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1.14% Multiple Talents in Naruto World / Chapter 1: Talents!
Multiple Talents in Naruto World Multiple Talents in Naruto World original

Multiple Talents in Naruto World

Author: Logical_Dot

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Chapter 1: Talents!

"Hah! It's already been a month," Kidou muttered as he looked at the Hokage Mountain and the three faces engraved on it.

'Damn, Wouldn't it have been better if you had just given me some abilities or skills, instead of Talents?'

Kidou, The one we are talking about is a Transmigrator, and he transmigrated into the world of Naruto a month ago.

Just like others, his cheat was decided by a Golden Wheel and in the end, he got five talents.

Comprehension, Analyzation, Assimilation, Solver, and Creator.

Comprehension: It allowed him to comprehend things easily.

Analyzation: It allowed him to analyze anything easily.

Assimilation: It allowed him to Assimilate anything easily.

Solver: It allowed him to solve anything easily.

Creator: It allowed him to create anything easily.

'If I had these things from a young age, or I had been tranmigrated before, then it would be good. But no, 18 years have passed by since the First World War, and now, in just two years, it will be the second world war.'

'Even though I was in Tsunade's Class, I am still a Chunin with average chakra reserves and not much 'talent'.'

'It's lucky that I haven't been killed by or taken by Danzo in his ROOT.'

Kidou thought about his situation and a sigh escaped his lips.

In the month, it took him quite a few days to accept his reality, and a few more days to adapt to the world. Starting with killing chickens and rabbits, he could now take bandit extermination missions and kill humans.

'Now that I have adapted to this world, I need to start making use of these talents I have.'

Looking at the book in his hand, the book he created using his skills and imagining everything, and then using ink and notebook, a smile appeared on his face and he muttered, "This will help me earn a bit of income and then I can stop taking missions until necessary."

Holding the book, Kidou went to the Oktan Publishing house, and he said,  "I am here to publish this book."

"I will go and call the manager," The worker said and minutes later, A fat man with a big moustache appeared in the place and said, "Welcome, What type of book do you want to publish?"

"Here, You can read a bit and then we will talk," Kidou said with a smile on his face and the Manager took it.

Fifteen minutes later, the Manager looked at Kidou with worshipping eyes and said, "I will publish the book, No! Please give us the ownership of the books. What Talent! What word! I can't even describe the masterpiece you have written."

"Well, I can't give ownership as there are other volumes too, You understand what I mean, right?"

The Manager's eyes widened as he heard this and he said, "10%, No we will give you 20% of the Selling Price and for every 10,000 sales, we will increase the % by one."

The Manager said and Kidou looked at him for a moment and analyzed the deal.

"Hmm, Sure! Let's finalize the contract." Kidou said and the Manager gleamed at his words. In just an hour, everything was signed and a contract was created. The Manager gave the book for publishing and Kidou left the office with a smile on his face.

Reaching his small house, he went inside and sat on his body, he closed his eyes and started to meditate and sense Chakra in his body.

Minutes later, he opened his eyes and a sigh escaped his lips.

'As I expected, there is no normal method for me to grow up.'

Kidou picked the scrolls of Ninjutsu he had and searched for the Body Flicker Technique in them.

He read the scroll again and again, and then minutes later, he took a notebook and he started to write everything he understood the flaws he found in.

"Hmm! Increase vitality and nerve reaction to increase speed, and chakra is proportional to the distance."

"If I want to develop this technique and make it better than ever, I can change this[Frictions between surfaces], I can add this [Lighting release], and even change this [Large steps in between]."

"For friction, smoothening with chakra and sliding is a good option."

"For Lightning Release, it is a bit difficult but chakra transformation can decrease the amount of chakra used."

"As for taking large steps, it's more like jumping and running at the same time."

Kidou started to write everything that came to his mind and analyzed everything about the Body Flicker Technique. When he was done writing, he threw the notebook to the side and started to walk on walls while trying to make a Rasengan in his hand.

Looking at the unstable Rasengan in his hand, Kidou smiled while standing upside down and he said, "This chakra control should be enough for me to become an assistant in hospital and stay away from war."

"But before leaving, I will write about more techniques, especially the Medical ones, and my views on the Medical Team and Department."

"With them, my rate of joining the Medical Department will increase and maybe, I will get a bit of 'support' too."

Kidou started everything he knew and found relevant to the Medical World, and even added a bit of things he knew from his previous world. Cell Activation, Rapid Healing, Organ Freezing, Blood infusion, Surgery, and other things were analyzed and written by him.

Leaving the room, Kidou walked in the direction of Konoha Hospital while keeping the notebooks in which he had analysed different techniques in a storage seal, and soon reached the Konoha Hospital and walked in.

"I am here to join the hospital as an assistant and learn Medical Ninjutsu, Where should I go?" Kidou asked the Receptionist and she nodded and said, "You can go to Room No.4 on the Third Floor. But.."


"Today, Tsunade Sama is in charge of dealing with assistants so take care and behave properly." The Receptionist said as she looked at Kidou, who nodded with a smile and he went to the Third Floor while wondering in his mind about what Receptionist said.

'Tsunade is in charge today, should I come another day? No, This might be my chance but..'

Remembering Jiraiya's broken bones in the memories, he shuddered. Even then, Kidou didn't stop and reached the Third Floor and went to room no. 4.

His expression changed as he saw no one in the place and looking at room 4, he knocked on the door and heard a female voice, "Come in."


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