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6.41% My Crazy Housemate / Chapter 19: You don't know anything

You don't know anything - My Crazy Housemate - Chapter 19 by ThatAmazingGirl full book limited free

Chapter 19: You don't know anything

"What? That was Leo?" Mrs King asked Leo in surprise as they ate dinner around the long family dining table. 

When she heard the King family's young doctor had saved a lady, he had naturally assumed it was Louis who had done that.

She remembered the incident now and was thanking Louis for being there on time but to her surprise, Louis had said it was Leo who did that.

Everyone else felt the same way apart from Louis who knew about it already. 

"Aunt Deborah put me through this mess. I don't even want to remember it" He said before he continued with his Cajun Chicken Pasta and veggies.

It was his favourite, and they had specially prepared it to welcome him back home. 

He would have actually preferred a beer on the table, but instead, there were healthy smoothies made with different kinds of fruits.

"I'm really proud of you Darling." His mother said again before looking at her husband as she waited for him to day something also, but he remained quiet while eating his food. 

Leo saw it but pretended like he did not.

People do say that "In every family, there is always a black sheep." He probably was the black sheep of his family. 

His father had wanted him to become a doctor just like the rest of them, or probably a lawyer if he didn't want to join them in the medical field. 

But instead, he had chosen to be a photographer and cinematographer. 

And having that kind of job meant that he would always travel far from home. He always moved from one city and country to the other. 

Leo didn't think there was anything wrong in doing that. Besides, he was paid well— Cool cash. Maybe his brother was made to take care of the sick and all, but he was not. 

He liked to see pretty things instead of gory sights. 

He liked to hold a camera instead of a knife. 

He liked it when his heart raced in excitement at the thought of the gem he was about to create, not getting tensed because he did not know whether the person he was operating on would die or not.

He wanted to make people prettier instead of leaving scars on their bodies.

He had chosen that path, and he liked it with all his heart. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=";t-know-anything_43416651416265937">;t-know-anything_43416651416265937</a> for visiting.

He didn't mind what his father thought anymore. 

For years, he had tried to convince his father that this was what he wanted to do, but his father was never interested in whatever he had to say. He had made it clear that he wanted him to become either a doctor or lawyer.

To him, being something else aside from those two was a stain to their family's name.

The probably could allow Chloe do whatever she wanted since she was a woman. But Leo was a man— and a King.

The place became unbearable and suffocating to the point where he had to move out. 

But it wasn't as if his father completely ignored him. They do exchange pleasantries— just like they had done at the park earlier, but that was all. Nothing more or less. 

Leo looked at Chloe who was sitting opposite him and he saw her quickly move her eyes away from him. 

He didn't mind her acting like a thief. All he wanted was for her to move that girl out of his apartment. He had talked about it with Chloe right before dinner and she had promised to send Mia to somewhere else soon.

"Are you sleeping here tonight?" Louis asked.

"No. I'm going back to my place." Leo answered almost immediately. 

Before his mother could say a word, her phone rang with an emergency call from the hospital. 

Leo was not surprised to see the Doctors hurrying out of the house. In fact, he had been surprised that they were able to stay for long hours without receiving any call. 

Was this the kind of life they expected him to live? 

Well, he couldn't. 


"James' place looks good. Better than I imagined." Mira said as she looked around the sitting room before sitting down.

"Would have been better if I was living alone." Mia said in a annoyed tone before sitting beside her.

"Is he that bad?" 

"Just wait till he comes here and you'll see how much of a jerk he is" 

Mira began to laugh. "I won't be surprised you're actually the one who has a problem. You don't like anyone, and always look for an excuse to start a quarrel." 

"This guy is worse. He is rude, annoying and—" Mia suddenly remembered how he had appeared inside her room with a lady beside him and frowned deeply. 

"And handsome? Is he handsome?" Mira asked inquisitively. 

Mia knew Mira had always had a thing for handsome guys. She didn't mind whether he behaved like a jerk or not. So far he was handsome, he was perfect. 

"He is....not" Mia said before standing up to go inside the kitchen while Mira closely following behind her.

"Just try to get along with him baby. Would have asked you to move into my house but it's very far from your school."

"I am really trying my best believe me. I am" Mia took out some vegetables from the fridge and washed them before she began to slice. 

"Don't tell me you want to prepare noodles?" 

"Of course. That's the fastest food to prepare. I am starving." She wasn't only starving, she was feeling sick. It was a miracle that she was still this strong after collapsing earlier.

"How many times have I told you that noodles is not good for your health? Leave those things. Let's go eat out. I am also starving." Mira tried to pull Mia away but she didn't budge. 

"You know I hate to eat out."

"You don't hate it. You're only obeying your mother because she doesn't like it." 

"It's the same thing." Mia said with a frown.

"For goodness sake Mia! You're a adult already. How long are you going to keep trying to impress your mother?" 

Mia stopped what she was doing, took a deep breath, and turned around to look at Mira. 

"Do you want me to throw you out of this place?" She asked in a calm voice. 

"I don't mind you throwing me out of here. You know I'll never stop telling you the truth. Your mum doesn't care about you yet you always try to please her. Can't you think about pleasing yourself for once? Do you know—" 

"Just stop it!" Mia raised her voice and lifted her head as she tried to stop tears the tears from falling down.

"You— don't know anything." She said in a low voice before dumping all the veggies inside the waste bin.

As Mia pushed past her to leave the kitchen, Mira wrapped her hands around her in a hug. 

"I am sorry about all I said. I didn't mean to hurt you. You know I love you a lot and your happiness matters a lot to me. Please forgive me baby." 

They heard a thud and quickly broke away from the hug to look at the door. 

There, Leo was standing with wide eyes and dropped jaws as he stared at both ladies.

ThatAmazingGirl ThatAmazingGirl

Sorry for the late update.

Like I mentioned in my other novel, there was a fire outbreak and so things were messy.

But I'm good.

Thanks to you all for your continuous support regardless!

Hello,Mr Li:The Christmas trip

If you are a fan of sweet and innocent love, add up that book :)

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