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Chapter 4: The Cunning Bandit

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

Deep inside the dense forest, the dozens of flames beneath the Galewind Wolf King's feet stained many piles of fallen leaves. The flames were condensed, focused, and showed no signs of spreading.

Coincidentally, these flares provided the opportunity for Qin Ruo, who was standing a few meters away to observe the battle situation clearly. However, as the trails of flame increased, they began to link up with each other.

Seeing this, Qin Ruo tightly gripped the staff in his hand and predicted that the battle was quickly drawing to an end.

During his one-month training in Kane Jungle, he attained a complete understanding and recognition of the abilities of this Tier 3 Elite Boss. Although the decision of the Berserker to prevent the Galewind Wolf King from approaching the Radiant Priest and Electromancer seemed wise at first, this actually dragged him as well as his team further into danger.

This was likely the first encounter between the threesome and the Galewind Wolf King. Thus, they were mostly uncertain about the monster's ability. Although the Galewind Wolf King had only been using Tier 3 and Tier 4 Wind Magic up to this point, these three individuals seemed to have forgotten that the Galewind Wolf King was a dual-attribute boss. Besides its Wind Magic ability, it also excelled in Tier 4 Fire Magic, which was evident from the flames all over the ground.


All of a sudden, the Tier 3 Thunderstrike, which the Electromancer had consistently used to attack the wolf changed. After a few seconds of murmuring spells, he dramatically cast Tier 4 Thunder Magic.

Qin Ruo was a little startled. Blazing lightning, about a meter wide tore through the sky above the dense forest. A strong and radical current coupled with a huge thunderclap struck the Galewind Wolf King heavily!


The Galewind Wolf King groaned in pain. Its whole body was zapped with an unstoppable, crisscrossing electric current. This was the very first time that the spells by the Electromancer exhibited an additional effect in his attack—paralysis.

Being pounded by the blazing electric current, half of the hundred flares dissolved silently. The Galewind Wolf King was no longer able to control such a huge amount of flames.

Qin Ruo was shocked when he saw that the attack of the Electromancer had defeated the Galewind Wolf King's trump card, who schemed as well as displayed a more powerful ability. He was so shocked that he almost forgot to control his Water Element, which had hardly accumulated. That was, until the Electromancer suddenly yelled, "Do it!".

Right after the Electromancer barked, the Berserker who had been acting rather sloppily retrieved his giant shield as he trembled and began to release dark, crimson rays from his bare skin.


A Tier 4 Berserker!?

Why was he performing like a noob just now? It looked like any Tier 3 player could have beaten him easily.

Qin Ruo was once again speechless…


With a thump, the nearly two-meter tall Galewind Wolf King was shoved several meters back by the Berserker. The Berserker still continued his attack. He repeatedly swayed his Violet Tier hammer in one hand as if he wanted to smash the Galewind Wolf King into a pulp. He looked so unbelievably valiant!

Simultaneously, the Electromancer's speed of spellcasting had increased dramatically. Unlike his previous perfunctory attitude, several Tier 3 spells were continuously cast and this further overwhelmed the paralyzed Galewind Wolf King.

The battle not only remained one-sided, but it was getting more and more overboard.

"I think I've been fooled!"

This was Qin Ruo's first thought.

It felt like someone had triggered his nerve. He frowned and quickly began to focus his mind. His sight was fixed on the shade to his left, where his leg had picked up a slight vibration through the ground.

Is someone else here?!

Qin Ruo sneered as he crouched beneath the shadow of a bush. His eyesight moved slowly to trace the vibration, which passed through the "string" under his feet. "Hmph… Can't hold still anymore, huh?"

The battle had currently undergone a slight twist.

Under the constant harassment of the Tier 4 Berserker and another Tier 4 Electromancer, the Galewind Wolf King was finally enraged. A golden inferno started to emit from all parts of its body in an instant. Fueled by the momentum of fending off the Berserker, the King took the opportunity to launch its counter-attack!

Despite being a little surprised, the Berserker did not panic and he re-engaged. With the aid of the Radiant Priest, he successfully resisted the Galewind Wolf King's attack. However, he had underestimated its rage.

Several blazes rose abruptly from the Galewind Wolf King's posterior. They joined rapidly and turbulently in the midst of a huge exclamation. Soon, a giant wolf conjured purely out of fire appeared before the threesome. The Giant Firewolf furiously engulfed the Tier 4 Berserker without hesitation, intending to perish together with its opponents.

"Gordon, be careful!"

At the back of the group, it seemed like it was the Electromancer's first time in encountering an enraged Galewind Wolf King. He was momentarily stunned. Once he heard the exclamation, the Berserker had already been fully engulfed by the fiery wolf.

At the same time, the Galewind Wolf King's Golden Windblade ferociously landed on the Berserker…


The heatwave exploded, sending enormous shockwaves along with the impact of the Golden Windblade. This caused the Berserker, who was now heavily filled with a burned odor to be blasted dozens of meters away. It was uncertain if he survived the attack.


"Revive him, quick!"

The Radiant Priest and Electromancer finally realized the true terror of a Tier 3 Elite Galewind Wolf King. They both made the right decision almost immediately.

As a Revival Ray covered the lifeless Berserker, a huge lightning, much like a spiritual blazing arrow tore the sky apart and hit the rushing Galewind Wolf King directly.

Amid the loud thunder and blazing light, Qin Ruo did not pay attention to the condition of the Galewind Wolf King. He fixed his sights on the scroll that was swiftly unfurled by the Electromancer, swallowing a mouthful of saliva.

A Tier 4 Magic Scroll. Considering its raw materials alone, it could be as expensive as 400 gold coins and above. That was triple the cost of Tier 3 materials. In addition, its success rate was only 70%...

 This person is really f**king rich.

Nevertheless, using the Tier 4 Magic Scroll to forcefully paralyze the Galewind Wolf King was the best they could have done. It was a situation where they were losing their human shield and protection barrier. Unfortunately, someone did not wish to see the team come out victorious in the battle.


A short hum marked the beginning of an unexpected plot twist. A hazy shadow suddenly flashed next to the Radiant Priest. Then, the Radiant Priest, who was currently reviving the Berserker fell helplessly to the ground.

This sudden incident terrified the Electromancer by the side.


Unfortunately, no matter how loudly he cried, they were no longer able to turn the tide around.

A Bandit!

This was the most despised class on the Mythical Continent. Concurrently, this class was also the most common and efficient in kill-stealing.

The Radiant Priest fainted after he was knocked out by a club. As a result, the revival ritual of the Berserker was forcefully terminated. The Electromancer reckoned that this was the worst-case scenario. He was in such turmoil, to the extent that he was too afraid to even unfurl a second Magic Scroll he had retrieved from his backpack. As a consequence, the Electromancer was torn into two by the vengeful Galewind Wolf King. The Magic Scroll was subsequently dropped from the Elementalist's grasp.

The Bandit did not stop after the successful ambush, and once again, he vanished quickly.

Left on the battleground were the corpses of the Berserker and Electromancer. Not forgetting, the knocked out Radiant Priest, who was currently bearing the fury of the Galewind Wolf King. There were also a few scattered pieces of equipment on the ground…

As the Galewind Wolf King howled angrily, it signaled the end of the battle. But at this very moment in the bush, Qin Ruo squinted his eyes and a flash of anger emerged momentarily within them.

This strategy…

It's him!

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