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My Dark Angel Prince: Trapped in Death’s Embrace My Dark Angel Prince: Trapped in Death’s Embrace original

My Dark Angel Prince: Trapped in Death’s Embrace

Author: Egyptiangodess98

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Chapter 1: Dying Light


The suffocating grip of darkness had consumed me, leaving me cold and alone. With every attempt to break free, it pulled me down further.

Then, a voice shattered the silence, gentle and warm, reaching out to me like a comforting touch in the abyss. It was both familiar and unfamiliar, as if I had heard it countless times yet never at all.

"Please, Avalyn, open your eyes," the voice pleaded once more. I struggled to obey, but my efforts were futile.

Eventually, the voice faded away until all I could hear was the faint sound of a heartbeat.

Suddenly, my friend's urgent voice pierced through the darkness, jolting me back to reality.

My eyes shot open, and I emerged from the water. I could feel my friend's concern as she swam closer to me. I brushed away the water from my face and assured her that I was fine.

But was I really? Lily's doubt was palpable, and I couldn't blame her. The darkness had taken hold of me once again, and I had almost drowned.

I didn't want her to worry, though. Our friendship was too precious to risk losing.

I took a moment to admire Lily's beauty, with her vibrant red hair shining under the orange sun rays, her defined cheekbones, plump lips, and piercing blue eyes.

I couldn't help but remember the little crush I had on her as a child, but she had always referred to me as her best friend, and I cherished that title.

Our bond was unbreakable.

"We should get out," Lily said, breaking the silence.

I nodded in agreement and swam towards the stainless-steel ladder at the other end of the pool.

As I climbed out, I couldn't help but feel grateful for Lily's presence in my life, even if it meant hiding my true feelings for her. The orange sky above us was turning darker, and the day was coming to an end.

As I reached the abandoned sun loungers, the cool breeze caused my soaked hair to cling to my face, and droplets of water trickled down my back.

The realization that this impulsive swim was not the best idea started to sink in, sending a shiver down my spine.

Growing up, we had to have at least one 'pool party' each week of the whole summer.

It was something that we agreed on doing until we were well in our forties. Looking back now, I don't think it was one of our brightest ideas.

Not when we both ran out of secrets to tell each other, not when we stopped telling each other everything, and not... well, since the accident. I preferred not to talk about that.

I toweled off before getting dressed and gathering my things as quickly as possible.

"Forgot my phone, it's in your room." a sigh escaped me, and I didn't intend for it to be that loud.

Lily led us into her kitchen and I hoped to the gods above that he was not there. I began to relax a bit when I heard someone yell my name obnoxiously loudly. It was him. Of course, it was.

"Avalyn! So nice to see you!" The man sounded a little too excited.

I found myself wondering how Lily's mom felt about that. Then again, she probably knew about his affection towards 'younger' girls.

"Hello, Mr. Milburn." I waved defeated.

Mr. Milburn, or Jack, as I called him, was tall, and lean, and he made decent money, which automatically made him attractive for a man in his late forties.

He dressed nicely and always had an aura of cologne following him everywhere, one which you could smell miles before you could even see him.

He smiled and, to my horror, began to head towards us.

"When will you ever draw me, Ava?"

I felt bile rising to my throat.

"You could even sell that drawing, buy yourself something nice, you know."

He flashed me a bright smile. A bright unsettling smile.

"Of course, I'd love to, and fortunately..." I trailed off and pretended to carefully study him.

"Your face, Mr. Milburn, looks easy to draw." I returned the smile.

Beside me, I could hear Lily snorting and I knew she was suppressing her laughing. Jack, on the other hand, looked confused and before he could do anything, Lily grabbed my forearm and we headed upstairs.

"You could take a shower, you know?" She told me while leading us to her room.

"Take a shower? With your stepdad around? I don't think so."

"I'm not in the mood to get creeped out by a guy who thinks he qualifies as a sugar daddy."

"He's literally obsessed with you, you know that?" She handed me the phone.

"Gross. Why is he home anyways?

Shouldn't he be at work?"

She shrugged and I did not know what to make of that.

I was honestly worried about her. she would have to live with Jack under the same roof for the whole summer break. I made up my mind. I had to talk to her, ask her to tell me if anything happened. Oh, I would kill the guy.

"Well, I really had fun talking shit about everyone with you today."

"Of course you did." I scoffed before waving her goodbye and turning on my heel.

I was hoping and praying that I wasn't being watched as I walked alone, with no makeup, wet hair sticking to my face, and the scent of chlorine still lingering.

As I gazed up at the sunset-painted sky, the clouds swam lazily in the gentle breeze, and I made a decision to paint this magnificent sight when I got home, if only I could stay awake.

Sighing, I checked my phone and noticed a text from my dear friend, Jason. He had written that he missed me, and the screen's brightness was almost blinding as I stared at his message.

Although he was my ex, we had agreed to remain friends, even though he had hurt me deeply and then blamed me for it. A part of me still loved him, but I knew that cutting ties with him was the best thing to do.

Lost in my thoughts, I almost hit a hard wall, which startled me back to reality. I assumed I was alone, so I wasn't expecting anyone to be facing me.

As I looked up, ready to apologize and walk away, I saw a man standing in front of me.

His silver eyes glistened like the moon, and his chiseled face was framed by a few loose strands of black hair that cascaded to his shoulders.

Despite his thick, full lips seeming to have uttered something, I failed to hear it and asked him to repeat himself.

As I stood there in awe, the man's dark aura drew me in. He raised his right hand, stopping right before my chest, and uttered,

"You can see me."

His voice was warm, rich, and dark, sounding almost like a question.

I felt dumbfounded and amazed, simultaneously, by this stranger's enigmatic presence.

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