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100% Multiverse Traveler System / Chapter 39: Chapter 39: Brawl Fist

Chapter 39: Brawl Fist - Multiverse Traveler System - Chapter 39 by Jovami6729 full book limited free

Chapter 39: Chapter 39: Brawl Fist

~Third POV~

As the Heimdall announces Marks name the fight has already begun as Shiva couldn't wait to fight and so did Invincible as they both began to punch each other fist…


Both of their fist collided was powerful enough to cause a great gust of wind to blow away Heimdall as Shiva smiled ecstatically at this, "You are strong. And I really mean it to survive a punch from a God."

Invincible merely snickered at Shiva as he replied with a tone of arrogance in his voice towards the God, "Really now? If that was your best then you better give up now because I will win this for humanity."

Shiva didn't care as they both began to throw down series of punches so fast that Gods and humans alike can't read on them as they were wide-eyed at this but to Shiva it kept his blood flowing with excitement!


For each fist that has been thrown they both kept on increasing their speeds so much that the cause of wind gust became breaking the sound barriers as they both didn't let up as they began to increase each hit speed to ridiculous levels!

The half-alien hero and the God of creation and destruction both kept going at it with each fist clashing each other canceling out even with Shiva's four arms and fist he knew that Mark was far from being fully powered.

Within his mind he started to use his techniques against the hero alien the [Hidden Treasure of Svarga].

[Hidden Treasure of Svarga] Shiva's trump card, a war dance that only he can perform.

By dancing to the rhythm of the cosmos, Shiva can attack his opponent with far greater speed and power while confusing them.

Its unpredictable rhythm allows Shiva to continuously attack his opponent with multi-hit attacks while his opponent is under the impression of being attacked by many, many enemies all at once.

Once Shiva implemented his dance it caught Invincible off by the surprise of the dance but he shook his head as he thought to himself in a determined tone, 'No Mark I have to stop him it's for Earth and these Gods are destroying that world even if it's not my own. I won't stop till these guys are stopped!'


Mark went after Shiva at full speed but was surprised that Shiva was faster than him as Invincible was hit all over the place from Shiva speed, however…


Shiva noticed something off as he landed those blows to Invincible as he noticed that his punches connected but was surprised to see him unfazed, 'WHAT! How the hell does he not have burn marks or even bruise marks for that matter! Impossible!'

While true Shiva attacks were faster than Invincible speed it wasn't enough to penetrate Invincible durability of his skin as his race as while he looks 30 years old or less his actually a lot older than he appears around the thousands as his race gets stronger by aging.

Invincible to finally get off from the attack he got himself in the air as he looks at Shiva as he spits only a single drop of blood from his mouth as he replies to Shiva in a kind tone, "Not bad made me only lose a drop of blood? But I'm afraid that won't be enough now please surrender there is no way to end this by one of us dying you know?"

While Invincible wanted it to end this peacefully Shiva looked over to his fellow Gods as if yelling at him to go further beyond as he says to himself seeing this, "I already know, I always have...every one of them...watching me with those honest eyes of theirs. Now I have to prove myself once more…"

Just a glance made Shiva smirk at this as he thinks he says to Invincible with pride in voice being heard, "Damn...guess I can't let you guys down… Sorry Invincible but I'm afraid it's not possible but I won't be the one to die!"


Invincible shakes his head as he decided to get serious as he began to dive bomb to Shiva's direction with both his fist aiming for him!

Shiva seeing the seriousness of his opponent felt motivated and didn't hesitate to go all out against the hero!

[Tandava] due to his intense dancing, Shiva's body becomes super-heated and starts to combust which increases the power of his attacks and burns his opponent.

[Krittvasa Flaming Tiger Claw Dance] - Shiva jumps in the air and brings down a powerful kick while simultaneously combusting his feet, slicing and burning his opponent.

The flames created from the kick are hot enough to cauterize the flesh of Raiden who had humanity's strongest muscles.

By using the [Tandava] and [Krittvasa Flaming Tiger Claw Dance] together he superheated his body as he began to charge at Invincible meeting his attack kick head-on against Invincible fist at high speeds were enough to surprise the crowd…


A big shockwave moved throughout the arena as the attacks of the two fighters were strong enough to shake the whole arena of the coliseum that even Gods were stumbling around from the fight!

Next followed by a large amount of heat from the fire as the attack wasn't done as they could hear more shockwaves that were being heard as the two kept going on not relenting to each other!


As the crowds were getting away from the heat of Shiva and the strength of Invincible Brunhild and Geir noticed an uncomfortable expression on their faces as Alex saw this fight throughout the fight happening inside the shockwaves and heat of fire blocking the path.

Alex frowned to see Invincible was getting hurt showing few skins burns and few bruises on his body but managed to keep up with the God Shiva.

But that didn't mean that Shiva wasn't without getting damaged in return as he kicked Invincible fist managed to do some damage against his lower body legs.

Even the Gods that were strong managed to see that Shiva was hurt but they noticed that Invincible was hurt.

This match came down to who was stronger, faster, and more durable to survive the attacks of these two…


Another hot attack hit Invincible as Shiva was hit in the stomach as they both backed off from each other as they got their bearings to together both of them looked at each other as they were both hurt.

Shiva was panting at this as he was getting near his limit as he looks at Invincible in disbelief as he managed to do some damage and burn off some portions of his suit but was still standing was surprised him the most!

Shiva gritted his teeth not in rage but excitement as he recalls his time fighting stronger Gods in his way as he thought Invincible was truly strong to withstand all of his attacks without even letting up.

All for all he was glad to have faced him but even then as a God he can't lose as he thought to himself in a tried voice, 'Even all of that his still standing I have to admit that name Invincible is a bit optimistic but…'

Smirking across his face he thought about his opponent as he readies his final moves against Invincible, '… I won't lose to this human! As a God, I have my pride to go on to defend my title till I wait for my friend!'

Invincible on the other hand not giving up was more determined to stop these Gods from destroying Humanity into extinction as he thought to himself, 'No I won't stop! These Gods are literally going to bring an end to everyone what about the innocent people or the kids or the future generation… No… I'm not going to let you hurt anybody! THIS ENDS NOW!'

Invincible filled with new determination to win at all the cost was ready to end the fight!

Shiva noticing the seriousness of his enemy he decided to go into his [Tandava Karma: Samsara War Dance – Ashes].

[Tandava Karma: Samsara War Dance – Ashes] - Shiva's ultimate secret technique.

By forcing his heart to beat faster, Shiva can directly stimulate his atman (spirit), resulting in an incredible increase in power and speed.

Additionally, his body combusts and burns at a higher level than when using [Tandava], to the point of burning his surroundings, and objects far away from him to ashes.

In this state, all his blows become hot enough to char and burn away flesh and were burning away the powerful muscles of Raiden, but there is a drawback to this technique, however, as Shiva himself will eventually burn out if he uses the technique for too long.

Invincible seeing that his opponent was now set aflame was surprised but didn't relent as he wouldn't let Shiva escape as they both began another brawl of a fist but this time Invincible feeling every single pain of the fire he felt but….


Everyone from above was getting more blown away from the second as the two of them kept on fighting with everything they had as Alex saw that Invincible was getting his hands burned now showing the effects of Shiva attacks working.

Brunhild and the rest of the humans began to cheer for Invincible hoping that he could win hoping that a hero would help them.

Invincible heard loud and well as he never surrendered for the people at stake and gave it his all despite the pain and bruise marks on his body he will never give in…

While his body isn't strong his spirit is invincible to go on despite the pain and go forward beyond the limits!

Shiva noticing Invincible body was getting damaged he decided to end it all in one attack as he thought to himself in a tired tone, 'Damn… this guy is really something after being burned like this he should be in a lot of pain but he holds it in for them… I have to end this fast with one final attack.'

With all of Shiva might spin around the heel for a kick he used the [Deva Loka: Final Act Flame Dance]!

[Deva Loka: Final Act Flame Dance] a powerful spinning heel kick used by Shiva under his [Tandava Karma] state a kick that is so powerful and burning hot that it managed to overpower Raiden's Yatagarasu and rip his arm in half.


As the punch aiming for Shiva's head was blocked by the attack stopped as Invincible hand was crushed and his whole arm was ripped off surprising him.

Shiva smirked at this as he smiles at Invincible defeat –


But he was stopped as Invincible managed to land on top of Shiva and decided to beat him down with no escape as he began to bash him with one arm and his head to defeat him over and over as his legs stop him from moving!


Shiva was hit multiple times despite Invincible getting burned by his fire it began to burn out as Invincible yells at him doing all he can to beat the God down, "Getting it now, are you!? Done screwing around?! I'm not letting go, Shiva! I'm not till I WIN!"

With that they both did their best to see who would win this brawl fist with all they have leaving it bloody mess as they began to beat each other down as the crowd winces from each punch given although weaker from the first time it shows that they won't back down…


Each blow into the chest…


Each fist aimed at the face…


Each blow aimed at the stomach…


Each blow to the abdomen…


Finally, one to the brain…


Till finally they had the one victor as one man was standing beaten up and bloodied as he raises his one arm in victory as Heimdall began to announce the winner, "The winner for the second round is Humanity…. INVINCIBLE!!!!"

With that the second round was won by the humans as Alex, Brunhild, and Geir all get ready to plan their next enemy after seeing the next foe from the Gods side…

Poseidon the God of the Sea…


Mission, Inventory, Traveler

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Equips: Pure Gold Ring, Shusui (Anubis)

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