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6.34% MMORPG: The Elementalist / Chapter 45: The Miraculous Effect of Aquamorph

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Chapter 45: The Miraculous Effect of Aquamorph

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

Qin Ruo had a fair understanding of the Priest Class.

Priests were divided into two types, which were Radiant Priests and Dark Priests. The latter usually used negative magic skills that were transformed from the Dark Element. They mainly utilized mental and wicked, mysterious attacks. In contrast, the former primarily focused on supporting skills that were transformed from the Light Element. They emphasized assisting, but also possessed desirable attacking abilities. However, compared to the Dark Priest, the attacking style of a Radiant Priest was rather dull.

A Tier 1 Radiant Priest only had a single skill—the simple Light Arrow.

Tier 2 was slightly better. At this tier, Radiant Priests could enhance their magic attacks and they were able to cast Chaos Assault; then, at Tier 3, they could either use the linear Psycrash or the area-oriented Psyblast.

The number of attack skills further expanded for Tier 4 Radiant Priests, which mainly included the "Psylash", "Sacred Arrow" and "Vigilance Hammer".

The weak Tier 1 and Tier 2 attacking spells of a Radiant Priest aside, those that could truly threaten Qin Ruo were only five spells; the Psycrash, Psyblast, Psylash, Sacred Arrow, and Vigilance Hammer.

Among them, Sacred Arrow and Vigilance Hammer required four seconds of charging time. Plus, they would take on visible energized forms, thus they could be easily detected and defended against. On the other hand, the Psyblast was a short-range magic attack. Therefore, the two skills that Crackpot would most probably use were the Psylash and Psycrash.

Once he figured this out, Qin Ruo took his own sweet time. He decided to give Crackpot an unforgettable lesson, so that from today onwards, he would have to mind his own tongue for a while.


Seeing that Crackpot had completed his blessing and was rushing over to him speedily, Qin Ruo made no delays. He first launched his Frostpike.

Crackpot sneered and flipped his hand. A gold, miniature shield appeared on his palm and safely blocked Qin Ruo's probing attack...

The Frostpike broke into fragments and dropped to the ground. Qin Ruo was stunned. His initial intention was to use the Frostpike to test Crackpot's Magic Defense, but he did not expect his opponent to carry such an item. This Frostpike attack was considered a waste of effort.

Not only did Qin Ruo not show any signs of nervousness, but he also did not take a single step back after his attack was deflected. He continued to wait for Crackpot to initiate his attack...

With a hideous grin, Crackpot prepared to throw out his strongest Psylash without any hesitation. Aside from its magical fluctuation, this mental assault had no shape and no visible trace.

Yet, the instant he began to cast the spell, a huge explosive sound came from the Frostrampart, which had been standing in between the two of them the entire time. Shortly after, Crackpot lost sight of his enemy's trace in the midst of ice dust and rock. His Psylash also lost its lock on the target and was unable to be released.

"Heh, what a petty trick!"

Crackpot immediately saw through Qin Ruo's evil plot. He sneered inside and quickly dashed to the side as he controlled his fully-charged magical power. He was once again prepared to throw his Psylash the moment he saw Qin Ruo appear from the icy explosion.

However, he did not expect to only see a floor full of ice shavings and water marks after the icy explosion. Qin Ruo had completely disappeared without a trace.

Besides Crackpot, more than ten players, who had been constantly focused on his side of the battlefield were also fully surprised. They all had a bewildered expression on their faces…

Where had he gone to?

It is important to note that one was not allowed to use Return Scrolls in battle. Even if the player had forcefully gone offline, his body would still remain on the spot for a short period of time.

But the fact that Qin Ruo just disappeared under everyone's noses was well witnessed. How could one explain this?


Crackpot looked as though he had realized something terrible, and he turned his head vigorously! His eyes were fixed on the dense forest ten meters away from where Qin Ruo initially stood. Could it be that this kid possesses some hidden haste skill, and blinked into the forest within a second, while he used the icy explosion as a decoy?

An Elementalist would not have such speed. However, it was even more unlikely for him to have opened a portal to town, or gone offline. The only explanation would be Qin Ruo entering the dense forest.

Immediately, Crackpot dropped his originally relaxed demeanor and replaced it with full-on seriousness as well as alertness. A Tier 3 Aquamancer with such speed was rather threatening to a certain extent...

However, he never would have guessed that Qin Ruo had actually never moved his feet from the beginning. Instead, he had transformed into a transparent body of water under the slightly dim conditions of the dense forest.

Aquamorph did not only outwit Crackpot, but it had also deceived the more than ten pairs of bystander's eyes...

Qin Ruo was enjoying the refreshing and soft sensation of becoming part of the Water Element, while keeping an eye on Crackpot's every movement. There was an indistinct, transparent smile on Qin Ruo's face.

This Aquamorph definitely has its own miraculous effect in battle as well!

Qin Ruo took advantage of the situation where the sights of most on the battlefield were still locked on the dense forest following Crackpot's gaze. He quietly shifted his Water Element body to the back of a group of players. He then re-appeared behind a tall and big Berserker...

Now, a few seconds had passed since Qin Ruo's disappearance and Crackpot had long become impatient. However, because Qin Ruo was hiding within the dense forest, he dared not let down his guard. There was no agreement set on having to stay in the same spot during the fight beforehand.

Taking advantage of his higher Magic Defense and Attack, Crackpot started to provoke Qin Ruo verbally...

It worked! As he spoke, a considerably strong Water Element fluctuation appeared on top of Crackpot's head.

Crackpot reacted quickly and raised his hand without much thought. He intended to block the attack with the Gold Shield in his hand. But the Water Element above him only condensed into a non-lethal water ball.

The shield had no effect against the water ball and Crackpot was drenched entirely as the ball dropped onto him. In such a helter-skelter state, he could not hold himself any longer and chided, "F*ck! You damn coward trash! Show yourself now!!"

He rapidly withdrew his Pyslash, and threw a Psyblast towards the dense forest... This triggered piles of fallen leaves, but no response was heard.

Coincidentally, the Crypt Messenger had been annihilated at this same moment. A lot more attention was thus drawn back to the helter-skelter Crackpot, who was now cursing furiously.

As everyone witnessed, Crackpot actions suddenly slowed. The water droplets dripping all over his body suddenly turned into ice drops and fell onto the pile of rotten leaves beneath him. Simultaneously, the water on Crackpot's body also froze!

Even with the help of Divine Blessing, Crackpot was unable to halt the chill brought upon by the ice sticking onto his skin. He was forced to enter a two-second-long frozen state.

In the next moment, an explicit giant web, which appeared to have been knitted by a spider arose from Crackpot's feet. It lit up the astonished eyes of all the other players.


The giant net closed!!

Crackpot was promptly trapped like a human rice dumpling...


With that exclamation, the audience finally realized in surprise that the Tier 3 Aquamancer had been behind them all this while. He was spotted behind Crackpot, yet for some unknown reason, Crackpot had fixed his gaze deep into the dense forest in the other direction. Each and every one of them was left speechless by what they had just witnessed. They were left rooted to the spot as they looked blankly at Crackpot, who had now been turned into an ice dumpling.

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