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My Ex Wants Me So Badly After Divorce My Ex Wants Me So Badly After Divorce

My Ex Wants Me So Badly After Divorce

Author: JQK

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Divorcing On Their Anniversary

Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios

As usual, Su Wan washed up, did her skincare, and arranged her hair. She then got up and prepared to head downstairs for breakfast.

Looking at how pretty she looked in the mirror with her blush, Su Wan's lips curled up slightly and her eyes were like crescent moons, making her seem a slight bit more innocent.

She carefully folded the pregnancy test results and placed them in her pocket.

If she told Jing Chen, he would probably be happy.

From Su Wan's perspective, every day during the three years that they had agreed upon was a variable.

Jing Chen treated her so well…

"I just heated up some milk for you. Drink it while it's hot." Seeing that she came down, Jing Chen got up and went into the kitchen. He put the steaming milk in his hands by Su Wan's side, however, his glass of milk was neither warm nor cold, it was not hot at all.

Obviously, Jing Chen had specially heated up the milk for her.

Su Wan's heart warmed.

"Jing Chen, I have something… What do you mean by this?"

The smile on Su Wan's face broke instantly. She looked at the divorce papers that Jing Chen had handed to her. Her tone suddenly became unstable.

The shock and the drastic change made her lose her composure.

She panicked.

She quickly adjusted her tone and pretended to be calm. "Isn't it three years? If I remember correctly, we've only been together for two years, right?"

Today was their second wedding anniversary.

She had never put on makeup, but today she wore makeup and especially spent some effort on it.

Jing Chen sized her up with a meaningful look, he did not bother to hide his gaze. "Why? Are you going back on your word? I was too good to you and now you can't align yourself with reality?"

Su Wan's heart skipped a beat.

What did he mean by this?

In the two years, she had been married to him, he had not even gotten angry at her once!

Su Wan panicked and blurted out, "When the two of us were together, you were so caring and concerned about me. I thought…"

She could not help that her heart was racing. For a moment, she dared not meet Jing Chen's gaze. If he had no feelings for her, why would he take care of her so meticulously?

Unexpectedly, Jing Chen chuckled and shook his head helplessly. "I thought you weren't stupid. You know very well that three years is a very long time, so I definitely must force myself to like you. It's not hard to imagine, they're just trivial matters. Doing it well will save me a lot of trouble."

Jing Chen picked up the glass of milk and finished it in one gulp. "So, I won't be thinking about you for the time being. You can get used to it yourself. Sign it after you finish eating."

With that, he left.

Su Wan felt as if she had been struck by lightning. Force? Imagine? Just trivial matters…

Especially the cold and stiff words at the end. Was he afraid that she wouldn't sign it?


He didn't even give her a reason. He was just informing her!

The words of the past swept over like a storm.

Two years ago, Jing Chen had told her, "I can marry you, but I already have someone I like. Our marriage will last for three years. Three years later, you'll be the one to propose the divorce to Grandpa."

Back then, Su Wan had liked him for eight years!

Eight whole years.

She thought that as long as she could stay by his side for three years, even if it was just a superficial relationship, it would not be a big deal. She could finally meet him openly and look at him confidently. Just the very thought of it made her very happy.

But she did not expect that Jing Chen would treat her so well!

Regardless of whether it was in front of others or behind others, he was the perfect husband. He remembered their anniversaries, her birthday, and would prepare gifts for her for every holiday. He even recorded the process of him choosing the gifts.

He would edit it into a Vlog and give it to her along with the gifts.

People said that materialistic things and true feelings could not coexist, but they did not know that Jing Chen would complete these so-called 'trivial matters' to such an extent that no one could find any fault with him.

He treated her as his precious treasure.

Others were envious, stating that Jing Chen had always been clean and did not have any bad habits. They envied her and were jealous of her. She was the only one that reminded herself every day that he was just putting on a show.

She was confused, so she raised the questions she had in her heart. Jing Chen only chided her for being a little fool, and the affection in his tone almost drowned her.

Su Wan racked her brain, frantically searching for some minute details that she had missed out in order to explain the reason for Jing Chen's words.



She could only be sure of one thing.

Jing Chen had never mentioned that his affection and care during these two years were an act.

Now that things had come to this and were about to end. He tells her that it was all a lie and she would be foolish if she believed it, she's supposed to be a smart person.

Su Wan took a deep breath and tightened her clench on the paper in her pocket. The steaming hot milk felt cold to the touch.

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