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Probability - My Cartoonist Guide - Chapter 157 by Rak_MTL full book limited free

Chapter 157: Probability

Because the hotel's restaurant is relatively large and there are more guests, and the dining tables of Shen Xin and Ye Hexu are placed in the corner of the restaurant, Song Ren did not find Shen Xin, but chose a window with another person. Sit down.

"Anyone you know?" Ye Hexu whispered.

"The son of the president of "NewWorld" magazine." Shen Xin said.

"When he sees you sitting with us, will he think too much?" Ye Hexu said curiously.

"Probably not. If I don't introduce him, I guess he doesn't know who you are."


This sentence is so annoying.

Ye Hexu looked depressed.

"But the other person should know Mr. Ye." Jian Xiaomei said.

"Really? Who is he?" Ye Hexu asked in a puzzled way.

Jian Xiaomei gave Ye Hexu angrily, feeling helpless.

"He is the project manager of Feibo Animation Company. He once wanted to buy the copyright of "Hunting Abyss", and the price was more appropriate. The artist hired was not good and was rejected by the editor-in-chief. I will take a shot first. If they buy For the copyright of "Y\'s", your expectations may be slightly lower."

"Actually, it's useless to say so much. For cartoonists, the most important thing is income. If the price is right, I don't mind selling the copyright." Ye Hexu joked.

"Different companies have different purposes for making animation. For example, animation companies, their purpose is to make money, sell to TV stations, or make DVDs and BDs for sale. But like comic magazines, especially "ComicFuture" There are other purposes of magazines and animation production-to drive the sales of comics. Teacher Ye, you should have a deep understanding of this."

Ye Hexu nodded.

The reason why "Hunting Abyss" can rush from the top ten to the top of the popularity list has a lot to do with animation.

"If the quality of animation is too poor, it will not only not increase the sales of the magazine, but will also affect the reputation of comics and cartoonists. Therefore, you must think clearly about which company to choose to produce animation." Jian Xiaomei explained.

Shen Xin understands what Jian Xiaomei said, but he doesn't understand Song Ren's personality. He only thinks that he is great and talented, but wants to prove himself, a typical second generation.

I hope I don't come up with any moths.

"By the way, Teacher Shen, the serialization of "Y\'s" is over, do you want to come to "ComicFuture"?" Ye Hexu suddenly said.

"I haven't considered it yet." Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

Shen Xin will not show his heart at this time, otherwise the price will be too low.

Ye Hexu suddenly lost his energy after hearing Shen Xin's answer. Even Han Ye, who had not spoken, couldn't help but glance at Shen Xin, then lowered his head again.

Next, Lu Ning also asked some questions related to "ComicFuture", and Jian Xiaomei answered them one by one.

Shen Xin listened to the conversation between the two people and also had a deeper understanding of "ComicFuture".

"ComicFuture" belongs to Yishu Culture Group. In addition to "ComicFuture", the group also publishes other magazines, such as "Monthly ComicFuture", "Shounen Future" (monthly) focusing on newcomers, and the industry's top five light novel magazine "Qi Chuang Library". Major animation and game companies also cooperate closely.

Of course, as China's largest comic magazine, it is very difficult to serialize on "ComicFuture".

All newcomers, regardless of their talents, must serialize short comics on "Shoun Future" before achieving results.

Even Ye Hexu was eligible for serialization in "ComicFuture" after winning two consecutive awards on "Young Future".

Han Ye is an exception, but he was not a person from "ComicFuture", but was dug over, and before being dug, he had already won the "MangaFly" short comic award, which is considered to have achieved some results.

"Then if I come here, do I have to serialize it from "Young Future"?" Shen Xin asked with a smile.

"If it is Mr. Shen, you may want to read the first three chapters name. By the way, in addition to submitting the name, it is best to have the main character settings and the story outline so that the editor can grasp the general direction." Jian Xiaomei said.

Shen Xin rubbed his chin, even if it was a job change, it was not easy. After all, he did not jump from a big magazine to a small magazine.

However, Shen Xin didn't care too much. There is still some time before he leaves "NewWorld", and no one can guess what will happen in the future.

After dinner, the group of people left their seats one after another. Shen Xin looked at the window and found that Song Ren had already left.

When parting with Lu Ning, Shen Xin found that Lu Ning's mood was not high. Obviously, Jian Xiaomei's words had a certain impact on her.

In fact, if you think about it, Jian Xiaomei is right.

"ComicFuture", as the first issue of China Comics Magazine, is certainly the magazine that most cartoonists yearn for, but one issue of the magazine can only arrange more than ten serials, and the fierce competition can be imagined.

Without superior strength, it is impossible to survive on "ComicFuture".

The next day, Shen Xin, who had recovered his strength and energy, met Yan Fei in the restaurant. Through the conversation, Shen Xin learned that she had gone to see Wang Wenhong.

"Is he okay in Jiman?" Shen Xin also wondered when the two people started to get in touch.

"He quit." Yan Fei thought for a while. Anyway, the winners of the major awards have been settled, and there is no need to hide Shen Xin. "He is now Junhao's waiter."

"Huh? Junhao? Is the hotel where the judges stayed?" Shen Xin asked in surprise.

"Yes." Yan Fei nodded.

Shen Xin is not a fool either, and he does not believe that Wang Wenhong will suddenly modify his son and become a waiter. Considering that he met with Yan Fei yesterday, an answer is ready to come out.

"Because of "Y\'s"?"


"He didn't do anything excessive, did he?"

"That's not He worked as a waiter in the hotel. During this period of time, his job was to arrange and organize pamphlets."

Having said that, Yan Fei whispered what Wang Wenhong had told her again.

Shen Xin rubbed his forehead, this idea is indeed only Wang Wenhong can think of, moreover, to achieve the effect, not only requires luck, but also a lot of physical strength and energy.

Whether Wang Wenhong is for himself or for "Y\'s", it is not easy to survive this time.

"What are you going to do?"

"If you can win the prize, I will recommend him in front of the editor-in-chief of two magazines... about 1/3 probability." Yan Fei said.

"How do you know?" Shen Xin asked in surprise.

"The selection of the'Newcomer Award' is not over. He met the editor-in-chief of "MangaFly" in the restaurant. If "Top of Basketball" had not been eliminated, the editor-in-chief would not be there." Yan Fei said Wang Wenhong's inference .

Shen Xin nodded slightly.

Yesterday, Han Ye also said that the possibility of "Criminal Punishment" winning the prize is very small. Combined with the news from Wang Wenhong, if nothing else, it should be one of the two "Hunting Abyss" and "Y\'s".

50% chance of winning...

Shen Xin rubbed his hands, suddenly feeling a little nervous in his heart.

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