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0.15% Monster Integration / Chapter 6: Preparation

Chapter 6: Preparation

I left the town square with my parents, today had been the very exciting day. It was really an eye opener especially Kevin's Three-eyed demonic monkey, it was really enviable that boy like a Kevin got such an awesome beast.

''Mom, I am sleeping," I said to my mother she nodded. This is normal, sleeping after the ceremony it is also advisable. The more relaxed your mind and body is the faster your monster partner able to integrate its powers in you. I fell asleep as soon as my head touched the pillow.

''Chu…wake up…"I woke up by sound, it's not much of sound but an emotion, I opened my eyes little confused as I felt like voice comes from my mind.

'Ah..' 'Did you wake me up Ashlyn' i asked in mind, I got an answer through emotions, Ashlyn and I had formed a telepathic link, soi can easily sense her emotion telepathically.

'sss…chu' she came out of me and stand on my chest. I am clearly feeling her emotions, she is feeling little hungry and want to be petted. I petted her soft silver feather for some time.

"thud.." as I was about to get up from my bed, I fell on the floor hard 'oww', "shit.." I cursed as I remember, I am clearly stronger than yesterday due to integration. My physical strength doubled due to my bonding with Ashlyn and thinking of bonding.

I look inside my heart where mysteries space had formed, inside it there large red cloud, I smiled loudly seeing that cloud.

I excitedly tried to summon the silver fire which I got from them, first, there are small sparks spark but then it slowly turned into small fire, and soon it became fist size.

"hahaha" I started to laugh seeing the fire, really I got Ashlyn's silver fire, I feel so happy looking at this fire, this fire is amazing, I was so enamored by it.

"Ashlyn look?" I asked Ashlyn to look at my hand in which is silver fire is burning but she only gave me look from the then look away, not giving more than a moment of look.

I laughed after seeing this, she hasn't changed a bit even after our bonding. I call back the silver fire as I had my fun.

I don't know how I summoned the fire seeing I just got the powers today but I somehow know, it is perks of bonding, you will be automatically proficient in your monsters powers.

It took me little time to get used to my improved physical strength, I freshen up and walk toward the kitchen with Ashlyn over my shoulder as we are both feeling hungry.

I slept about 24 hours and it is evening now, when I walk into the kitchen there was no one in the kitchen, I took out food for both me and Ashlyn, she was little unhappy out not getting special food yesterday.

What she was eating now still Grade 2 food but it is plant based and not monster's meat which is way more expensive. Most of the people not able to afford graded food for their monsters, their monsters eat what they ate, we are able to afford it because my parents are doctors Lv 1 that they may be, they still able to give their mothers a good food.

As we about to finish our food when my parents come back, "Micheal how do you feel?" my father asked, "Very good and energetic." I replied as I was feeling really energetic.

"You will be Constructing Refining Engine tonight right?" asked my mother, "Yes," I said, the best time for constructing the Refining Engine is withing weak of the bonding ceremony.

I had been preparing for it for three months, the day I was completely sure that Ashlyn's going to be my Monster Partner.

"We have made all preparation for you." My father had stated, they had made all preparation for the things I will need during constructing Refinement Engine.

It's not much preparation, it just I.V. which filled with the special solutions which will Aid in the construction of Refinement Engine and also energized me so I won't faint in the process.

The process usually takes one to three days depending upon the complexity of the blueprint of the Refinement Engine.

Soon it was time, "This will do." said my Father as she fixed IV. I am sitting on my bed in lotus position as my mother connected to my wrist, "Good Luck." said mother as she kissed my temple and they both left my room, closing the door behind.

After they left I projected 4D blueprint of Refinement Engine from my holographic watch. it is Spherical in shape and completely made of gears and cogs on which runes are carved.

It looked Majestic and is shaped completely different from the Regular Refinement Engine I've seen on the web.

There are thousands if Refinement Engine on the web in certified sites for free but they are all more or less the same, what they offer power of peak of strain which for Ashlyn species is for sergeant stage but not her species bloodline limit.

What strain is that it is a clear map of evolution, to which stage monster can evolve with certain hard work but it is not it's limit.

The limit of evolution or potential of evolution depends on monsters bloodline this limit is called Bloodline Limit or Bloodline Shackle.

One can unearth the monster's potential with extremely hard work but to break out of the Monster's Bloodline Limit is near impossible.

Like Ashlyn has class 2 strain from which we can reach Specialist stage with little hard work and time like My parent's Ash spark Sparrows evolved to a specialist stage when my parents in their thirties but to break out of the limit of the strain is going to be very very difficult for us.

What Refinement Engine does is it purifies the mana human and his monster partner absorb in his body. The monster and it's human counterpart has limited space in a body to store mana and that is what refinement engine does.

The purer the mana is the early the chances of Monster evolving are.

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