage! It could be inferred that these spiders were controlled by a higher-tier spider, and Scarlet Bauhinia's team was ambushed.

Perhaps this higher-tier spider was a Deathfiend Spider or an even more advanced Boss!

Nonetheless, at that time, the attack from these spiders was able to immediately annihilate the so-called most powerful line-up from the Bauhinia Clan. This disaster started with the death of the Radiant Priests, followed by the warriors and Elementalists. The only one left was Scarlet Bauhinia, who had a whole set of Dark Gold equipment.

Even Violet Orchid did not know how the hell Scarlet Bauhinia escaped from there. No matter how many Magic Scrolls Scarlet Bauhinia brought, it would have been impossible for him to obliterate the vast amount of monsters back then, not to mention there was still the dreadful Boss, the Deathfiend Spider.

It was a pity that Scarlet Bauhinia never raised the subject afterwards. He also did not told them the items he got inside. If it had not been for Scarlet Bauhinia not losing his level, the Clan members would have probably thought that he had died in the secret chamber too.

For the past ten minutes, everything looked very calm and tranquil.

The front and end of the long corridor were the same throughout; changeless, empty and dark. They never caught a glimpse of a monster, not even a single trace of living beings. If not for the pungent smell, which constantly stimulated their olfactory nerves, six of them might have forgotten that they were in the lair of the spiders. It was thanks to the unique odor there.

"Have we arrived?"

Qin Ruo, who was surrounded by the team, looked very grim during the entire journey. From time to time, he took a moment to glance at the current time. At one point, he finally could not help but lower his voice and ask Violet Orchid, who was next to him. He was so curious about the distance left to the intersection where they last fought. This is because the last time her team walked about ten minutes and got ambushed.

The latter bowed her head and hesitated for a while. Shortly after, she shook her head and replied, "The coordinates show two hundred meters left…"


Qin Ruo responded and nodded silently. We're almost there. Two hundred meters left. It's time to ready my skill!

An inaudible sound came from QIn Ruo's mouth. The Water Element in the air converged above Qin Ruo's head at lighting speed, condensing into an Aquarampart.

The others just sneaked a peek and continued to press on.

In fact, without realizing when exactly, the five of them had already accepted this Tier 3 newcomer, who joined them not long ago as a member of their team. Not only that, this newcomer occupied an important position!

Qin Ruo was in a state of total concentration at that moment. He followed everyone's pace while he carried on his manipulation of the Water Element, condensing the second and third Aquaramparts. All these Aquaramparts were floating above Qin Ruo. He did not turn them into ice, and just allowed them to suspend over the team, drifting forward.

They walked about fifty meters before iLittle Arrow and Slayer's Heart finally stopped in front. Everyone had faintly heard dense wings flapping in the dark. It was coming from several directions.

Without any hesitation, Slayer's Heart swung his hand. Black light emitted from Pazuzu's Warhammer along with the howling of the wind!

"Prepare to fight!!"

As soon as he spoke, the deep twang of a loose bow string rang out!

A green light left the bow and fell down 50 m away.


The sound of the Illuminating Crystal landing on the ground was exceptionally clear in the quiet secret chamber. Under the soft green light, the six individuals caught sight of the intersection at the long corridor.

It seemed like they had triggered some kind of trap…

The next second, the entire long corridor livened up! A massive buzzing sound was suddenly produced as a result of flapping wings! It sounded like countless locusts were flapping their wings and flying towards them!

At the same time, the ground also vibrated at an extremely fast frequency! It seemed that a very large army was approaching and surrounding them at an appalling momentum!

Although he already anticipated facing a lot of higher-tier spiders, when reality hit, he was still inevitably shocked by the unknown momentum!

Qin Ruo could not help but take a cold, deep breath.

"What the heck?!"

The long corridor, which was 30-m wide was full of monsters. No matter the front, the back, the ceiling or the ground, they were all filled with Chameleon Spiders and Violetwing Venomspiders. They were the most difficult to deal with, and there were still many more coming from the back.

The scene played out before the five of them and froze their blood as they were experiencing this for the first time. Qin Ruo was completely speechless. He did not expect to be ambushed by such a line-up. It was totally different from what he had imagined!!

Fortunately, Violet Orchid already had some immunity towards situations like this. She continued to enhance the stats of the five individuals at a steady pace. With a bitter smile, Qin Ruo finally condensed the last Aquarampart just in time.

Following that, he faced the dense spider waves. As though he wanted to vent out all his negative emotions like shock, panic and so on, he screamed at the top of his lungs.


Twelve Aquaramparts responded at the same time…


Twelve Frostramparts fell around the six of them heavily! All of a sudden, they could feel bitter cold air as there was a hoarfrost within the formation! It was extremely chilly! This action slowly eliminated the psychological pressure everyone had due to the spiders.


Titanwraith Berserker, Slayer's Heart let out a raging roar as his body grew more than ten centimeters taller than before. His body began to emit blood-red lights and his brawny muscles almost popped out. He was the first one to rush to the periphery of the Twelve Frostramparts Formation.

On the other hand, Little Apple was responsible for dealing with the monsters at the back, which was about a third of the total amount. Nonetheless, it was still a very terrifying number.

The next second, their apparent "suicide engagement" officially kicked off before Qin Ruo's eyes!

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