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5.21% MMORPG: The Elementalist / Chapter 37: The Legendary Demon

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Chapter 37: The Legendary Demon

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

Grandmaster Lockpicking skill…


Looking at the several obvious and conspicuous patterns of magic circles on the fetters, Gold Digger Babe sorrowfully pursed her lips. With a pitiful expression, she stopped her actions and took the metal wire back from the fetters. Her high spirits were now low.

As a Brigand, Gold Digger Babe was very clear about the value of these Magic Tools. Due to the distinctiveness and value of the fetters' material, she could hardly wait to pocket them. Once these Magic Tools were activated by a Bandit player, the system would consider it as loot dropped from monsters, and these Magic Tools could be taken to the Bandit Guild to redeem a reward…

The more precious the Magic Tools were, the more valuable or high-grade the metal that could be exchanged. They could even be exchanged for some rare raw materials! These exchanged materials could then be sold in the market, or put in the blacksmith shop to make weapons and equipment. All these were good choices!

The special handcuffs she took earlier were a good Magic Tool, but it was obvious that these special fetters were of a higher level when compared to the handcuffs. This meant that they were more precious…

The elderly elf's declaration implied that she could not unlock the fetters.

Anything lower than Grandmaster Lockpicking skills could not open it. This was even more so for Gold Digger Babe, who had yet to fully achieve Advanced.

Seeing that the little Bandit brat had given up, the elderly elf set his sights on Qin Ruo's face again. The elderly elf could feel that the powerful resentment left by Necromancer Frandy before his death remained on Qin Ruo. It had not disappeared after such a long time.

At this point, Qin Ruo had several questions on his mind.

Since this elderly elf was the teacher of my mentor, his ability has to be strong. But, why was he imprisoned here? Why did my mentor not come here to rescue him? This is so bloody dramatic…

Although he was plagued by these questions, he did not speak up. He looked at the strong and solid fetters fastened around the elderly elf's feet and started to fill his head with nonsense.

Even Gold Digger Babe can't open it... Perhaps this quest has a follow-up quest?

The elderly elf seemed to understand Qin Ruo's thoughts. After a clear sound was heard, he stretched his skinny arms and slowly stood up from the ground.

"The 'Blackflame Shackle' has a strong ability to absorb the water element. Frandy used it to stop me from escaping by using the water element. Otherwise, these fetters alone would not be able to limit my mobility…" Seemingly having the self-confidence to prove his strength, there was a faint magical fluctuation.

All of a sudden!

The elderly elf turned into a translucent water being in front of the three individuals. Looking through the elderly elf's "body", they could see the object behind him. Before their shocked gazes, the heavy fetters immediately fell to the ground and the elderly elf escaped very easily.

Gold Digger Babe's eyes sharpened. She quickly moved forward to grab the fetters. However, at the next second, the fetters appeared directly in the elderly elf's hand. This made the empty-handed little Bandit brat stick her tongue out and feel depressed. But it appeared as though the elderly elf had just done a very trivial thing, and he silently put the fetters away. His sights were then set on the three of them…

This amazing Water Magic that allowed him to liquefy himself totally shocked and silenced them completely. After a long while, Qin Ruo instinctively realized that this was a good opportunity and asked, "Master, the magic you used just now, is it Tier 1 Water Elementalism?"

Gold Digger Babe and Little Kitten were astonished again.

"How is that possible?"

"Tier 1?"

Only the elderly elf showed a glimmer of excitement. He scanned Qin Ruo from top to bottom, and nodded. "Not bad. You noticed that the magic I used was the most basic in Elementalism. It shows that your ability in Water Elementalism is not weak! I thought that by now, no one outside would fancy training this fundamental Elementalist skill anymore."

It was a fundamental skill of an Elementalist!

This was a pleasant surprise to Qin Ruo.

I never expected this elderly elf to give me such a high assessment for Tier 1 Elementalism. It looks like I've accidentally chosen the right path, hehe.

"Well, young man, there isn't much time to waste, so let's get things going! Since you were able to eliminate Frandy's doppelganger and help me get out of this miserable place, you can get one Aquamancer skill from me!"

"Frandy's doppelganger?"

Qin Ruo was taken aback again.

The elderly elf nodded impatiently.

"Please don't think that you all have the power to kill the legendary demon, Frandy. Its true form is of a Tier 6 'Immortal Body'. Any creature it kills will become its potential doppelganger. Even I can't handle it."

Shortly after, the elderly elf seemed to notice that the doubts in the hearts of the trio were increasing. He quickly told them the story of the Legendary Demon, Frandy from the very beginning.

It turned out that this Legendary Demon, Frandy used to be the strongest Necromancer under the Demon Faction. It could summon thousands of Skeletal Warriors and Tier 6 Skeletal Dragons. Its strength was comparable to a Deathly Lich. Due to its powerful strength, it was a threat to the Angel Faction. As a result, it earned itself the title of "Legendary Demon".

This dimension was the dedicated space used by the Legendary Demon to gather a large number of prisoners (skeletons).

The legendary elf Aquamancer got access to the dimension by chance. Thus, the elf decided to indirectly weaken Frandy's ability by destroying the dimension and finally achieving the ultimate goal of eliminating the Legendary Demon.

Little did he know that the dimension actually had a rule set by Frandy. If any class above Tier 3 battled with Frandy, they would be led to encounter the true form of Frandy.

So, that was when the elderly elf met with Frandy. They fought for a long time. In the end, the elderly elf managed to inflict extensive damage on Frandy, but he was imprisoned!

Fortunately, the elderly elf was able to discover a secret in the dimension, and he sent a voice message to his disciples about the ways and restrictions they would encounter in order for them to rescue him in the future.

When they listened to this, it suddenly dawned upon them! Now they knew why.

Qin Ruo suddenly broke out in cold sweat. He inhaled a cold breath of air and looked at Gold Digger Babe. The latter also turned her head and looked at him with lingering fear.

That was close!!!

Gold Digger Babe was a Tier 4 class. If she had joined the fight, they would have come face to face with the Legendary Demon Frandy and its strength, which was comparable to the Deathly Lich!

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