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100% My Adorable Little Wife, Sheng Wo. / Chapter 5: Pretty Seamstress

Pretty Seamstress - My Adorable Little Wife, Sheng Wo. - Chapter 5 by Illona_sama_5462 full book limited free

Chapter 5: Pretty Seamstress

Sister!? he called

Twin sister...I am your twin sister! she cheered as she hugged him

"If we are twins we must be complicity then and always tug at each other then I can help you get away from trouble and you do the same," she explained

"Sister are you okay!?" he asked worriedly

"I'm more than okay! We are twins," she said as she was jumping

Ren Ren suddenly came to pick the young mistress.

"My lady are you okay!? What are you so happy about?" she asked surprised at the vivid act she was making

"Ren Ren take the medicine and give it to her." Sheng Li Yao asked quickly

Sheng Li Yao looked worried for his dear sister and Zhang Yi could not afford trouble in this world. "No, No! brother I just came to thank you for the cakes they were amazing." She gently gestured

"My sister came to thank me?" he said shuddering

He felt warmth in his heart as then it was a sign of honor which was not the case.

"I can cook more if you want!" he kindly proposed

"I can't believe he is my twin brother! Just by his behavior, he looks like my younger brother." Sheng Wo thought laughing

"Li Yao, there is no need for you to cook again for me." she softly said

"Lady Wo called young master Sheng by his name. Will he get angry?" Ren Ren shoved in the ears of Sheng Lan's servant

"Well then, sister!" he gestured Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

"He did not get angry?" they both said frozen

"Tomorrow, I want to get to the seamstress shop. There are some gifts I will like to offer Mom on her birthday." Sheng Wo explained

"Sister is smart and she thinks about mom! I still didn't figure out a gift for mom..." he thought

"I will bring you tomorrow then. Did you thought about..."

"Do not worry! I will manage with Dad," she said

How did she...

"I'm sure he will understand. For now, I need to rest!" Sheng Wo said as she was heading to her room

La...La...Lady Wo! You cannot challenge your father's words. Ren Ren continually spoke worried

He will skin you alive if you dare! she warned

"Ren Ren, I will not defy father. I will negotiate with him." She explained as she opened the door of her room

Lady Wo is behaving strangely! she said as she gazed at her

Is it the water from the river?...

"I refuse to think that way of lady Wo. She is a reasonable woman!" Ren Ren cheered herself in her mind

Sheng Wo smoothly entered her bed without thinking of anything more than her sleep. She closed her eyes deeply as she covered herself in the blanket.

"Ren Ren, please turn off the candles." Sheng Wo ordered

"Yes, my lady!" she answered

She quickly offed the candles and fanned them to let out their sweet scent.

Have a good rest, my lady! she said as she went out of the room closing the door as she left


Sheng Wo yawned as she got up after a big sleep.

The morning sprang quickly as if the night never came. Birds were chirping from the outside and glitz of dew were falling on the soft grass. That morning, a little grasshopper has visited the young mistress.

"Ah! I never slept on a bed so soft," she murmured as she stretched

"Lady Sheng Wo! I brought breakfast." Ren Ren said as she was passing through the hall

"Ok!" she replied

"I forgot I was not at home and I'm just a marriage pawn," she said sadly

"Goodmorning Lady Sheng! This is your breakfast, tomato soup, and egg-fried rice." Ren Ren smiled as she happily transported the sweet-scented tray

"Oh! Thank you, it must be delicious. Place it here." she said

"Young mistress, I hope you slept well. There are many things that..."

Suddenly, Ren Ren spotted something on Sheng Wo and fell to the ground yelling.

"Ahh! a grey grasshopper!" she screamed in disdain

"A grey grasshopper? What do you..."

Sheng Wo looked on her chest and saw a grey little thing prickling at her.

"Oh! he's so cute. Ren Ren look it is a female and with her spots, I think she will soon have babies." she said as she showed the adorable creature at her

"Babies? It is horrible! My lady, please get rid of that thing. I will be sick." she said a was ready to vomit

"Ren Ren don't get sick. He has to free of course, or he will die. Open the window, I will free him." she said as she stood holding the little creature in her hands

"I'm doing it right now." Ren Ren said as she rushed to the window

As Ren Ren opened the window, Sheng Wo let the grasshopper through it. The little grasshopper flew with his wings and landed on the fresh dew. He looked happy and took a little glance at Sheng Wo before slowly disappearing into the green.

"You see how nature can be this beautiful," she said as she stared at the little creature

"Ren let's go. I have to see father..."

Father was in his study looking at the affairs of the late trades that happened in the month.

Hmm... the trade of this month is not bad at all. he said as he stared at the details written by Li Yao

"Father, Li Yao! Good morning!" Sheng Wo greeted happily as the study was open

"Master, Young Master, good morning!" Ren Ren greeted respectfully

"Sheng Wo, what is bringing you here?" he asked not looking happy at all to see her

"He does not look happy to see me. Do they really don't care about me?" she thought deeply

"Father, my reason for coming is to ask your permission to go out and buy something for the birthday of mother." she said as she changed her mood in seriousness

"He does not have to know about what I heard yesterday. Will he let me?" ...

"You may leave," he said waving his hands

"Yeah!" she screamed in her heart

"Thank you, father" she as she left

"Father, I will like to go with my sister." Sheng Li Yao politely asked

"Go then! But I want you here before sunset."

"Yes, father," he said once more before leaving


The market of the Qing dynasty was prosperous and many merchants were selling different things in which some disappeared. Dresses were displayed, fruits, vegetables, jewelry, homewares, medicines, and other eye-catchy attractions.

"Bark of Asian longhorn beetle" Sheng Wo exclaimed as she looked at the medicine

"My lady, this barks treat infertility and is great for reducing ailments." the woman who was selling introduced

"It's only two copper coins," she said as she showed the fresh raw barks

"I will take a packet. It will please mom" she said as she took out her purse

"Your mother will be very pleased to have a rare medicine." the woman said

She left the woman and reached Li Yao as they were walking.

"Brother Li Yao, where is the seamstress's shop?" she asked

"Sister, we will soon arrive! It's not far from here," he said calming her excitement

"Here we are!" he pointed as they headed to the shop

When Sheng Wo entered she saw all kinds of sewing tools. It looked just like the ones in modern times but more sophisticated and plenty of rare tools.

"It is even better than I expected." she said delighted

"Now with my knowledge, I will sew all kinds of pretty garments never thought before."

"Lady Wo what will you do?" Ren Ren asked

"Ren Ren help me take the sewing machine, measurings, tissues, ruler, chalk, needles, and threads." Sheng Wo asked

"My lady you will sew?" she asked amazed

"The machine will cost much money and..."

"Do not worry I already planned everything." Sheng Wo said firmly assured


Sheng Wo was cutting tissues, passing the needles, measuring, and ironing. She had so much experience it looked like a game.

"My Lady when did you know how to sew? You are wonderful!" Ren Ren praised as the skillful seamstress

"Give me the bow you made" she asked

"Here it is young mistress"

"Now it's done." Sheng Wo said as she admired her craft

She made a curtain, a lovely ancient dress, a makeup bag, and a cute purse. All of this took her time and her hands were covered with soreness.

"Wow! They are all very pretty." Sheng Wo said gleaming at her own creation

"Ren Ren please keep them in the closet. It shall be handed tomorrow at Mother's birthday."

"Yes, young mistress!" Ren Ren rejoiced as she kept the things in the closet

Sheng Wo pounced on her bed after a long tiring day of work. It was almost sunset and the sky turned orange.

"My lady, you may be hungry what about some food and juice?"

"Thank you! It will be great."

Ren Ren opened the square flat door and closed it as she left. She was heading to the kitchen to take the refreshments of the young mistress.

"Ren Ren, where is Sheng Wo?" Sheng Li Yao asked as he stood from the chair in the parlor

"Young master, Lady Wo is having a rest. Please do not disturb her she worked very hard today for the mistress's birthday."

"She worked so hard in her room locked all day for mother?"

"If it's the case, leave it," he said not willing to disturb her in her sleep

At the instant, Sheng Wo was snoring in her bed and did not take care of the outside world.

"Ren Ren you are there." father called joyfully

"Master is calling me? If he is calling me and being that happy it means he will do something with the young mistress."

"Please call her for me. Her future husband came to visit," he called

"Her future husband!?" Ren Ren and Li Yao gazed with their eyes widened

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