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Chapter 9: The Dream to Be a Small Raw Material Supplier

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

Looking at the attributes of the Galewind Wolf King Boots, and then at the Blue boots he had on, Qin Ruo felt sad.

Increases Defense by 3, increases Magic Defense by 2, increases Movement Speed by 8%.

Damn, the gap!

It was no wonder that League leaders looked like hot sh*t! Every day they would either gather a large number of lackeys to slay the Boss monster, or take it on in a solo mission. They truly looked very strong.

If you could get a set of such strong Gold equipment, would you also assault the Galewind Wolf in Kane Jungle?

The whole set of Gold equipment of the highest grade (there was a total of five in one set) could increase one's "elemental affinity". The cast time of his element and the attack damage were now 25% higher than the average master. Besides, it also had 25% magical effect, which was pretty terrifying… At the same time, its basic attributes were much higher than normal… like that of a small Boss.

In the forums, Qin Ruo had seen amazing videos of single individuals fighting against several people or even a group of more than ten people. This was despite the player, "God" being ranked first. The famous League Masters of the Seven Great Leagues; the killing machines cultivated by the Leagues, the "Field Commanders"; Clan Leaders from the big, well-known Clans… all of them almost had a full set of Tier 4 Gold equipment, or even Dark Gold equipment. Some rumors said that the first few masters in the ranking list, like God for example, already had one or a few Legendary Equipment.


Any player in the game dreamed to be one of these masters, wandering the world with only a sword in hand.

Qin Ruo also fantasized about how he would still look calm in the face of countless enemies. He just had to pull out his sword and one enemy would go down; just a wave of his hand and countless lackeys would fight for him; not to mention, he would be surrounded by countless beautiful woman.

It was a pity that all of this was just an illusion… If you had no outstanding abilities, who would actually be convinced? Without strong financial backing, who would work for you? Without a clever mind, how could you face hundreds of millions of players like from the League, and still stand strong?!

Thus, Qin Ruo gave up on these unrealistic expectations a very long time ago. He silently used his labor to work part-time and exchange raw materials for gold coins.

Although the money earned was not much, it was considered a good part-time job, which could improve his quality of life.

When he took out the other four equipment out from his backpack… he checked their attributes…

For the first time, Qin Ruo had such a great desire to become strong!

A desire to make a complete change!


The four Equipment, which he placed on the floor were a black dagger, a scroll, a shield, and a staff.

In addition to a Tier 4 Magic Scroll, "Thunderslash", which cost about 600 to 700 gold coins, among the other things he had were three Violet equipment. There was also "Black Widow's Kiss", which was dropped by his enemy, Cayman. It had advanced poisonous attributes and it was a fairly good Tier 4 Violet Equipment.

Nonetheless, the Blue Shield and Violet Staff dropped by the Berserker and Radiant Priest respectively possessed good attributes. As a conclusion, both were not cheap.

He tried not to burst out in laughter. Qin Ruo cooled down his excitement and started to estimate the value of the items. Apart from the Galewind Wolf King's Boots, which had an unpredicted value, the rest of the equipment would probably be able to sell for 4,000 gold coins, or even more.

If this was real life, he would have surely sold all these equipment in the market. Totaled up with the money in his backpack, he could get tens of thousands of RMB… They were worth three-months' salary.

However, Qin Ruo had no intentions of immediately selling all of the equipment.

He was generally a smart person; he knew the ways and techniques to make money. Since there was an opportunity for more, he was certainly not going to be satisfied being a small-time raw material supplier with unstable income!


Leaving the inn, Qin Ruo went to the market in town and looked around.

First of all, he sold the Blue equipment and Violet equipment that were not worth so much. He got 1,300 gold coins for them; He exchanged the Thunderslash Scroll for five Tier 3 Water Element Scrolls with an Electromancer. And with a Tier 4 Aeromancer, he traded the Galewind Wolf's Core for "Frostsoul", a Tier 3 Water Mana Core that could only be dropped by an "Ice Demon" in Snow Domain.

Of course, he also found a whole set of Level 35 Aquamancer's Violet equipment, which added to his Magic Defense. This made his Physical Defense increase from 57 to 71 points, while his Magic Defense increased from 42 points to 61 points... His HP was still at 480.

Tier 3 equipment were only used for transition periods, so it only took less than 800 gold coins to get them!

The only weapon that was a little more expensive was Frostsoul. It only appeared in Snow Domain, so it cost him 600 gold coins. Its magical attack was 15-18, so the damage inflicted by its user would increase by 20% if the user was an Aquamancer. The attributes of this staff were almost the same as a normal Tier 4 staff. Using Tier 3 magic, the Magic Attack of this staff was 18 points higher than his old Blue Staff; it possessed 90 points in terms of damage.

While Qin Ruo continued to find a buyer for the three remaining Violet equipment, someone who had been hiding in the dark for a long time finally could not hold back any longer. The person decided to come up to him.

"... I think we need to talk..."


Looking at the approaching individual, Qin Ruo pointed at himself with no expression.

Cayman looked awkward as he nodded stiffly. To be honest, if he had a choice, he would not have met this unpredictable Aquamancer in front of him.

He had become a Level 35 Aquamancer in a month, and for the most part, he had just been a wolf butcher in Kane Jungle. He made a living by selling the raw materials from the Galewind Wolf! Maybe he was a born wolf butcher; an unimportant person like him could even go up against the Galewind Wolf King on his own!

Some time ago, I killed this Level 35 lone adventurer when I was trying to get to the Galewind Wolf King.

The next time we faced the same Boss, he's still at Level 35, but the difference is this time, I died under his perfectly orchestrated counter-attack.

That's ridiculous! A Level 35 Aquamancer killed a Level 43 Phantom… And he did it without the help of a Bowmaster.

Until now, Cayman could not figure out how he was discovered.

He did not expect Qin Ruo to reveal the secret to him, so he just wanted to get his Black Widow's Kiss back. It was comparable to Gold equipment, and the weapon was given to him by his elders. Therefore, he had to make a deal with this guy… even though he had been killed by him… Qin Ruo taught him a most memorable and shameful lesson indeed.

"Three thousand gold coins! For Black Widow's Kiss."

Cayman skipped the bullsh*t and went straight to the point.

"Why should I sell it to you?" Qin Ruo spoke coldly. He blamed Cayman, because if it was not for him, he could have lifted himself out of poverty a long time ago. You probably got a hold of a really good Gold equipment from that Galewind Wolf King… Now you want to buy this weapon back? Dream on.

"How much do you want to sell it for?"

Cayman blocked Qin Ruo's path and refused to let Qin Ruo move one more step. It seemed that he wanted to buy his weapon back no matter what.

Seeing this, Qin Ruo sneered coldly.

"You want to buy it? Fine, then double it…"

"… Deal!"

Cayman's face alternated between green and white. He gritted his teeth and sent Qin Ruo a trade invitation. After confirmation from Qin Ruo, there were 6,000 gold coins in Qin Ruo's account…

"What the…"

Qin Ruo was silent for a while

This is only a piece of Violent equipment. Did this guy's IQ decrease after I beat him? Six thousand gold coins to buy one Violent equipment, even if it was one of the highest grade, the price is still a little too high!

It was more than double the price he previously predicted.

Qin Ruo was afraid that the other party would pull back, so he quickly tapped the confirm button! Although Cayman was a bastard, and his act was very disgusting, Qin Ruo would not fight against money. He considered the 6,000 gold coins as interest… Anyway, Qin Ruo himself did not suffer any losses. The rise from Level 42 to Level 43 was much more painful than the rise from Level 34 to Level 35!

Looking at 8,200 gold coins in his backpack, he felt pleased, but at the same time he also felt annoyed.

"Ah, I didn't expect this "robbery" to get me so rich… Why did I choose to be an Aquamancer but not a Bandit at the start of the game? That Class makes you rich!"

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