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6.18% My Crazy Housemate / Chapter 18: I'm coming over.

I'm coming over. - My Crazy Housemate - Chapter 18 by ThatAmazingGirl full book limited free

Chapter 18: I'm coming over.

As Leo continued to search around for Mia, he bumped into his twin brother, Louis.

"I have been looking for you everywhere. What's it they're all saying about me saving someone? That was you right?" Louis asked Leo with a suspicious look.

How else was he going to explain the fact that everyone was saying the King's young doctor saved a lady when he knew he had been attending to something else at the time such incident occurred and he hadn't saved any lady like they claimed.

Only conclusion he could come up with was—it had been Leo's doing.

"Long story. Aunt Deborah mistook me for you and forced me to save the la—." He was about to say lady but he paused. Someone like her could never be considered to be a lady. So instead, he settled for "Girl"

He hissed as he explained. He really wanted to stop remembering everything that had happened the past hour.

When Louis heard his short narration, he began to laugh. "I'm glad you were able to save the Lady. Did the medical team take her to the hospital yet?"

"Hospital? That crazy girl —" He wanted to say more but kept quiet instead. It was best to not remember. He reminded himself.

He did not want to start talking about Mia. Plus, it was only Chloe and himself who knew she was staying with him.

Speaking of Chloe, he had to teach her a little lesson.

"Where is she? That little devil?"

"Who is a little devil? Oh! Have you seen Cherry?"

"I don't want to talk about her." Leo frowned before explaining to him that it was Chloe he was looking for and asked whether he had seen her.

"I haven't seen her. She probably must have ditched us all. You know she hates these things." Louis explained.

When they both went their separate ways, Leo still looked around in hope of finding Mia or Chloe. He had to see one of them to vent his anger and frustration on.

"Why are you wandering about?" Leo heard a feminine voice behind him and turned to see his mother standing there with a smile.

"You're here. What about dad?"

"He is with some chiefs. Men talk. I had to leave him."

"Have you seen Chloe?" He asked her with the hope of receiving a positive response but unfortunately, he was disappointed.

"I was just about to ask you same. I haven't seen her. Did she do something wrong this time?"

Leo thought about telling his mother all his naughty sister had done. His parents would probably find a way to move that girl out of his house right?

But he decided against it. He was going to teach her a lesson on his own.

"She did nothing wrong. Just wanted to see her before I leave."

Mrs Kings smiled before placing a hand on his shoulder. "I am really happy to see you. Let's talk more at home."

"Home?" He gave her a confused look.

He hadn't planned on going home. In fact, he didn't like going home!

"Yes. Home" She nodded. "You're not planning to not come over are you? You should come over for dinner and at least spend the night." She gave him no chance to object and turned to walk away, but she stopped when he called for her attention.

"I wanted to ask— why is there a Shaman's house in this park?"

"A Shaman's house?" She raised a questioning brow at him.

"Yes. Isn't this supposed to be a park? That place looked creepy"

" really a Shaman's house here?" She asked again to be sure.

The Mickey Mouse girl had told her about a Shaman's house but she had called the girl a liar. Now her son was telling her the same thing. It only meant the girl had not lied.

"There is. But I could not find it again. I just thought you knew. Anyways, I'll see you later"

He kissed her cheek before going on his own way.

Mrs Kings felt a pang of guilt.

Not only had she called her a liar, she had also asked her if she wasn't trained.

But remembering how rude the girl had sounded and how she had ripped the envelope into pieces, she frowned deeply.

"Silly girl" She said before shaking the thought out of her head to go do something else.


Immediately Mia got to the house, she slumped on the bed and began to cry.

Calling her a liar had really broken her down. She could take different insults from people, but being called a Liar was one she could not take.

It reminded her of when she was little. Whenever they searched for something around the house and could not find it, they always accused her of taking it. Sometimes she was sure the item was with her elder sister, Mary, but Mary would call her a liar and her parents would take Mary's side.

In school also, she had been faced with similar cases. She didn't know why people always looked down on her or call her a liar and a thief.

What did she do to deserve something like this?

Was it her fault for presenting herself to the people to insult her.

She heard her phone begin to ring and did not bother to check who was calling.

When the phone began to ring for the third time, she picked up the phone from the bed and was about ending the call in annoyance before she saw it was Mira calling.

Mira was her friend just like James.

The three of them were childhood friends and always stuck around together.

Just like James, Mira was a rich kid. She could get whatever she wanted on a platter. But she wasn't proud. Or maybe she was, but she was never proud to her or rubbed her riches on her face.

Mia was surprised to see her calling with her local number since Mira had been in a art school outside the country and they were only able to communicate via video call once in a while. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=";m-coming-over._43345048137425051">;m-coming-over._43345048137425051</a> for visiting.

"Mira!" Mia quickly sat up.

"Why's your voice sounding that way? Who annoyed you?" Mia could tell Mira was frowning by the tone she asked with.

"I am fine. Are you in the country?"

"Yes babe. I called you earlier today but it seemed you were busy. You didn't even bother to call back."

Mia forced out a laugh amidst her sadness. Mira was always so dramatic and Mia could swear that she was pouting right now.

"Sorry. Had a stupid job and wasted six hours of my precious life today. I don't want to remember it."

Mia said with a dismissive tone.

"I spoke with James a few minutes back and he mentioned your living arrangement." Mira paused and began to laugh before adding.

"I'm coming over. I need to hear ever single detail about it and the guy living with you."

ThatAmazingGirl ThatAmazingGirl


I remember a lot of people asked me to keep updating here..

I don't know what happened but I can't find you all anymore.

So if you're still here, please leave a comment.


Thanks to all that's been supporting my story (Warning: She's a She-Devil.)

As of today, the name changed to (Beware: She's a devil.)

I hope you keep supporting. Thanks! *muah" :-)

Hello,Mr Li:The Christmas trip

If you are a fan of sweet and innocent love, add up that book :)

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