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Chapter 10: The Seven Great Leagues

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

Savis Town.

A two-meter-tall, lion-faced Titanwraith Berserker stood at the crowded entrance of the town. He was looking in a certain direction, as if he was waiting for someone in the town. The huge, fully-metal copper hammer he held was casually put on the ground. He seemed very unconventional and everyone who passed by would almost inadvertently turn and look at this big, fierce-looking man.

Of course, the reason why the male players paid attention was that there were two beauties standing behind him. One of them was a Pyromancer, who was as lovely as a red rose. Another one was a tall Bowmaster, carrying a small wooden bow and an arrow sack. Although these two girls whispered to each other and did not care about their surrounding sights, their laughter did cause some small disturbances from time to time. This caused a short-term congestion in the town's traffic.

Usually, such a combination of two beautiful girls would attract a lot of lascivious men to seek and harass them. However, after many players came into contact with the glowering eyes of the Berserker, they quietly retreated.

The Berserker's equipment had a dark purple radiance to them and he also had on a gold wristband. Next, there was his golden weapon as well, the "Pazuzu's Warhammer", which was ranked 237th in the Mythical Continent. All these equipment were enough to startle the snobby experts there. Not to mention, the Berserker was wearing a flaming Bauhinia badge on his chest.

He was a member of Bauhinia, which was part of the Seven Great Leagues…

In the game, even if you were a newbie, there was one hidden rule you had to remember: you could provoke anyone but the members of the Seven Great Leagues!

While the person may just be a normal member of his or her Clan, it did not matter as the whole thing was tied to the "Hunters" from their five Clans. The Hunters were well-equipped militants who did not care about who you were. Those who insulted the League members would be finished off by them first! If one Clan could not handle it, the Hunters from all the League's five Clans would come together under the leadership of the Field Commander, and finish them off.

Once a League was fully mobilized, it was a huge fighting machine! Any enemy before it would be ruthlessly torn, or even crushed!

So far, no one could survive the attack of the Seven Great Leagues.

Among hundreds of millions of players, only less than 350,000 players were eligible to become members of a League (the maximum number of members per Clan was 10,000, and one League could have a maximum of five Clans).

What players needed to remember was not to take the initiative to provoke any of these 350,000 people. Of course, if they were the ones who started it first, it would be a totally different scenario.


"Really? Why isn't she coming back? Has Little Apple's charm failed to the point where she can't even invite a Radiant Priest?" After a few minutes, the beautiful Pyromancer paused. Ignoring the many ogling eyes at the entrance, she looked in the direction of the town and grumbled in a low voice.

The elf beauty next to her was a little smaller. While playing with the green leaves wrapped around her wooden bow, she said, "I'm not surprised. There aren't many Radiant Priests in the first place, and the ones that are around are raised by the team as well as the Clan. It's difficult to find one."

As soon as she said this, the Pyromancer smiled and turned around. "Haha, well, now I've got something on you. How dare you say that about Sister Ah Lan. I'm going to tell her about this!"

The Berserker smiled by the side.

"Hmph, I said it, Sister Violet has been held captive by their Clan Leader all this while, or else why would she abandon us here." During their conversation, the Elf raised her mouth slightly, seemingly dissatisfied with this "Sister Violet". At this point, she gazed at a familiar figure not far away. This person was rushing towards her excitedly.

"She's coming!"

The Pyromancer and Berserker also found the approaching female swordsman, however their eyebrows showed a slight frown.

"Just one person?" The feeling of failure was beyond words.

Once Little Apple came near, she heard the words from the other three, and sighed. "It's not easy. I did search for a long time and I finally found one. But, that guy died just now. He lost a level and dropped his weapon, so now he wants to go offline and get some money.

Hearing her explanation, the three people suddenly looked at each other, thinking that the guy had really bad luck.

The Berserker then said, "What should we do? To level up in that place, we need a healing character. Drinking potions is too expensive. Or... we could find an Aquamancer? Although the healing isn't going to be any faster than a Priest's, it's still acceptable."

The Berserker's proposal immediately won the support of the beautiful Pyromancer, and Elf. "Okay, but the person's skill needs to be good. His or her Aquaheal has to at least be at an advanced level."

"The distribution of items will be up to us."

After listening to the very sophisticated conditions given by the two beauties, the warrior, Little Apple refused to cooperate. Instead, she rolled her eyes. "Ladies, the both of you have so many requests. Perhaps the both of you want to pick the most photogenic people, and carry out an audition here?"

"Sister Little Apple, could this probably be your own idea?"

"Well, it's beginning to look like it now that you've mentioned…"

The beautiful Pyromancer and Elf formed an alliance, making Little Apple angry on purpose.

Watching the three girls beginning to bicker endlessly, the Berserker suddenly had a headache. He pointed at a player who had been standing near the entrance for a long time and said, "Let's not waste time. I think he can do it; a Level 35 Aquamancer. His equipment's okay and he doesn't look like a bad guy..."


"A Level 35 Aquamancer, my Equipment's okay and I don't look like a bad guy? That's the image I have?"

Qin Ruo opened his mouth and pointed his finger at his nose. He looked at the four people in front of him sluggishly. He really wanted to tell that Berserker that he was the company hunk and in reality, he was famous among pretty girls.

"One hundred and fifty gold coins, we'll temporarily hire you for two hours. If we can cooperate smoothly, we'll make it four hours, and payment will be 300 gold coins. Dropped items are ours."

"This price... Hmm... Okay, looks like they are perceptive enough to choose me. I won't stoop down to their level and argue with them."

After hearing about this high-paying job, Qin Ruo was attracted. Moreover, he was planning to leave Savis Town to try out his new equipment anyway. He was just worried that he would bump into Cayman outside, so he was hesitant about leaving the safe area. While this team was quite eye-catching, it had a Tier 4 Bowmaster in its ranks. The invisible unit below the same tier would not be able to hide from her eyes. In addition, the look of the captain, Slayer's Heart also gave Qin Ruo a feeling of security. As a result, he joined the team and left town with them.

Once they stepped out of town, Qin Ruo quickly regretted it.

"What monster we are going to grind in Kane Jungle?"

"We're going to Aricus Underground Ruins."

After Qin Ruo replied with an "Oh", his whole body immediately felt stiff!


Qin Ruo was stunned for a long time. He stared speechlessly at the serious captain, and looked at his team. He felt very uneasy.

Aricus Underground Ruins was no stranger to him. It was a recently discovered map deep within Kane Jungle. The monster there was at least a Level 42. Apparently, there were not many monsters there, but for a Level 35 Aquamancer who was low on Strength… it was very dangerous!

"This money is not going to be easily earned…"

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