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Chapter 9: Soaring Cultivation Speed!

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Su Jie pondered. As a martial artist, it was not shabby for him to earn money with his strength. The salary of 200 taels of silver a month was extremely generous. It was enough to support his current cultivation!

Thinking of this, Su Jie looked up at Yan Bin and proposed: "Master Yan, I can accept the invitation to become an ally and do my best when you encounter trouble but I also have some requests."

"Please tell me of your requests" Yan Bin replied quickly when he saw that Su Jie was willing.

"First, I need to be able to end our cooperation unilaterally at any time. Second, I hope Master Yan won't reveal my identity to the public."

Su Jie made his request.

Although he was interested in the reward of 200 taels of silver a month, it was inherently impossible for a person like him to be an ally of the Flying Cloud Society for the rest of his life. Therefore, he suggested that he end the cooperation whenever he felt like it.

The second request to not let Yan Bin reveal his identity to the public came about due to two reasons. Firstly, Su Jie did not want to incur unnecessary trouble. Secondly, it was because of his father, Su Wu.

The Flying Cloud Society seemed to act a little like a triad and Su Wu was a constable in the Divine Constable Bureau. If the fact that he was an ally of the Flying Cloud Society was exposed, it might affect him negatively.

"Alright, these are not important," Yan Bin agreed readily. He did not expect to tie Su Jie to the Flying Cloud Society anyway.

For Yan Bin, befriending a martial arts genius like Su Jie was a kind of investment. It was possible that in the future, because of his relationship with Su Jie, the Yan family could prosper and turn misfortune into fortune!

Moreover, the salary given to Su Jie came from the entire Flying Cloud Society and not from the Yan family alone. This could be considered a profitable investment!

"Brother Tang, this is this month's salary. From now on, I will distribute the salary on behalf of the Flying Cloud Society at the beginning of every month."

After the negotiation, Yan Bin directly ordered the butler to retrieve the money which included the entirety of his salary!

Yan Bin was quite bold. He directly paid Su Jie the 200 taels of silver.

"Alright. From now on, I will come to Heiye City at the beginning of every month."

Su Jie accepted the banknote.

After chatting with Yan Bin for a while, Su Jie bade farewell and left.

"I wonder who this Brother Tang is… If he's a martial artist from a large sect or family, he shouldn't be worried about money. However, how can an ordinary small family give birth to such a young expert?"

Yan Bin watched Su Jie leave. He was curious about Su Jie's identity.

However, Yan Bin was a smart person. He knew that Su Jie did not want to cause too much trouble. If he took the initiative to investigate, he would undoubtedly offend the other party. There was no need for that.

"With the attrition from my current cultivation, 20 Body Strengthening Pills are enough for a month of cultivation. 200 taels of silver is more than enough for that. I will still have some left…"

Su Jie was also quite satisfied. After visiting Yan Bin and becoming an ally of the Flying Cloud Society, he would draw a considerable salary every month!

Of course, in exchange, if the Flying Cloud Society encountered trouble, he would also need to help.

Su Jie went to the Superstore Building and bought enough Body Strengthening Pills for himself. Then, without any delay, he returned to Qingshui Town.


After returning to Qingshui Town, Su Jie began a new round of cultivation. He consumed the Body Strengthening Pill and focused on practicing the Ape Demon King Kong Fist.

The ape avatar in the distant Yinchuan Mountain also cultivated the Ape Demon King Kong Fist. The ape avatar had a strong digestive ability and there was enough food in the Yinchuan Mountain so it did not need to take the Body Strengthening Pill to replenish its energy like Su Jie for the time being.

Due to his extremely high compatibility, every time he cultivated the Ape Demon King Kong Fist, Su Jie could feel a warm current improving his physique!

After reaching the third level of the Ape Demon King Kong Fist, he would have at least 1000 pounds worth of divine power in one arm. Moreover, with every 1% increase in cultivation speed, his physical strength would rise by about 10 pounds. When he reaches the perfected third level, he would have 2,000 pounds worth of divine power in one arm!

However, there were undoubtedly very few martial artists who could cultivate it to this stage.

With Su Jie's cultivation speed and enough Body Strengthening Pills to replenish the attrition caused by his cultivation, his cultivation speed of the Ape Demon King Kong Fist could increase by about 10% every month.

"Two years… I'll be able to cultivate the Ape Demon King Kong Fist to the perfected third level in two years at most!"

Of course, the further one progressed, the harder it became. Even so, Su Jie was confident that he could reach perfection in two years!

Time passed. In the blink of an eye, four months had passed since Su Jie became an ally of the Flying Cloud Society.

Ape Demon King Kong Fist (Compatibility: 60%. Cultivation Progress: 50%, Third Level)

In the courtyard of the Su Residence, Su Jie, whose strong upper body was exposed, saw how his cultivation of the Ape Demon King Kong Fist has reached 50% in the third level. Satisfaction marked his face


Su Jie released a punched. The air was torn apart as an extreme force filled the air, producing a slight explosion sound.

After four months and the consumption of nearly a hundred Body Strengthening Pills, his Ape Demon King Kong Fist has improved greatly and tempered his physique greatly. Now, Su Jie had 1,500 pounds of divine power in one arm!

"I will rest before going to Heiye City tomorrow."

Su Jie calmed himself. At the beginning of every month, Su Jie would go to Heiye City to collect the Flying Cloud Society's salary and purchase Body Strengthening Pills.

These four months have been peaceful and satisfying!

"Uncle Fu, I'm going out."

The next morning, Su Jie greeted the butler, Liu Fu before leaving for Heiye City. With his speed and stamina, he set off in the morning and arrived at Heiye City in the evening by running at extreme speed.

"Mr. Tang, please come in. His lordship is waiting for you in the living room."

When he arrived at the Yan Residence, the butler of the Yan Residence began to recognise Su Jie. He knew that Su Jie was Yan Bin's esteemed guest and respectfully invited Su Jie into the Yan Residence.

In the living room of the Yan residence, Su Jie met Yan Bin.

This time, however, Yan Bin's face lit up. He quickly greeted and invited: "Brother Tang, please sit."

Su Jie sat down. When he saw Yan Bin's expression, he couldn't help but ask: "Did something happen?"

Yan Bin nodded slightly. His expression grew to be more serious as he explained: "Brother Tang, we might have to trouble you this time. Recently, the Li family of Heiye City has opened a shop in the territory of our Society without informing us. This is a provocation to our Flying Cloud Society. After some discussion, we have decided to warn the Li family."

Su Jie did not know much about the situation in Heiye City. Since the Li family dared to provoke the Flying Cloud Society, they must be powerful.

"What are you going to do?" Su Jie forwent asking for more details. He was paid by the Flying Cloud Society so he had to help them without going against his bottom line.

Yan Bin said, "Tomorrow night, we will send people to the Li family's shop and wreck it. The Li family also knows what they did is a provocation to the Flying Cloud Society. There will definitely be people guarding it for the time being, so we hope that Brother Tang can help us. However, do not kill anyone."

In this world, even doing business relied on an iron fist. The Li family opening a shop in the territory of the Flying Cloud Society was equivalent to snatching the Flying Cloud Society's business. The Flying Cloud Society would certainly retaliate. Otherwise, more families and powers would snatch the Flying Cloud Society's business.

In Heiye City, as long as one does not kill people or cause too much of a commotion, the government offices would turn a blind eye to it.

"Alright, I understand. I'll stay temporarily at the Yan residence. I'll be involved in the operation tomorrow night."

Su Jie nodded and agreed.

"Alright, with you, Brother Tang, we will surely succeed!" Yan Bin's face was filled with joy.

Yan Bin, a hall master of the Flying Cloud Society, was in charge of this operation. Yan Bin also wanted to establish his reputation in the Flying Cloud Society. With Su Jie taking action, he was naturally more confident!

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